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Thelemic Revolutionaries

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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Thelemic Revolutionaries
Date: 23 Jul 1999 23:48:54 -0700

49990115 IIIom 

#> Is there a Revolutionaries' Topics Suggestion Box somewhere out there?  
#> I have a bone that I'd like the Revolutionaries to pick with 
#> Sabazius.... heh.
Bill Heidrick :
# Had one.  The Revolutionary appointed quit.  The rules were too 
# draconian, in my personal opinion: The Revolutionary was to oppose 
# everything the Xth did or tried to do, without distinction, 
# rendering that opposition only to the ear of the OHO.  Working out 
# that much got the Revolutionary jerked around a good deal, and when 
# it was worked out, became too frustrating.  The rules will be 
# revisited this April, and hopefully something more practical can be 
# devised in the details.  Crowley really had a loose end on this one.

my suggestions:

	the Revolutionary should

		* discern substantive controversy within the Order,
		  attempt to discover its basis and capitalize on
		  its actuality in order to foment an uprising
		  which has as its objective the removal of the
		  targetted Xth degree King, avoiding at all
		  costs the act of fragmenting the Order into
		  sects or rivals -- compare to the French and
		  other revolutions which removed the elite from
		  power by virtue of an expression of the people
		  but toss out all the minor elements playing
		  into these such as distinctions of religion,
		  class, or nationality
		* identify and reprove troublemakers and trolls, 
		  ('false revolutionaries') disproving their 
		  frivolities through clever Socratic and 
		  illuminating methods
		* cultivate ethical assistants whose motivation
		  is to see to the internal health of the Order
		  through a process of 'mutual criticism' as
		  as present in the spirit of the Order's
		* follow out rebellious activities until the Xth
		  degree changes hir ways or is replaced by the OHO
		* patiently examine evidence and support of 
		  accusations of incompetence or wrongdoing
		* refer personal disputes to proper authorities
		  and remain focussed upon administrative
		  affairs, the ostensible goal of the Order,
		  and the pursuit of said by the Xth in question
		* cooperate fully with all Order officers, 
		  conducting revolution in full view of membership
		  and without restraining to secrecy any whose 
		  assistance she may secure
		* be permitted the full use of Order communication
		  vehicles, as a preventative service to the
		  actual "constitution" (health) of the culture
		  within any single national jurisdiction
		* never be subject to censure or restriction by
		  Order authorities as long as remaining within
		  the boundaries described by the above
		* be subject to review by unbiased committee when
		  and if there is some reasonable grounds to 
		  suspect personal enmity or unjust accusation in 
		  pursuit of hir duties
		* be replaced by the proper unbiased authorities
		  (obviously not the Xth in question, though she
		  may have valuable suggestions) should she fail to 
		  adhere to the limitations and duties set forth
		  in these operational standards.
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