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request permission

From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: request permission
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 14:33:00 -0700

Hi, Bill and tyagi --

Bill, tyagi wanted to archive the following post -- with credit to you
for keying it in -- at his website on esoteric, occult, and religious
subjects, The Esoteric Archive. Since you sent it to a private e-list,
he'd like your permission -- or, failing that, would it be okay with him
to simply cite the book quotation you gave?

Thanks for your help. 

cat yronwode


Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 19:16:27 -0700 (MST)
From: Bill Hickey 
Subject: Anno Lucis and other calendar systems

From: A Freemason's Guide and Compendium (Still available on CDROM from
the lintel trust in the UK for about 19UKP postpaid):

On a Brother's certificate the date is given in two ways; one accords
with the ordinary everyday calendar and the other with the masonic

The ordinary calendar year -- the year of the "vulgar era" is reckoned
from the birth of Christ, and we speak of it as being 'A.D.,' the
initials of Anno Domini, meaining 'In the Year of Our Lord.'  Craft
Freemasonry officially uses that calendar and one other, the Anno Lucis,
meaining "In the Year of Light,' abbreviated 'A.L.,' and sometimes

Anno Lucis is 'The Year of Masonry,' and is mentioned in the
Constitutions of 1723 by Anderson, who arrived at it by adding to the
calendar year the number 4000, representing the number of years once
supposed to have elapsed since the beginning of the world.  Craft
masonry observes this custome today, and in the certificate issued by
the United Grand Lodge (of England) we find the phrase, "In testimony
whereof I have hereunto subscribed myName and affixed the Seal of the
Grand Lodge at London this ... day of [let us say] A.L. 5951, A.D.

But it is confusing to find that the year 'A.L.' is sometimes found by
adding 4004 to the calnedar year, this being in accordance with the
chronology of Archbishop Usher.  It is not officially observed today in
craft masonry (although one of the additional degrees, the Rite of
Misriam, adopts it), but it is not without the justification of
eighteenth century usage, inasmuch as a lodge constituted in 1742 used
to print its summons from an old plate bearing the words "constituted
A.D. 1742, A.L. 5746."

The abbreviation 'A.H.' means Anno Hebraico, "In the Hebrew Year,' the
calnedar used in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.  This is found
by adding 3760 to the ordinary calendar year, but after September in
each year it is necessary to add one more -- that is, 3761 -- owing to
the Hebrew year beginning in September. 'A.M.' (Anno Mundi) -- In the
year of the world' - agrees with 'A.H.'

A diploma issued by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland was
dated Anno Domini, Anno lucis, and Anno Inventionis.  The last-named
means "In the Year of the Discovery", and alludes to the year in which
Zerubbabel began to build the second temple, 530 B.C.; accordingly the
year 'A.I.' is found by adding 530 to the ordinary calendar year.

The Knights Templar observe the form "In the Year of the Order,'
abbreviated 'A.O.,' the initial letters of Anno Ordinis.  To find the
year 'A.O.,' subtract 1118 from the calendar year; thus 1950 less
1118=832 A.O.

Another of the additional degrees -- Royal and Select Masters -- speaks
of "In the Year of the Deposit,' represented by 'A.Dep.,' abbreviated
from Anno Depositionis.  To find the year 'A.Dep.' you need to add 1000
to the calendar year; thus, 1950 AD + 1000 = 2950 A.Dep.

The year of the Strict Observance, reckoned from the destruction of the
Templars in A.D. 1314, is found by subtracting 1314 from the calendar

======end extract=====

And, I am sure there are many more "calendars" out there.


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From: Bill Hickey 
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Subject: Re: request permission
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On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, catherine yronwode wrote:

> Hi, Bill and tyagi --
> Bill, tyagi wanted to archive the following post -- with credit to you
> for keying it in -- at his website on esoteric, occult, and religious
> subjects, The Esoteric Archive. Since you sent it to a private e-list,
> he'd like your permission -- or, failing that, would it be okay with him
> to simply cite the book quotation you gave?

As I was only the conveyor of information, I am not entitled to the
citation.  The proper credit belongs to:

Bernard E. Jones, "Freemason's Guide and Compendium," 10th impression of
the 2nd edition (1975), pp.373-374.

Otherwise, as Bernard is now dead, I'm not sure where the copyright issue
stands.  I know the LINTEL trust contacted the publisher for permission to
copy the book onto CDROM since the book has been out of print for many
years now.  Extracting things like this for educational and nonprofit use
is permissible as long as you cite the source and credit the author if my
understanding of the new law(s) is correct.


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