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Thelema's Horoscope

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From: "Alex Sumner" 
Subject: Thelema's Horoscope (long)
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 13:03:42 +0100

Personality Analysis

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  Studied chart:
- Name:      THELEMA
- Firstname:    X
- Born on:    4/8/1904
- Birth Time:    12:0
- Time Difference with Greenwich: -2:0
- Birth Location:   CAIRO
- Structure:    Aries Cancer

What happens to us is what we are... Our role on Earth begins at the very
moment we are born: the celestial vault then seems to impregnate the baby
with the cosmic influence; an astrological chart is thus like a cosmic print
waiting to be studied, a signature that reveals the inner structure of a

Such a chart consists in a circle representing the zodiac, i.e. the strip of
the sky vault where the celestial objects (the Sun, the Moon and the
planets) move. This circle is divided into  twelve zodiacal signs (Aries,
Taurus, Gemini...) and into twelve houses. The position of these houses
depends on the location and time of birth. The points of Houses I, IV, VII
and X  determine the four angles.

All the celestial objects are positionned on this circle. An aspect (i.e. a
line) is drawn between two of them when they are separated by a given number
of degrees: 0 for a conjunction, 60  for a sextile, 90 for a square, 120 for
a trine, 180 for an opposition.

The analysis of a chart is based on the valorization and the study of the
planets (and their aspects), of the signs and of the houses, on the position
of the planets in sign and house, and  on many more interesting
examinations. Disentangling the apparent jumble of the chart, this analysis
allows us to understand and describe a personality. The present document
summarizes a  maximum of significant comments.

Please go beyond the possible austerity of our language: Astrology godsends
have to be earned, its light does not shine for everyone (Not Lucet
Omnibus...). Let your intuition work:  Astrology is the art of symbols, that
collide, mix, enrich each other and help to grasp the unspeakable by

 A majority of planets above the Horizon often leads to extraversion,
realization, objectivity; social life and career are very important.
A majority of planets in houses X to XII often indicates a real need for
social life and career.

The detailed valorization of the planets of this chart is explained at the
end of this document.

Acting with the Aries...
Sun in its Exaltation in Aries: see comments on solar sign.

Jupiter in Aries: a joyful and stimulative nature; this type irresistibly
tries to dominate in a particular field (music, politics...).

Concentrating with the Taurus...
Mercury in Taurus: a pragmatic, efficient and matter-of-fact intelligence.
Rather slow but able to assimilate lessons.

Mars in its Detriment in Taurus: the powerful bull causes passionate
feelings and tremendous angers.

Cogitating with the Gemini...
Pluto in its Detriment in Gemini: the torments of the planet may lead to
some kind of intellectual quest.

Dreaming with the Cancer...
Neptune in Cancer: emphasizes intuition, sensitivity and maternal instincts.

Travelling with the Sagittarius...
Uranus in Sagittarius: the planet longs for adventure and shows a faraway
look: this type may enjoy travelling abroad, or he may be inclined to
intellectual or spiritual thinking.

Waiting with the Capricorn...
Moon in its Detriment in Capricorn: few maternal instincts; all sensitivity
stays under control; may lead to avoid love.

Fraternizing with the Aquarius...
Saturn in its Domicile in Aquarius: the planet may emphasize the usual
altruism of the sign, up to the point of sacrifice.

Diluting with the Pisces...
Venus in its Exaltation in Pisces: a romantic and highly sensitive nature,
that can make sacrifices if necessary; may experience confused sentimental

House VI means daily life (work, health, animals, subordinates...)
Moon in House VI: this type is attracted by humble people or animals; a
disharmonious Moon may reveal a delicate health before the age of seven, or
later a frail professional position. The  Moon, when it is well aspected,
brings abundance and favor; badly aspected, it can indicate a possible

Uranus in House VI: longing for freedom, this type may experience an
inconstant professional life; he may also encounter possible opposition from
his subordinates. Uranus, when it is well  aspected, brings modernism and
independence; badly aspected, it can lead to conflicts or splittings.

