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GD tarot book

To: alt.magick
From: "pat zalewski" 
Subject: Re: GD tarot book
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 13:25:28 -0800

Yep. All the volumes for the elemental rituals were originally done
separately but were then put together in a single 500 page volume. I spoke
to the printer yesterday and I just have to get postage costs and I'll do a
post on prices etc. When the books were put together I had to leave out many
of the SM knowledge papers for reasons of space. the text will be like the
Falcon press edition of regardies. But I have included all the diagrams
missed out by him.I have done a ritual commentary up until 5=6 and diagram
explanations.The big thing the book has that was not published by Regardie
is the God Forms and Invisible stations of the elemental grades (and there
are heaps of them) are given for the first time. This was taken from whare
ra and it was brought to New Zealand by  Euan Campbell who go his copy from
his friend Langford garstin of the AO.  This paper was written by Mrs
Mathers adjacent to the sub grades of the 5=6 and up. The SM never had these
and Felkin did start to do a  paper on them but failed when compared to what
Mrs. Mathers did. At Whare ra they used the SM god forms but only three
people had a copy of this paper from Mrs Mathers. I wrote this book so that
those wishing to use the GD subgrades and 6=5 and 7=4 had formulea for their
use. The book has about 347 odd diagrams. I have also included an
explanation of the 5=6 breast plate of Westcott which the GD forerunner to
the SM phoenix lamen of the 5=6.

There are also key points of reference with the admission badges when placed
on the temple floor showing key points of energy paterns intersecting for
Invisible stations and the like.

She (Mrs Mathers) changed the 1=10 (god form positions) a great deal from
what her husband wrote. The whole basis of the subgrades of the 5=6 was go
back and study the elemental grades. There were special diagram lectures for
these different levels as well. The 6=5 studied the Portal and the 5=6 was
for the 7=4. The whole thing is alike a giant jigsaw puzzle. So this ritual
book gives the BASIS for the 5=6 subgrades and the 6=5 and 7=4 as well for
those who wish to use them.


Major Tom  wrote in message
> Pat, is it possible to buy your (unpublished?) Z-books from theoricus and
> up?
> /Tom
> pat zalewski  skrev i
> > I have had a few people ask me if the Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn
> > still available. The answer is Yes.
> >
> > Send a check for 50 US dollars:
> >  payable to  C.L.Zalewski
> > at: 21 Dundee Drive
> >      Flaxmere
> >      Hastings
> >      New Zealand.
> >
> >
> > There is  about a 6  to 8 week delivery. The book is Spiral bound and
> > up to the level Theoricus Adeptus Minor in the GD.
> >
> > Pat.
> >
> >

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