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OTO Question - a new tack

From: Ben Fernee 
Subject: Re: OTO Question - a new tack
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:49:29 +0100


A quick summary of where we got re different manifestations of the 93
Current, or proto-93 Current, which crown themselves with the title of
OTO, or some variant thereof.

I for one have no desire whatsoever to argue as to which are
"legitimate" or which are "spurious", and would observe that one of the
Thelema 93 list moderators, Mr Tyagi, has suggested that such lines of
discussion be carried on off list. I do give an everso brief description
so as the reader might get some kind of handle on them, but again this
is not intended to convey or invite opinions of legitimacy:-

(A)OTO Frank Bennett OTO in Australia, though more A.'.A.'. inclined. No
longer active?
(B)OTO, Bertioux's OTO, actually the OTOA (Ordo Templi Orientis Antigua)
but this doesn't rhyme as well
(BR)OTO Brazilian OTO - I have no information concerning this one
(C)OTO Caliphate OTO
(CA)OTO Cthonic Auranian OTO, offshoot of (T)OTO associated with Bill
Seibert of New Orleans who had brightly coloured hair
(DB)OTO David Berson OTO, one of many (S)OTO successors
(M)OTO Netzger OTO ie Swiss OTO Have an OTO museum! Active
(P)OTO Panamanian foundation OTO, offshoot of (C)OTO, based in
Manchester, England
(P)OTO(F) Parzival OTO Foundation, associated with William Bardens, a
pupil of Motta's in Australia
(S)OTO Society OTO Motta's organisation
(SA)South African OTO, active under Crowley, now defunct?
(SC)OTO Knights of the Solar Cross OTO Geoffrey Basil Smith of
Sheffield, England. Reclaiming OTO from Garnerian Wicca, (through Pat
(SL)OTO Solar Lodge of OTO, now defunct, were mates with Charles Manson
(T)OTO Typhonian OTO Kenneth Grant's Order

Plus HOOR Holy Order of Ra-Hoor-Khuit founded by former IXth of (S)OTO

Also Fraternas Saturni, which had its own conception of the New Aeon and
was an offshoot of OTO & related scenes in Germany.

Links to several, but not all, may be found on

Another web page that might be of interest

I am sure this list is not exhaustive and would welcome additions. The
only criteria for acceptance is that they have called themselves OTO,
examples of OTO's with only one member are welcomed!

Personally I would also be interested in proto-oto offshoots too. eg
AMORC, perhaps also certain dimensions of Steiner's anthroposophy etc.
The reason for this is that I see in the endeavours of the founders of
the OTO, Kellner, Reus, Hartman etc an harmonic with Crowley's
revelation of Thelema and the New Aeon. However, this could prove an
immense subject, and might be considered beyond the remit of Thelema 93

Best Wishes


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