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Bill .. well kinda..

To: alt.magick,alt.magick.order
From: (Bill Heidrick)
Subject: Re: Bill .. well kinda..
Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 12:02:18 GMT


On 3 May 2004 07:15:29 -0700, (Lucius) wrote:

> (Bill Heidrick) wrote: 
>> The main subject of that discussion had nothing to do with A.'.A.'.
>It has everything to do with the A.'.A.'.; covering your eyes
>regarding the matter doesn't change the reality of it, much as you
>need it to for all eyes in this forum and elsewhere.

As I see it, eyes open or shut, it doesn't.  OTO and A.'.A.'. do have
relation, but not to the extent suggested.

Under Reuss -- no relationship.  Protest from Reuss to Crowley to stop
conflating OTO and A.'.A.'. in some matters.  Crowley agrees and
formally asserts the two separate.

Under Crowley -- same headship and Thelema in common.  OTO intended to
hold AC copyrights generally, including those in A.'.A.'. Libri.  The
two orders still asserted to be separate.

Post Crowley and under Germer -- a tendency to confuse the two in
casual writing, a speculation that the two might be united under the
old and lapsed Order of Thelemites.  OTO suppressed in function, but
A.'.A.'. only marginally maintained.  Copyrights pursued and worked,
but with the later discovered flaw of the bankrupsy.

In the years immediately after Germer, interregnum.   Rise of
"pretenders" to headship of both OTO and A.'.A.'., sometimes
separately and sometimes conjointly.  Copyrights not managed but
abused by 3rd parties.  Claims of spiritual membership asserted in
both orders, without actual (intiated by living and chartered members)
membership.  Multiple assertions to head either or both Orders, some
based on historic connection, some falsified, some imagined without
full understanding.

Under McMurtry, assertion of chartered headship in emergency in regard
to OTO.  Less clear notion of A.'.A.'. continuation.  Copyrights
pursued and worked to an increasing extent, with the bankrupsy cloud
on title not cleared but considered.  Court recognition of OTO
continuity from Crowley's headship.  Court recognition of OTO
copyright claims and trademarks, obtained in successful OTO defense
against Motta's counter complaint.  OTO stabalized but still subject
to multiple external claims by 3rd parties.  A.'.A.'. lines improperly
recognized by OTO as fragmented and co-existing.  EGC, OTO and
A.'.A.'. considered to be a sequence of outer to inner.

After McMurtry, under Fr. H.B.  No interregnum, election called and
accomplished within 60 days.  OTO increasingly conformed to the 1917
e.v. constitution.  Cloud on title to copyrights removed by resolution
of UK bankrupsy.  A.'.A.'. held to be separate from OTO but
recommended to one particlar manifestation.  External, secondary EGC
abandoned, primary EGC and OTO fusion continued but MMM considered
outermost.  Management of copyrights advanced through final court
decision in UK.  Copyrights extended by changes in international law.
External claims by 3rd parties diminished in some respects but
multiplied in others.  Ephemeral assertions of OTO and copyright
infringements accellerated by the rise of the Internet.  The Internet
seems to induce a belief that anyone can be anything without leaving
home, leading to unlettered claims to all sorts of things, including
OTO and A.'.A.'. involvement in instances where there was none or at
best a fragmentary one.

And there, with most left out of the narrative, we come to here.

Frankly, I think the rise of the Internet is one of the most profound
changes of the new Aeon.  It can be suppressed.  Society at large
needs time to adapt to it.  The fight for freedom is against both the
excesses of government and the unreason of cyber war, not flame fests
but virus and spam choking out communication, leading to risk of
governmental actions having a like effect.  At present, all is in flux
and the line is not clearly drawn between touch and fancy -- between
material acts and imagined things.  Membership organizations like OTO
and A.'.A.'. require both.  Commity is not the same as membership.
Potential is not the same as structure.

These are interesting times.

>Of course that's your opinion. 

I could quibble with your facts, but they are so few it's not worth
the bother.  You are entitled to your opinion and your time in the
Hall of the 42, however you may frame your negative confession.

93 93/93

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