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Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel

To: alt.magick
From: (Gnome d Plume)
Subject: Re: Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 22:17:55 GMT

On 31 Aug 2002 05:48:37 -0700, (Carl
Smith) wrote:

>I've been studying occultism in general for quite some time now. I
>think i am fairly well versed in a lot of the theory. As of late, I
>have taken up formal study of Magick more or less in the Golden Dawn
>tradition. In my readings, I have come across a concept known as the
>"Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel." From what I can tell, this is
>different than the "Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian
>Angel" which Crowley referred to when speaking of the Abramelin
>I think Crowley said that this was an actual vision of one's Holy
>Guardian Angel that one receives or perceives very early in the work.
>i'm wondering, is this an experience that everyone will have? Is it
>something to be worked towards? If so, are there certain techniques,
>meditations, etc. to work towards it? Or does it just come when you
>are ready?
>Any Information you could pass along would be very much appreciated.

>"THIX"  wrote in message
>> Where can i find the weekend version of the
>> six-month magical retreat ?
>Do you realise that the OTA's "weekend" HGA ritual still needs many months
>worth of preperation and study?
>It isn't really a short cut.
>If you are interested in details, do a goggle search through the Abramelin
>threads here on alt.magick. Gnome d' Plume posted a basic outline here not
>long ago in response to my request.

Thank you for pointing out the all-important fact that the short HGA
retreat isn't something you can just do without long and extensive
preparation. To even attempt it before memorizing the correspondences
on the Tree  would be pointless (at least in our version.)

Here is the brief outline I posted earlier:

We require the 3-day retreat as our 3rd degree of Crata Repoa
(Melanophoris) prerequisite to our 4th degree Chistophoris; i.e. the
inner order, thus it fills a similar function to the G.D.'s Portal
Grade. One must fast for 2 days prior and clean out the body system.
Only water and juice are allowed during the retreat. The candidate
writes his/her own ritual (subject to approval) but it must be 22 (or
25) sets; one for each path/trump ascending the Otz Chiim. This means
that not over an hour's sleep may be attained between rites, thus
keeping the subconscious from dreaming and tending to force a
visionary state. This really works if done correctly.
     For safety purposes we monitor without intruding, taking written
requests from the anchorite through the peephole on the temple robing
room door for more candles, matches, juice, t.p. etc. The anchorite
keeps a log of the operations. Usually contact is made before Kether
is reached but all the rites must be performed. He/she goes in Friday
evening and comes out Sunday afternoon. In almost every case it is a
profound and transforming experience. 
      The set-up used is our standard Almadel altar with crystal and
incense of Abramelin. As far as I know, we are the only Lodge in the
West to have such a ritual retreat/vision quest as part of our regular
program. I have always wondered why that is. Once you've done it, you
can't imagine a serious lodge of magicians not doing something like
       I hope this gives you some idea of the program.

To this I will add that the original reference to this came from 
*The Complete Magick Curriculum of the Sacred Order G.B.G.*
Llewellyn Pubs, 1969 "The Retirement Ritual" (Chapter 4) page 23.
Note: the G.B.G. required 17 rituals during this period, not 22 keyed
to the ascension of the Tree as in the O.T.A. version.

Also: Cagliostro had a 40 Day Retreat. This is described in
*Cagliostro's Secret Ritual of Egyptian Rite Freemasonry* (no date)
ISBN 1564593215, from Kissinger. *****

Good Magick!
Gnome d Plume

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