House VII symbolizes the Other (marriage, associations, trials...)
Saturn in House VII: a harmonious Saturn favors well balanced unions;
otherwise, it may interfere with marriages or associations. Saturn, when it
is well aspected, brings inner strength and  intellectual faculties; badly
aspected, it can lead to delays or weanings.

House IX symbolizes the Ideal (religion, philosophy, faraway travels - which
can be only intellectual...)
Venus in House IX: loving feelings are often intimately connected with
faraway subjects, physical ones (find love abroad for example) or mental
ones (religious or philosophical reflections  linked to affections...).
Venus, when it is well aspected, brings charm and happiness; badly aspected,
it can drive to erring ways.

Jupiter in House IX: this type, naturally attracted by honors, protocol and
hierarchical advancement, can nevertheless prove understanding about
religious matters. Jupiter, when it is well  aspected, brings success and
prosperity; badly aspected, it can indicate a possible laxity. Analogy with
Jupiter in Sagittarius.

House X represents honors, social life and career...
Sun in House X: this remarkable configuration often indicates a successful
professional life, and can possibly drive to a leading position. The Sun,
when it is well aspected, brings luck and success; badly aspected, it can
indicate ups and downs in life.

Mercury in House X: this type often experiences a multiple or varying
professional life; his remarkable adaptability helps him to thrive... though
he may also suffer from fickleness.  Mercury, when it is well aspected,
brings skill and quick-wittedness; badly aspected, it can indicate a
possible inconstancy.

Mars in House X: this type usually devotes all his energies to his
professional or social life; he fiercely fights to reach the top and remain
there. Mars, when it is well aspected, means  energy and achievement; badly
aspected, it can indicate some aggressiveness.

House XI represents friends, hopes in common...
Pluto in House XI: friendship is intense and earnest, but it may all the
same turn into fierce hatred. Pluto, when it is well aspected, brings
instinct and passion; badly aspected, it can  cause anguish or lead to

House XII symbolizes the way one is tested in life (difficulties, enemies,
Neptune in House XII: this position may sometimes reveal difficulties
connected with spiritual or religious yearnings; or hostilities, or possible
deceits coming from a group. Neptune, when  it is well aspected, brings
intuition and faith; badly aspected, it can indicate a tendency to run away
or lead to confusion. Analogy with Neptune in Pisces.

Fire (Aries) has to mix with Water (Cancer). This type, rather emotional and
sometimes unstable, is often on the lookout for new sensations. Possible
weak point: digestive system (stomach).

Conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter. Hot and humid, this aspect brings
maturity, success and well-being. This type seems to radiate, particularly
socially and morally.

Conjunction between the Sun and the Medium Coeli. The culminant Sun may
indicate a strong need to radiate, particularly in the professional life.

Conjunction between Mercury and Mars. This type may have an inclination for
revolt or contradiction; he must try to master Mars energy and have more
harmonious relations with others.

Conjunction between Jupiter and the Medium Coeli. A culminant Jupiter may
indicate expansion and success in the professional life.

Sextile between the Sun and Saturn. Responsible and determined, this type is
able to go through with long-term work.

Sextile between the Sun and Pluto. This virile and energetic type is
submitted to passionate and creative impulses.

Sextile between the Moon and Venus. This aspect combines charm (Venus) and
sensitiveness (the Moon) and helps feminine values to open out.

Sextile between Mercury and Neptune. This type shows a deep sensitiveness
and a discerning instinct.

Sextile between Mars and Neptune. This type tries to act in accordance with
his humanitarian and communal ideas.

Sextile between Saturn and the Medium Coeli. A strong need to draw back
before heading for the main point can be fulfilled.

Sextile between Pluto and the Medium Coeli. A strong need to give free rein
to passions and impulses can be fulfilled.

Trine between Mercury and Uranus. With a precursory and independent mind,
this type is attracted by new technologies.

Trine between Venus and the Ascendant. A strong need to be linked to the
world through sentiment can be fulfilled.

Trine between Mars and Uranus. This energetic and Cartesian type usually
shows effective and abrupt reactions.

