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Aurum Solis Throws Out U.S. Bodies and Members

To: alt.magick
From: (Al Billings)
Subject: Aurum Solis Throws Out U.S. Bodies and Members
Date: 26 Jul 2002 23:23:57 -0700

So much for the Aurum Solis being different than other occult orders.

Here is an e-mail that was sent out to order members today on the
internal e-mail list just before the order shutdown the list. For
those of us who were members here in the U.S. and who had put a lot of
ourselves and our magical work into the order, this is a bit numbing.
The e-mail and I response that I sent to the only public, official
order list is up at

~Subject: [Order_Aurum_Solis] College of Thrones
~Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 18:00:19 +0100

Members of the Order,

We wish to make it plain that publications listed on the Publications
Office website are the creative work and property of the Grand Master.
They do not belong to the Order. They are the result of the Grand
Master's professional work. The view that Magical States of
Consciousness and the Rite of Affirmation "belong to the Order" and
that members should be "entitled to them for free" is not on.

The Rite of Affirmation has been made available to members gratis, as
a gesture following impertinent criticism. However, the College has
now met to consider matters, and the following has been decided.

1 -- This list will be closed.

2 -- The Publications Office website is being pulled and its material
transferred, for the time being, to another domain. This, so that no
misunderstandings may arise as to the ownership of works therein

3 -- The domain is intended as the official voice
of the Order.

4 -- No further 'Order' material -- such as the studies of the Third
Hall -- is to be made available to the commanderies. Insistent demands
for such material -- with no regard as to the authorship or origin of
such, or of the time taken in its preparation, together with the
unacceptable attitude of being "entitled to it", have progressed as
far as can be tolerated. Should we spend long hours in preparing
material, it would be expected to be given freely. But why should we
so labour and supply? And by what right is such material claimed?

5 -- The Order Aurum Solis, by decision of the three chiefs, will
henceforth act as Guardian of the Tradition and its resources, and the
Order, and limited membership, will be restricted to the Commandery of
Athlit (the Grand Commandery) and the Comandery of the Light of
Byzantium. The Order will publish not only the works of the Grand
Master, but selected studies of ritual and historical nature. Such
studies will be available as advertised.

6 -- The USA commanderies are, from this time, no longer licensed to
represent Aurum Solis, and the heads of those commanderies, in
accordance with the constitutional powers of the Grand Master, are
here removed from office. Each commandery will, however, upon request
be provided with a charter of autonomy on agreed terms. But continued
use of the name Aurum Solis by the commanderies will not be permitted,
and the matter will be referred to others in case of dispute.

7 -- Existing Order websites will require revision or closure.

8 -- The Yahoo List Aurum Solis Magick, administered by Desmontes, is
endorsed as a constituent part of Order life and as a department of
the Grand Commandery.

9 -- Demand and criticism have had their hearing. We consider the
conditions of membership in good standing to have been broken. Our
response has been made.

Ruth Dance,
Administrator-General, AS

26 July, 2002Aurum_Solis_Magick

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