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Crowleyites and Evul Meepers

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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Crowleyites and Evul Meepers
Date: 23 Jul 1999 23:17:07 -0700

49990521 IIIom

a correspondent wrote:
# Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The word of Sin is Restriction.

# > that 'Thelemic cult' is an oxymoron and most Crowleyites are not
# > Thelemites, though they may style themselves so.
# What is a "Crowleyite?"

a Crowleyite is a member of the cult of Crowleyanity, primarily
a religion identifying as 'Thelema' which obsesses with the
person and writings of one Edward Alexander Crowley yet having
very little to do with the finer points of this man's philosophy,
having choked on the obvious traps he placed in his wake in order
to make these individuals known to the liberated.

# I agree that "Thelemic cult" could be considered an oxymoron.

what do you think are the characteristics of a 'cult'?
# Who are you to judge whether someone is a "true" Thelemite, 
# or "merely" a "Crowleyite?"

I am the prophet of the New Aeon, the Aeon of the Adversary,
begun on 9666 with a blood pact with Satan. I am the Black
Brother of the Thelemic community (so called), come to test
the mettle of Crowleyites and turn them into prophets. I am
the Beast Choronzon of many faces and names, set out as the
Guardian of the Threshold and Challenger to the Troglodyte.
I am the Bringer of Darkness and the Servant of Satan, the 
Fucking Friar cum to proclaim the wisdom of sex and the 
folly of unrestrained procreation. I am the Lorax of the 
Evul Wikkhunz, ever-reminding the 'nature-worshipper' of 
the Final Pronouncement 'UNLESS'. I am the Forbidden of God,
the Mate of the Divine, and Woman of the Most Compassionate.
I am the Queen Mother of the West, interpreting the tangle
of polar alchemy to the masses and bequeathing the fabled
Peaches of Immortality. I am Siva of the nagas, weaving the
fabric of the Real from the strands of perception. in short,

			I AM I!

# > # Both words, Thelema and Thelemite, predate the Book of
# > # the Law.
# >
# > please elaborate on the history of these words as used by those
# > beyond Rabelais.
# I am not aware of anything prior to Rabelais.

where was 'Thelema' and 'Thelemite' used, within the work of
Rabelais or thereafter, by those other than Crowley? what did
these usages mean, do you think?

re the Evul Book: 
# ...what do you mean, "Evul?" Is that an alternate spelling of 
# "Evil?" Or some other reference? Please elaborate.

the tar baby of the 'Thelemic' community, comparable to the tar
baby of the 'Satanist' community ("The Satanic Bible"), is a
trap from which few Crowleyites ever escape. one of the most
sublime puzzles ever left by Aleister was the confusion of
glory and neurosis compiled in "The Book of the Law". that it
was called this by someone so antagonistic to the Religions of
the Book (and their Law(s)) that he perpetuated his mother's
pet name, 'the Beast 666' and 'To Mega Therion', as his mottos
and pseudonyms appears to be lost on the casual or converted
reader. like "The Satanic Bible" it is a joke, a horrible,
deceptive, wonderful joke set out to enslave those who cannot
see their way to transcending the religious errors of the past
and manifesting the beauty implied by the best Thelemic minds.

a book is 'Evul' when it betrays a particular value yet holds
within it a destructive seed if swallowed addictively. it 
contains liberating medicine, yet if adopted to a routine diet
becomes a poison that reduces the mind of the obsessed to a
batch of quivering slogans and self-deluding justifications
for the problems and errors set out by the man who penned it.

I call something 'Evul' when I admire yet am repulsed by some
aspect of a thing or person (e.g. blackberry vines and "The 
Lion King"). I call something 'Evul' when there appears to be 
preponderance of repulsion to it and yet it contains some 
liberative value if properly consumed (and for "Liber Al vel
Legis", consumption by flames!).

blessed beast! (nigris (333))  
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