Trine between Saturn and Pluto. This type is usually able to face changes
and renewal.

Opposition between the Moon and the Ascendant. The Moon, being located near
the Descendant, can indicate a thwarted need to share imaginative faculties;
and sometimes a search for the image  of the mother.

Opposition between Uranus and Neptune. This type must beware not to search
escape in dreams or to get obsessed with his goals.

Square between the Moon and Mercury. This type may show a tendency to
shallowness or dream; rather unthinking, he may sometimes prove inconstant.

Square between the Moon and Mars. This aspect may drive to instinctive
reactions, possible inconstancy or a lack of self-control.  Men may show
devoted to women and unable to fulfill themselves without them. If the Moon
dominates Mars, they may sometimes prove weak-willed.  In female charts, if
Mars dominates the Moon, women compete with men; they look for energetic
partners but they mostly seem to attract passive ones; they must beware not
to become tyrannical or castrating mothers. If the Moon dominates Mars,
there is more passiveness, but revolt is hatching, undermining the relations
with others, hindering serenity.

Square between Mercury and the Ascendant. This type feels a strong but
thwarted need to communicate.

Square between Venus and Uranus. Love is lived in a spontaneous way: this
type can experience love at first sight... or sudden splitting up.

Square between Venus and Pluto. Love is lived in a passionate way, and may
easily turn into fierce hatred.

Square between Mars and the Ascendant. This type feels a strong but thwarted
need to have a hold on the world.

Square between Jupiter and Neptune. This type may sometimes show a tendency
to waste and scatter.

Let us now determine the more influent astrological signs of this chart:
? The Solar sign, where stood the Sun when the Birth occurred,
? The sign of the Ascendant, or Rising Sign: it is the place of the chart
where rise the stars from obscurity towards Zenith, for this specific hour
and location of birth.
? The sign(s) occupied by several planets...

There is at least a remarkable sign:
 Aries. For 2  reasons:
? Sign of Medium Coeli.
? Sign of the Sun.

Cancer. For 1  reason:
? Sign of the Ascendant.

On the other hand, a more extensive analysis of this chart incites to take
into account  the sign Capricorn (Earth-Cardinal).
Aries: Between March 21st and April 20th, the earth warms up and nature
revives.  Overflowing with energy, Aries symbolizes the gush of fire, the
instinctive force, the arrival of Spring.  This  sign is one of the poles of
the Axis Aries-Libra. Some famous Ariens: Jacques Brel, Marlon Brando,
Charles Chaplin, Casanova... The Aries type is:
- Belonging to a "male" sign, but Venus in its Detriment in Aries may
feminize him while Saturn in its Fall can inhibit him.
- Cardinal:  he likes undertaking but he may also give up when there are too
many obstacles... Inclined to improvise, he is practical.
- Fire, i.e. bilious (hot and dry).  Other words employed to describe his
nature: primary, active, emotional, quick-tempered...
- Courageous, athletic, skilful. He likes competition and violent sports.
- Rather fierce in his reactions, but he is not vindictive towards those he
may have hurt with his quick repartees(!).
- Aggressive, anxious to be the best and the strongest, to be always right,
to win all his battles... and he often fights! Authoritative, he likes
giving the orders.
- Proud and tough; he stands up forcefully for his next of kin if they
happen to be threatened.
- Optimistic, lively, spontaneous, enthusiastic, impulsive, straightforward;
but he may be tactless or lack of control.
- Individualistic.

He has intuitive intelligence. Some Aries typical professions: soldier,
surgeon, butcher, blacksmith... Aries is associated with:
- his master, Mars.
- House I.
- head, eyes, migraine, sinusitis...  It is a sign of strong constitution.

