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Grant and TOTO

To: (Thelema93-Listserv)
From: (W.A. Greywalker)
Subject: Re: Grant and TOTO (fwd)
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 10:28:14 -0700 (PDT)

> fwd from 333 from T93-L
> > From: Julianus 
> >
> > 93!
> >
> > Teitan 666 wrote:
> >
> > > There are no initiation ceremonies in the Typhonian OTO.
> >
> > Grant wrote 'entirely new rituals for each degree' during his Nu-Isis
> > Lodge phase.  This was one of the things that moved Germer to expell him.
> >
> > If the Workings described in 'Hecate's Fountain' are not just bad
> > horror-fiction (which is my own suspicion) perhaps the real reason Grant
> > abandoned Lodge workings is because of his high mortality rate?
> >
> > > There are no Lodges, though there are working groups, there is a Lam
> > > Group in England and was a nightside group in Ohio.
> >
> > Bill Seibert, a TOTO expellee, was on this list a few years ago and he
> > was adamant that there were functioning (at least according to his
> > definition) Lodges in TOTO.  Bill is of course famously idiosyncratic.

        Not sure what I said a few years back, on list it was, or what the
context may have been.   I have been out of touch with the Typhonian branch
of the OTO since the mid-80s.   I have no idea how or in what ways(s) the
group may be functioning these days.   When I was involved (late 70s thru
mid 80s, there were various Powerzones.   Not sure I would call them
lodges.   When I was a member there were grade requirements.  Upon
completing these requirements, one was recommended for a higher degree &
paperwork was issued.   When I asked about initiations, I was informed that
my doing the work & dutifully keeping my diary was the real initiation.
The paperwork only confirmed what was already earned.

        From what I was told (by Soror Tanith, then X* of North America)
the reason why Germer got so upset with Grant was over dues money.   Grant
had a group not connected with Germer or the OTO except for the very
tenuous tie that Grant was a member of both the OTO & the Nu-Isis lodge.
Germer found out about the Nu Isis lodge & wanted Grant to collect dues &
initiation from all its members  -- even though these people were not in
his Order.   Grant refused.

        Grant wrote rituals for the Nu Isis lodge.   Nothing to do with his
affiliations with Germer & his branch of the OTO so far as I know.   After
splitting from Germer, I believe Grant began to see his work with the
Nu-Isis lodge as being connected to the manifestation of the 93 Current
which would oneday manifest as the Typhonian OTO.  I am not at all sure
whether Grant was conscious of these connections back when it was all going
on.  But I must add that Grant & I were never close.   We never spoke of
his past.   All the info I ever received was from Soror Tanith, who was a
close confidant of his.

        Would you be so kind as to ask whoever it was who referred to me as
an "expellee" to please find another word.   The word makes me think of a
cheesy zit being popped.   The divergence of will between myself & Grant
was mutual.   I simply allowed him to make the first move as I felt I had
no need to divorce myself from him or his branch of the OTO in order to
pursue my will.   By hindsight, I see the split was a necessity for me to
help formulate the Chthonic/Auranian-OTO.   I suppose if I view expelled as
in a seed being expelled rather than zit, the word isn't really all that
far off.

        So I am famously idiosyncratic am I?   I always consider myself
first & foremost a Thelemite.  I suppose in this day of OTO,inc. and the
malignant travesties of the EGC, actually living one's life as a Thelemite
might be deemed idiosyncratic to some.   Hopefully not to too many.    I
keep meeting interesting Thelemites as idiosyncratic as myself, so I know I
am far from unique.

        Not sure if that clears things up for you or not.   Please do keep
me informed of other posts which mention my old name.   Even though I am no
longer Bill Siebert, it amuses me that PVN is still to be found at the
center of pestilence once in a while.

   Wm.Alobar Greywalker
(who was once Bill Siebert)
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