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being the requirements of Minerval to III

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                              Liber MCLI 
Subject: being the requirements of Minerval to III
               in study and work in O.T.O. in the Order
                as it has manifested under the Caliph.
     Minerval Study Program
     First Degree Study Program
     Second Degree Study Program
     Third Degree Study Program
   Minerval Study Program
   These are the practices and studies that the Order requires for
   the Minerval year. A formal examination is required in these
   matters (a perfect score is not necessary) before advancement to
   the First Degree.
    1. Study THE BOOK OF THE LAW. Memorization of the first Chapter
       is suggested. This may be done a verse a day, with review at
       inter- vals--that's often the easy way.
    2. Keep a daily Journal or Magical Diary.
    3. Practice LIBER RESH daily.
    4. Become proficient in the Lesser Pentagram Banishing
       Ritual--twice daily use is wise.
    5. Do "Will" at the beginnning of the main meal of the day
    6. Study MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. See the study guide in
       the 2nd issue of the O.T.O. NEWSLETTER.
    7. Keep in touch! P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 U.S.A. (415)
       454- 5176 and 841-4833.
     Knock: 333 - 55555 - 333 (total 11 knocks)
     "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."
     ** What is thy will?
     It is my will to eat and drink.
     ** To what end?
     That my body may be fortified thereby.
     ** To what end?
     That I may accomplish the Great Work.
     "Love is the law, love under will."
     Knock: 1 "Fall to."
   May be done at all meals. Should be done at the principal meal.
   First Degree Study Program
   These are the practices that the Order requires for the First
   Degree. An examination is required in these practices ( a perfect
   score is not necessary) before advancement to the Second Degree.
    1. Continue and elaborate the practices and studies of the
       Minerval Program. All are important.
    2. Select and become proficient in at least one of the
       following: LIBER XXV, LIBER XLVI, LIBER V, or LIBER DCCC (
       Liber Samekh ).
    3. Begin or continue a particular study in one of the following:
       Qabalah, Divination, Yoga, Astral Workings or a like
    4. Perform some work that will endure beyond your own physical
       life- time: write and be published, speak in public, produce
       a work of art, have and nuture a child or perform some
       similiar work that will pass beyond your own mind, and beyond
       the minds of your immediate associates.
    5. Perform some work for the benefit of your Brothers and
       Sisters in the Order: Provide time and work in organization,
       correspond with isolated initiates, share your insights,
       volunteer for specific needed tasks within your abilities or
       perform some other service needed by the Order.
    6. Join with fellow initiates in a Chapter, Lodge, or other
       group of the Order.
    7. Analyze your magickal diary from some definite point of view;
       e.g. endeavor to determine the point at which virtue becomes
       vice, as: sympathy degenerating into pity, advice into
       meddling, temperance into apathy, excellence into illusion,
       gentleness into shallowness and like matters. Record your
       findings in your diary with both theoretical views and actual
       examples from your daily life.
   Second Degree Study Program
   These are the practices that the Order requires for the Second
   Degree. An examination is required in these practices ( a perfect
   score is not necessary ) before advancement to the Third Degree.
    1. Continue with Minerval and First Degree programs. All are
    2. Learn and become proficient in the following:
     A) Liber Reguli
     B) Perform in at least one group ritual.
     C) Create and perform an original ritual.
     D) Mantain a diary record of ritual workings.
    3. Memorize the following columns from Liber 777: I, II, III,
       VII, XIV, XV, XVI, LVI, LV, CLXXIX, and at least two others
       of your choice.
    4. Learn and become familiar with some part of the tradition or
       history of the O.T.O., and the signs, grips, and words of the
       Minerval through 2nd degree. Fulfill the 2nd degree
       obligation regarding Liber OZ.
    5. Begin a general study of all these fields, specializing in
       one in greater depth:
     A) Alchemy
     B) Astrology
     C) Qabalah
     D) Tarot
     E) Yoga
     F) Another field approved by your Initiator.
     ( A recommended reading list will be provided ).
    6. Take responsibility for some task that directly benefits our
       Order. With the 3rd degree the candidate should possess an
       ability to function as part of the Order in Official
    7. Meditate on your heart Chakra.
   Third Degree Study Program
   Prepare your own program, after you have received the Third
   Degree. The program must have seven points, must include the
   previous programs in point one and must end with point 7:
   Meditate on your third eye. Model your plan on the earlier
   cirricula and submit it to your initiator and the Grand Lodge of
   the O.T.O. After your program has been approved, proceed.


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