Cancer: Between June 22nd and July 22nd, Summer begins, and nature comes to
maturity: the constructive forces calm down, the individual starts to exist,
with all his values of unconscious, instinct  and vegetative life. Spring
water gushes out.  This sign is one of the poles of the Axis
Cancer-Capricorn. Some famous Cancerians: Isabelle Adjani, Louis Armstrong,
Princess Diana... The  Cancer type is:
- Belonging to a "feminine" sign.
- Cardinal.
- Water, i. e. Lymphatic (Humid and Cold).
- Secondary, introverted, passive, sluggish.
- Inclined to stay in the background, to shyness, to self effacement (cancer
symbol is the crayfish huddled up inside its shell). This type may long to
regress, or fear to become adult  and have to assume; would rather dream its
past and its future, well under cover.
- Attached to his mother, and to the past.
- Temperamental and touchy.  But he may also show himself obstinate and not
let go his prey, like the crab.
- Emotional, sensitive, dreamy, sentimental despite all appearances.
- Imaginative; he has a rich inner life and ruminates a lot.
- Prolific; Cancer symbolizes conception, gestation, fecundity.

Cancer is associated with:
- his master, the Moon.
- House IV, the home where to rest and recover strength.
- stomach, chest, anaemia... It is a sign of weak constitution (only if the
sign is truly valorized).

Capricorn: Between December 21st and January 19th, the earth is cold and
poor. Efforts need to be slow and continued; it is time for tenacity,
patience, longevity. This sign is one of the poles of the  Axis
Cancer-Capricorn. Some famous Capricorns: Louis Pasteur, Simone de Beauvoir,
Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes... The Capricorn type is:
- Belonging to a "feminine" sign.
- Cardinal.
- Earth, i. e. Nervous (Cold and Dry).
- Secondary; repressing his feelings, taciturn, temperate, self-possessed,
calm and thoughtful (slow?). Thrifty, he may appear sometimes avaricious.
- Systematically skeptical; he is fond of solitude and does not like
celebrations. He hates hypocrisy.
- Vindictive, he often suffers from weanings though he tries to appear
- Proud, ambitious and cold; he prefers long-term thinking. With his strong
will, his experience, his skill, his perseverance, his foresight, he can go
far. He never chooses the easy  way but he will struggle fiercely against
his destiny if he finds it necessary.
- Attached to his home and to his native land.

Capricorn is associated with:
- his master, Saturn (Saturn is taciturn...).
- House X.
- bones, skeleton, articulations, rheumatism, nervous breakdown... It is a
sign of weak constitution (only if the sign is truly valorized).

The twelve astrological houses divide up the zodiac into twelve parts, whose
position and size depend on hour and place of birth. Each of them has a
specific connotation (personnality, money, siblings...).

It is important to see if some of these houses may be set apart from the

There is at least one House, remarkable by the presence of a cluster:
House X:  Sun, Mercury, Mars.

 House X is analogous to the Capricorn sign and to the Earth element. It
symbolises mastery and inner ambition, social position and its results,
ambition, yearnings, honors and reversals of the  situation. It shows the
path one chooses to carry out one's destiny.


 A lot of Earth:
The Earth element (dry and cold values, state of solidity and fixing)
identifies with the will to resist (while the sturdy Taurus sign builds, the
methodical Virgo sign organizes and the  patient Capricorn sign settles
down...). A prevailing Earth element gives ability to realize, stability,
faithfulness, perseverance and concentration; but it also brings obstinacy,
distrust, too much rationalism or a great need to feel secure... This type
should develop magnanimity. He needs a profession where he will be able to
satisfy his material needs and where he will  develop his sense of service.
Typical professions: architects, administrators, managers, politicians,
farmers, potters... This type may recharge his batteries while walking
barefoot,  gardening, being in contact with nature or tidying the house.

Very Cardinal:
This feature indicates a thirst to begin, to undertake, a desire for
movement, a capacity for taking decisions.

When valorizing elements, there may be contradictory comments. They may
indicate a bi-polarization of the personality, where sentiments vary along
an axis.

Dissonance between the Moon and the Ego:  This configuration may indicate
some difficulties for this type to harmoniously integrate his sensitive
values, like imagination, and to fulfill himself. This inward uneasiness can
drive  either to a freeze of all sensitiveness, or on the contrary to an
inconstant behaviour connected with the failures of the Moon, when it is
badly aspected (malleability, freaks, emotional  nature...). There may also
be an alternation of these tendencies, according to the circumstances.

