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Regardie and the 7=4

To: alt.magick
From: "Pat Zalewski" 
Subject: Re: Regardie and the 7=4
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 19:41:37 +1000

Hi Bob

How are things these days?

Essentially what you have to say is correct. Evey temple can grant their own
grades and I have said that from day 1 and have no argument with that. It is
when people state things that are not factual that I sometimes give my two
cents worth. There are stacks of  people claiming 7=4 these days and to that
say good luck to them! A little honesty sometimes goes a long way and people
should state that they have formed their own links. Usually though it is
through mysterious initiators who cannot be traced. If people want to go
down that road then I become very cynical and it simply means they will not
stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their actions.

The  published rituals 7=4 rituals of the SM had some blinds written into
them so I would not care who claimed what. To date I have had four rituals
of the 6=5 sent to me and two of the 7=4 that are copies from my original
published works. These they swore by all that is holy were given to them by
mysterious adepts of an old order. I never puiblished the grips and signs of
these rituals either. All were fakes and rehashes of my publications.

These days I do not really care that much what is claimed at it matters
little to me personally. You mention Chis Hyatt (aka Alan Miller) as
Regardies natural successor. Miller might have convinced you of that but not
me. Regardie could not care less, and I know that because I asked once over
dinner and that is the answer he gave. He said `let them fight it out as I
will be out of the picture.' Patrica will verify that. By Regardies
successor I persume you mean through Regardie lineage? I really do think it
that important any more. You carve your own niche out in the Golden Dawn and
usually history will dictate who was what.

Well it was nice chatting to you Bob as I just dropped into this news group
after many years away from it and it will be many years agai before I pop
into it.

Pat Zalewski

"Sar Draconis"  wrote in message
> Back in 1992 the Israel Regardie Foundation furnished me a copy of the
> 7=4 manuscript sent by Pat Z. to Israel Regardie.  (This is the
> typewritten one that at the top, says "Mythical Grade of 7=4", with
> the "TH" in "mythical" crossed out and "st" penned in to make it
> instead "mystical.")
> Obviously Pat sent Francis this document prior to his death, but also,
> according to Pat, he gave Francis the 7=4 AFTER his death as kind of
> an honor for all he did for the Golden Dawn.  Therefore, according to
> Pat, the Israel Regardie Foundation didn't get their 7=4 from him.
> Fair enough.
> But if I put in my two cents worth, Francis already had the RITUAL,
> and designated Chris Hyatt his successor, (or, at least, in the ISRAEL
> REGARDIE FOUNDATION), so whether or not they actually had the 7=4
> authority from Francis to Chris, comes down to some kind of
> theological dispute.  Its another case of six of one and half a dozen
> of the other.
> I can kind of see why one side doesn't want to credit the other side,
> but it really doesn't matter to me since both sides are doing the work
> anyway.  That's why I think the 7=4's who got it from Chris Hyatt are
> just as good as the 7=4's who got it from somewhere else.  Its all the
> same RITUAL in any case.

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