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Germer, Grant and the O.T.O.

From: Kjetil Fjell 
Subject: Germer, Grant and the O.T.O.
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 21:33:16 +0100


For those who are interested I provide a transcript of
Germer's charter and subsequent expulsion letter to Grant,
and another letter regarding the same matter.

Whatever Germer's feelings previously to
taking on the mantle of Frater Superior, he certainly
acted as such in these letters.

Brother Marcelo Santos wrote:
> Note: if Grant's expulsion was unconstitutional, then we'll have to
> that there were at least two active OTO Lodges in Europe - Metzger's
> Grant's.

Grant was given a charter to operate a Camp not a Lodge.  As Grant
admitted in a letter to Bill Heidrick he opened up this Lodge on
authority of
other than that of the O.T.O.

"[...] and when,  a year or two after he had issued the Charter, I
 genuine  powers  (inner Plane) to found New Isis Lodge as a dependent
 cell of the O.T.O., I  did not bother with him any more."
-Letter, 28 January, 1984 e.v., Kenneth Grant To Bill Heidrick

As this Camp was based on the same authority as Germer used when
revoking Grant's charter, it goes without saying that Grant's claims to
that Camp is invalid.

IOWs:  If Germer's revokement was invalid, then Grant's
charter for Camp was invalid, and if Grant's charter for Camp was valid,

then Germer's revokement was valid.  Hence either way Grant is left with

no local body of the O.T.O. to operate.

In his "Manifesto of the New Isis Lodge O.T.O." Grant writes:
"[...] with the present Master S.'., who is World-Head of the O.T.O.
 in the Outer, and who operates in the United States of America;"

Clearly Grant accepted Germer as the "World-Head" of the O.T.O. in his
Manifesto, and so it seems just sour grapes when he grasps after the
that Germer complained about his burden beforehand, in order to make it
sound like that Germer's expulsion of Grant was invalid.

As for the claim that Germer needed to be elected to be an O.H.O.,
this is simply nonsense which McMurtry was misinformed about.
This notice as Bill Heidrick allready have discussed eloquently,
deals with another matter entirely.

As the 1985 court case showed, McMurtry was wrong
on this point.  Germer was the O.H.O. after AC, and did not need a

AC clearly designated Germer his successor as O.H.O. in the Order.
That Germer didn't like it is another story entirely.  That he
made use of it is proven by his letters.  That Grant understood
that Germer was the worldhead of the O.T.O. has also been proven
by quotes from Grant's own Manifesto.  It's rather clear to me, that
message Germer was trying to get through to Grant, Grant clearly
interpreted Germer's words to the effect that Germer was the world
head of the O.T.O.




Do what thou wilt shall be teh whole of the Law.

On the strength of the power vested in me by BAPHOMET, the late O.H.O.
ORIENTIS, I hereby grant Fra.'. AOSSIC IXth Degree O.T.O. (KENNETH
GRANT) to constitute
a camp of the above-mentioned Order in the valley of London, England.

Love is the law, love under will.

[11-Fold Cross, Saturn Symbol, ".'. Xth Degree O.T.O."


[Lamen of the O.T.O.]

To Mr. Kenneth Grant
11o Fawley Road
West Hampstead, London N.W.S.

Notification of Expulsion

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

You are notified that the very small and limited
authority I gave you at one time to establish a Camp of
O.T.O. in the valley of
London is withdrawn, and I formally expel you from
membership in the Ordo Templi Orientis.

You have grossly abused the trust that was placed in
you. By printing and distributing a so-called
"Manifesto" without my
approval, and behind my back, you have shown lack of
sense of decency and for due authority.

By making false and misleading statements therein,
printing outright lies, and generally sailing under
false pretences, you have
shown moral and spiritual dishonesty and proved yourself
utterly unworthy for leadership in a cause that is even
connected with an Order like the O.T.O., much less than
with a cause like the Law of Thelema.

Love is the law, love under will.

Karl Germer X and Frater Superior O.T.O. [Signed Saturn
Symbol, elevenfold cross, name, "X" and "O.T.O."]

Hampton N.J.
July 20, 1955.

By Registered mail.


[Lamen of the O.T.O.]

Hampton N.J.
P.O. Box 581
December 16, 1955.


It has been reported to me that there are people in Great Britain who
are operating in the name of the O.T.O. -
ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS -. The sole authority for the English Speaking -
countries rests in the present
Frater Superior of the O.T.O., Frater Saturnus, Karl Germer.

There is no one in Great Britain with a valid Charter of the O.T.O. in
Great Britain, any activity under that title is therefore spurious.

I hereby appoint Mr. Noel Fitzergald, London W.l. as my personal
representative in matters of the O.T.O. for Great Britain
- valid until revoked -; to report to me on any illegal claims or
activities; meanwhile to take action as he deems advisable.

[Signed "Karl Germer", Saturn Symbol with ".'.", elevenfold cross, "X

Karl Germer.
Frater Superior O.T.O.
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