Dissonance between Mercury and the Ego:  This configuration may indicate
some difficulties for this type to judge and communicate and to fulfill
himself. This inward uneasiness can drive either to a freeze of all
communication, or  on the contrary to an intense need to communicate
connected with the failures of Mercury, when it is badly aspected
(restlessness, mental inconstancy, errors of judgment...). There may also
be an alternation of these tendencies, according to the circumstances.

Dissonance between Mars and the Ego:  This configuration may indicate some
difficulties for this type to harmoniously integrate his manly energy and to
fulfill himself. This inward uneasiness can drive either to a freeze of all
virility (with the fear to assert one's authority), or on the contrary to an
excessive violence connected with the failures of Mars, when it is badly
aspected (anger, aggressiveness, need to destroy...). There may also be an
alternation of these tendencies, according to the circumstances.

Conjunction between Mercury and Mars: the intelligence is vivacious,
critical, and enjoys controversy (possible contrariness).

The Lord of the Ascendant is in its Detriment and rejected to the
Descendant: an inferiority complex is possible. This type seems not to
accept himself and searches in others values he does  not find in himself,
as he refuses his own personality. He has therefore some difficulties to
harmoniously develop his individual characteristics. An inner uneasiness may
provoke an  overcompensation.

Opposition between the Ascendant and his Lord: the character may be
quartered between two poles, which may sometimes lead to a dissociation of
the personality.

Dissonance between the Moon and the Ascendant: an inferiority complex is

Lord of the Ascendant in its Detriment: may give an inferiority complex, and
therefore a need to overcompensate.

The Lord of the Ascendant is located in House VI: an inferiority complex is

 There are as many stars on the left side ("the Ego") of the Meridian ( i.e.
the line joining the Medium Coeli to the Imum Coeli) as on the right side of
it ("the Others"): this chart is  rather well-balanced.

Mercury in Taurus, Earth sign. Realistic and practical intelligence;
pragmatic, this type, slowly but surely, learns the lessons from his

Medium Coeli (cusp of House X) in Aries: Purposes can usually be achieved
thanks to the boldness, the self-confidence and the quick reactions of this
type; may easily become a leader. There  is a real need for change, for
polyvalent activities, or for a roving job sometimes. This position often
gives manual skill and a taste for mechanics, arms, fire, blood, chemical
products... Some possible trades: CEO, butcher, surgeon, soldier,
blacksmith, sportsman...

We invite you to consider the following information with caution, and to
only keep the remarks that confirm former analyses or show them in a
different and interesting light. Rules used here are very difficult to draw
up and to check (previous lives, karmic encounters...).

Study of the Moon's Nodes.
The axis of the lunar nodes is the intersection of the lunar orbital plane
with the ecliptic one. The South Node represents the inheritance from
previous lives while the North Node indicates the aim of the present

This person has lived in illusion and confusion. The present challenge is to
acquire lucidity and to learn method, organization and detachment.

He/she also used to enjoy spiritual, religious or philosophical reflections.
It is now necessary to use one's knowledge in concrete terms, or to share it
with others.

Study of Saturn.
Saturn represents the karmic lesson: not intrinsically bad, it symbolizes
the sense of responsibilities and indicates what life is going to bring us
and also what kind of obstacles we shall  have to overcome.
This type has to develop friendly relationships, an important component of
his/her life.  The studied person has to learn to bear, then to understand
and finally to love others. There may be karmic links with the spouse.

Study of House XII.
House XII represents the inner world and all the remote places (hospital,
monastery, prison...); it also gives information on the previous life.
Saturn, Pluto, Lilith or the South Node in  House XII may bring a heavy
karma, while the presence of the Sun, Venus or Jupiter can indicate the
There are some planets in House XII... They can bring either help and
inspiration, or hard times, according to the degree of awareness of the

Neptune in XII: devotion and inspiration may help this type to evolve

Study of the position of the Lord of the Ascendant.
The Lord of the Ascendant is on the Axis Cancer - Capricorn, the axis of
inner life and self-fulfilment: attachment to roots, to family; tenacity,
ambition and long-term plans.
The Lord of the Ascendant is on the Axis of Houses VI - XII, the axis of
trials and constraints: individuals face their physical, moral, emotional or
intellectual limitations.

