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OTO and Thelema

To: alt.magick,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: OTO and Thelema
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 23:07:58 GMT

Nuit wrote:
> "Re O'Stat"  wrote in message
> > Similarly, the egomania and sexual adventurism within the G.D.
> > certainly was not better than HPB, Leadbeater, Reuss and Crowley.
> I didn't see Cat specify that it was sexual adventurism that she 
> objected to. Did I miss that sentence? I think there were a lot 
> of other things she specifically objected to.

Thank you, Nuit. Sexual adverturism (Re's term) or personal sexual soap
operas (my term) were indeed not what i was referring to. Since i did
not state my specific objections to these people, i shall do so now:

In the case of Blavatsky, i objected to her use of sleight-of-hand to
rope in gullible followers. Her scurrilous attacks on the person of
Paschal Beverly Randolph are not very endearing, either, founded as they
are in racism, but on the old racism-o-meter she scores only in the mid
50s, compared to Crowley's high 90s.

In the case of Leadbeater, i objected to his sexual predation and abuse
of children. Although this is sexual conduct, it goes far beyond mere
"adventurism" and consists of criminal activities.

In the case of Reuss, i objected to his plagiarism of Masonic rites for
use in a titty-show, because in doing so he broke his Masonic oaths and
made a mockery of them. (Plagiarism is more distasteful to me than to
some others, i am sure, but this was about my personal objections, so
you must take them for what they are.)

In the case of Crowley, i objected to his beating a Bengali doctor and
bragging about it in a grotesquely racist passage of his autobiography,
his abandoning his first wife and child in China (where the child died),
his general abuse of women and egregiously sexist rants about the status
of women at a time when most of his male and female collegaues in the
magical and mystical communities of England and the USA were either
actively working for or passively supporting political drives for female
suffrage, his anti-Semitism while appropriating Jewish mysticism for his
own system of magic, his claims of great adeptship at a time when he was
essentially a wasted junkie who allowed his (possibily
born-drug-addicted) baby to die without proper medical care in a remote
area of Sicily, and ... well, there's more, but you get the picture. Two
web pages that compile specific information on Crowley's racism and
sexism can be found in nagasiva's Esoteric Archive at
Just go to Archive, scroll to the on-site search engine window, and type
in a few keywords like "Crowley racism Bengali doctor" or "Crowley
sexist female sufrage" or "Crowley drug addict opium cocaine heroin
Sicily" or what-have-you, being sure to select "all words" in your
search option. 

I have enjoyed this discussion greatly, and although i did not have time
to reply to the posts on the sexual soap oepras within the BOTA, and
such stuff is, again, not the root of my objections to the claims of
certain mages, still i found that information of interest. If Paul
Foster Case had advocated celibacy but practiced effectual bigamy, i
would have found the story more compelling, simply because i enjoy the
exposure of hypocricy. 

Which leads me to an oddball query: Are there any web pages written by
responsible people (not fundies or enemies concocting hit-pieces) on
which the occult community's ruch trove of scandal and gossip is dished
out in full detail? 

If not, who will create one? 

cat (tabloids 'R' us) yronwode 

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