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Telling of AA for Fr:. Iblis Diavolo

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From: (Fr. (I.) N. 333 (666)) 
Subject: Telling of AA for Fr:. Iblis Diavolo
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 05:09:45 GMT

50030709 viii om

"Fr:. Iblis Diavolo" :
> Tell me of the A:.A:.. Who are they. 

the AA is the transcendental order of cosmic agents.
they are primarily spiritual and may be internal as
well or in some combination thereof. "the A.'.A.'."
is a name provided by Crowley and GCJones to their
particular branch of this body, which they correctly
identified in "One Star in Sight" as the Great White
Brotherhood, spoken of by countless occultists all
over the globe. members of the AA are unknown, though
they sometimes gain renown through initiates who have
a penchance for publicity. it isn't clear whether the
dead are actually a part of their number (e.g. such
notables as Chang Tao-Ling!) or if they merely use
monikers/handles of the dead as a means of contact.
some of my kindred have interpreted their gods as
such 'secret chiefs' or superior spirits. character
of the members seems to vary somewhat, with usual
contentions about their insights, spirit instruction,
and the benefits of forming alliances with them.

> From where did they come. 

there are stories. I do not yet believe any of them.

> Had they taught Lao Tzu the Tao. 

the Old Boy (as he is fondly-known) may have been a
Star God or supernaturally aged within his mother's
womb (said to have been born when 70-80 years old),
so it is possible that the Invisible Adepts provided
instruction within the womb if this astounding feat
was historical (which I doubt). 

more often the Celestial Masters are said to have
instructed other notables like Chang Tao-Ling or
Ko Hung or something. 

the problem with ascribing instructional sources
of a non-physical basis is establishing criteria by
which we can be sure of the identity of instructor.
compare this to the recent descriptions of angelic
communications as compared with canine conversations.

> How do I join. 

attempt transphysical or physical contact. the latter
is usually proffered by human beings and may be
questioned as to its authenticity (the better aspirants
have one-on-one connections with the more exalted or
supreme adepts, usually transphysical). there seems to
be a kind of 'step-down' as one moves a distance from
the Invisible Adepts and takes instruction from their
material intercessors. one might compare it with the
degradation after a supposed World Teacher dissolves
and leaves a wake of Adepti Students. 

> Are we not all members in the A:.A:. institution. 

apparently not. there's some evidence that it is some
kind of secret adept system which restricts membership.
there are even contentions that members never reveal
their membership to others and that for this reason
anyone who claims to be one is probably lying. 
it's the same old conundrum. Zanoni. Sanctuary Clouds.

> Fool yourselves no longer. You do not and cannot 
> manipulate reality. Reality manipulates you. 

one or the other, eh? :>

> Tell me of the A:.A:..

half comic interlocutors, half cosmic-interlopers

	fr. (i.) n. 333 (666)

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