Study of the position of the Sun.
It is necessary to learn to share, to be less primary, to look further

This type should learn to live harmoniously and serenely within his/her

The Lords of the Karma.
There is at least one planet in conjunction with the South Node of the Moon:
the lesson symbolized by this planet may not have been assimilated and this
problem should be solved before any  future evolution.

This type is lively and curious: with a bit more serenity, he may experience
a beautiful spiritual evolution.

Analysis of Lilith, the Black Moon...
Lilith, seeking ideal and perfection, symbolizes a mental power, not
bothered about feeling, and may lead to destructive attitudes.
Lilith here emphasizes the importance of independence and freedom; it may
also sometimes underline relational difficulties with friends.
There may sometimes be psychic difficulties. Lilith can here induce a guilty
complex, that could disturb the mental or corporeal balance.
This shrewd and lucid person has to learn to find the balance between
feeling and reason, instinct and control.
This impulsive and ingenious person likes originality and nonconformist
This dreamy and sentimental person shows a great sensitivity and a strong

The more interesting ways to valorize planets are to find and analyze:
- The Lord(s) of the Ascendant,
- The Lord of the Nativity,
- The planetary links,
- The culminating planet,
- The  scout planet,
- The aspects.

First of all, the Lord of the Ascendant:
The EGO of somebody is composed of many facets, but the most important is
the Lord of the Ascendant, which says a lot about the personality, at least
as much as the Solar Sign. The Lord (or Master or Ruler) of the Ascendant is
the Moon in Capricorn and in House VI.
There is also a second Lord of House I (this House contains several signs),
the Sun in Aries and in House X.
The Moon is the second light, one of the fast "planets". Symbol of passive
instinct, it is one of the poles of the unconscious, like Neptune. It
represents a closed universe where all is  still in germ. It rules
everything aquatic and small children. The Moon of a chart may also
symbolize the Mother; and chilhood. The Lunar type is lymphatic, imaginative
and dreamy.
The Sun is the main light. It is a creative force, helping to move from
unconsciousness to consciousness, and giving sense of reality, moral
conscience, social awareness and nobleness. It  symbolizes the Superego and
indicates what one is looking for, the ideal that will allow one to fulfill
oneself; it also represents self-control and mastery of one's destiny. It is
one of  the poles of the consciousness, like Mercury (the reason); and one
of the planets of ideal, like Saturn and Uranus. The Sun of a chart may also
symbolize the Father; and the age of thirty.  The Solar type is passionate,
self-willed, organizer, and proud. In any case, he radiates.

Then, the Lord of the Nativity:
Its calculation is based on the position of the planets on the different
degrees of the zodiac, on their situation compared to the House cusps, on
their potential retrogradation and on their daily step (but not on their
aspects). This planet marks one's life for ever, like the Lord of the
Ascendant.  The Lord of the Nativity is Jupiter in Aries and in House IX.
Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system. Planet of instinct, it
symbolizes expansion, fulfillment, honorableness. It is associated with
benevolence, generosity, greediness,  optimism, self-confidence, the age of
fifty. A typical Jupiter has a sanguine constitution.

Other interesting planets in this chart:
Some planets dominate others, through chains of successive masteries (a
planet rules all the planets located in the sign(s) where it is said to be
in its domicile).
  Neptune       in Cancer and House XII.
   Venus       in Pisces and House IX.
    Mercury      in Taurus and House X.
     Pluto     in Gemini and House XI.
      Uranus    in Sagittarius and House VI.
       Saturn   in Aquarius and House VII.
    Mars      in Taurus and House X.
     Sun     in Aries  and House X.
     Jupiter     in Aries  and House IX.
   i.e. 9 planet(s) dominated.

