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The Real A.'.A.'.

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.thelema,alt.pagan.magick,talk.religion.misc
From: xiwangmu 
Subject: The Real A.'.A.'. (What/Where It Is)
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 06:36:02 GMT

49990803 IVom

# Could someone please tell me what or where the true A.'.A.'. is?

yes. the true AA is a complex psychospiritual agency masquerading
as a variety of shifting human social organizations or initiatic
lineages. it has taken many names, manifests in forms conducive
to the maturation of those who become its hosts, and may vanish
without a trace leaving a dry husk of rotting aspirants mimicking
that which they have lost.

no. the true AA, being a living energy field infiltrating and
withdrawing from societal infrastructures, can never be pinned
down, absolutely identified, or claimed as a banner. when this
has been attempted, it has seen fit to extrude another head,
dive underground, and depart from the face of humanity for
extended periods. therefore, to point out a specific location,
agent, or textual work which ought represent this energy to
you would be an egregious error serving only to mislead.

# In the interest of saving face I'm sure that everyone will 
# say that their's is the one true A.'.A.'.

those who claim to know they are members of the AA probably
are not such. this is not because of any peculiar rosicrucian
authority-non-identificum rule of membership but because the
suggestion of certainty reveals the depravity of their
connection to the current.

# It is my understanding that the true A.'.A.'. co-mingles with 
# the true O.T.O. in later grades. The O.H.O. of the O.T.O. is 
# also the head of the A.'.A.'(at present). I have no reason to 
# believe that this is not true. 

given that you are describing particular human lineages (say,
Kellner, Reuss, Crowley, Germer, McMurtry (Alpha), Beta OTO
and Crowley et al AA), you may well be correct that these two
organizations are co-mingled, unless the AA conferment of 
social authority has been as fucked up as has been the lineage 
of the OTO. 

this says nothing about the true AA, however, which extends
far beyond any single lineage that Crowley may have initiated.
what 'the true O.T.O.' might mean I leave for those who wish
to delve the T93-L archives and prepare reports on the
contenders (a potentially boring or interesting task).

if you need reasons to believe that something is NOT true,
then I would recommend changing your relationship with belief
and considering again "The Book of Lies".

# So being it would seem that the A.'.A.'. in question above 
# would be a fraudulent group. 

fraudulent in what sense? was Crowley's AA fraudulent? how can
you tell? because he started it and called it the AA? why did
he describe it as the system and structure of the Great White
Brotherhood unless he knew it was connected via the Secret
Masters and that he wasn't originating it? why shouldn't we see
it in the context of the rest of the bodies which we could
reasonable describe as the Great White Brotherhood (e.g. the
Body of Christ, the Sangha of Gautama, the Kinship of the
Bench of Ali, the Celestial Masters, etc., etc.)?

# With so many A.'.A.'.'s around how would one know the true one? 

this is the real and important question to ask. one way would be
to use a ceremonial matrix on the order of communications with
spirits, the dead, or the gods. another would be to obtain a
basic education in science, philosophy and religion and begin to 
discern fallacious from rational discertations, logical from 
illogical mathematic constructions, and generally to refine your
mind so as to sift what you encounter in the NAME of the AA from
what you can glean OUGHT to be a part of it. you may find that
the AA has changed names already and has moved on to other

# And about the unqualified A.'.A.'.@ the Chicago address-
# What the hell meaneth this Sodomus?

if your disqualification is based on human contacts it is of
no real importance to me or to the members of the Celestial
Masters. you go on attempting to describe who is 'in' and
who is 'not' based on your flimsy evidence. it would be much
more helpful if you began an analysis of the type of human
being which one OUGHT to encounter within such a body as an
AA or OTO which was 'true'.

blessed beast!
I don't read everything here; cc me if you absolutely want a response.

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