The nearest planet from Medium Coeli is socially important. It is the Sun in
Aries and in House X.

The scout planet is Jupiter in Aries and in House IX. It is the planet
which, on a chart, rises just before the Sun. It marks the personality.
Jupiter: the optimistic type. Others see him as positive, joyful, sincere,
honest, spontaneous, tolerant, looking for truth and justice. He should
learn to avoid overdoing things.

The 3 most valorized planets are:
   Moon  in Capricorn and in House VI  Importance: 18%
    Lord of the Ascendant
    Opposition with the Ascendant
    In Exile
    Masters a majority of Planets

   Mars  in Taurus and in House X  Importance: 15%
    Square with the Lord of the Ascendant
    In square with the Ascendant
    Lord of Medium Coeli
    In Exile

   Jupiter  in Aries  and in House IX  Importance: 15%
    Conjunction with Medium Coeli
    Conjunction with the Sun
    Lord of the Nativity
    Scout Planet

The other planets are less important:
    Venus  in Pisces and in House IX  Importance: 12%
    Mercury in Taurus and in House X  Importance: 12%
    Saturn  in Aquarius and in House VII  Importance: 11%
    Pluto  in Gemini and in House XI  Importance: 11%
    Sun  in Aries  and in House X  Importance: 10%

This makes possible an evaluation of the masculine/feminine components:
 Weight of the 3 more important planets among the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and
Uranus: M= 56%
 Weight of the Moon, Venus and Neptune:      F = 43%
== > More masculine: dynamism, sense of action and movement, a tendency to
provoke and brave events. Activities are turned towards the outside world.
Centrifugal principle. Positive -  Emission - Active - Air - Fire.

Complementary comments on planets:
Mars symbolizes the active, sexual, passionate instinct; it represents a
creative force, able to have a hold on the world. It gives the sense of
reality, vitality, virility,  aggressiveness... and a "martial" need to
assert oneself. Mars is associated with energy, anger, fire, iron, blood,
the age of forty. A typical Mars has a bilious constitution.

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Lucky W Amulet Archive by cat yronwode: an online museum of worldwide talismans and charms
Sacred Sex: essays and articles on tantra yoga, neo-tantra, karezza, sex magic, and sex worship
Sacred Landscape: essays and articles on archaeoastronomy, sacred architecture, and sacred geometry
Lucky Mojo Forum: practitioners answer queries on conjure; sponsored by the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
Herb Magic: illustrated descriptions of magic herbs with free spells, recipes, and an ordering option
Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers: ethical diviners and hoodoo spell-casters
Freemasonry for Women by cat yronwode: a history of mixed-gender Freemasonic lodges
Missionary Independent Spiritual Church: spirit-led, inter-faith, the Smallest Church in the World
Satan Service Org: an archive presenting the theory, practice, and history of Satanism and Satanists
Gospel of Satan: the story of Jesus and the angels, from the perspective of the God of this World
Lucky Mojo Usenet FAQ Archive: FAQs and REFs for occult and magical usenet newsgroups
Candles and Curios: essays and articles on traditional African American conjure and folk magic
Aleister Crowley Text Archive: a multitude of texts by an early 20th century ceremonial occultist
Spiritual Spells: lessons in folk magic and spell casting from an eclectic Wiccan perspective
The Mystic Tea Room: divination by reading tea-leaves, with a museum of antique fortune telling cups
Yronwode Institution for the Preservation and Popularization of Indigenous Ethnomagicology
Yronwode Home: personal pages of catherine yronwode and nagasiva yronwode, magical archivists
Lucky Mojo Magic Spells Archives: love spells, money spells, luck spells, protection spells, etc.
      Free Love Spell Archive: love spells, attraction spells, sex magick, romance spells, and lust spells
      Free Money Spell Archive: money spells, prosperity spells, and wealth spells for job and business
      Free Protection Spell Archive: protection spells against witchcraft, jinxes, hexes, and the evil eye
      Free Gambling Luck Spell Archive: lucky gambling spells for the lottery, casinos, and races