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Witchcraft is Satanism

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Subject: Witchcraft is Satanism
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Awake 10/22 1989
Copy Right 1989
Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

Crusade of Violence-Why?

SATANISM, or Devil worship, dates back to the time of the first humans. It
was the disguised presence of Satan in the garden of Eden that led the first
human pair away from their Creator, Jehovah God. (Genesis 3:1-6; Revelation
12:9) It forever marked them as being the first allies of Satan.

During the millenniums that have followed, Satanism has raised its ugly
occult head in various forms-witchcraft, black magic, the casting of demonic
spells, and many others. Deceitfully, however, the name of Satan and the
identity of his worship have generally been kept anonymous from its
adherents and practitioners.

Since the turn of the 20th century, there has been an open and flagrant
revival of satanic worship, and today it has invaded many parts of the
world. Satanism has appeared on the religious scene with a bold new image.
No longer is it cloaked in anonymity, with a whitewashed appearance of
benevolence. Rather, Satan is worshiped in the most violent ways imaginable.

One of the early founders of Satanism in this century was an Englishman
named Aleister Crowley. In 1905, in Los Angeles, California, Crowley
organized a Satanism group named "Ordo Templi Orientis." Soon he became the
accepted leader of a growing cult. In his Book of Law, Crowley advocated a
new formula of religious belief: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole law."
It was from this philosophy that Crowley advocated the violation of every
moral code and Bible principle known to man. Murder, violence, rape, and
human sacrifice thus became a part of religious ritual.

On human sacrifice, Crowley wrote: "For nearly all purposes human sacrifice
is the best, and a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is
the most satisfactory and suitable victim." Crowley once referred to himself
as the "wickedest man in the world." After spending time in an insane
asylum, he reportedly died a heroin addict in a cheap rooming house in

Unfortunately, however, Crowley's philosophy of freedom "to do what one
pleases" in the name of religion did not die with him. Notice this
observation by one writer: "The shade of Aleister Crowley looms large in the
[Los Angeles area], but his excesses pale into insignificance compared to
today's devil worshippers."

Allegiance to the Devil

It is the belief of Satan worshipers that the Devil rules the world.
Furthermore, according to Robert J. Barry, writing in The National Sheriff,
"when the end of the world comes, the forces of Lucifer will overpower the
forces of God and Christ and will rule in heaven. Therefore, the Satanist
pledges allegiance to the devil, not only for his assistance in this world,
but in the world to come."

Other Satan worshipers are said to believe that "Christ and Satan have
joined forces to bring about the end of the world." Christ is said by one
satanic cult to use Satan as a hit man. Thus, according to Maury Terry, in
his book The Ultimate Evil, "worshipping Satan was akin to worshipping
Christ. And killing in the name of Satan was actually killing for Christ: a
divine mission."

It was Aleister Crowley who said that he wanted, as part of the cult's
religious doctrine and practices, "blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution,
anything bad." Indeed, one cult leader heralded the clarion call: "THOU
SHALT KILL!" And it is obvious that this is exactly what members of satanic
cults have been doing.

One person explained their reasons for violence: "Rapes are for the purpose
of deflowering a virgin, which has special significance for Satan
worshippers. Arson is a symbol of the great conflagration, or Armageddon,
and murders are to spread confusion and to fulfill the prophecy in Daniel:
'But the wicked shall do wickedly.'"

A look into the tenets of certain Satan worshipers also reveals that they
believe that Adolf Hitler deserves to be worshiped. In fact, one writer
said: "They look upon the destruction wrought by Hitler as a warm-up of
what's coming-and they want to be in on the big event."

What is the rationale behind the exaltation of Hitler? Investigative
reporter Maury Terry explains that one reason "was a numerology timetable in
which each letter of the alphabet was assigned a number. Under this system,
A equaled 100 and Z was matched with 125. The numbers which corresponded to
the letters in Hitler's last name (107, 108, 119, 111, 104, 117) added to
666-the number of the great beast of the biblical book of Revelation. The
devil's number."

This helps explain the wide use of the number 666, painted on walls of coven
meeting places or public walls and bridges. The letters HT and HH are said
to stand for Hitler, and the German SS lightning bolts are said to symbolize
"heaven to hell, strength." The swastika is also used by Satanists. "All are
marks of the beast, Satan-Hitler, whom they serve," said one insider.

Meetings Bring Violence

There are reportedly over 20 special occasions for coven meetings during the
year. Many coincide with so-called Christian celebrations. This is in
keeping with what they view as a means to desecrate all that is considered
good or holy. Halloween is a major satanic holiday. The meetings, or
sabbats, are held in secret locations, which may change according to
circumstances. "Before each coven meeting," wrote Terry, "Satan has to be
appeased by the rape of a virgin [young girl], a holocaust [arson], or the
ritual murder of a person or animal."

The sacrifice of dogs and cats is big with the cult. In one location near
New York City, for example, 85 skinned German shepherds and Dobermans were
found in one 12-month period, all thought to be the work of Satanists.
Often, body parts are removed and consumed in the belief that they possess
magical powers. Blood is passed around and drunk from silver chalices stolen
from churches-all as part of the worship of Satan. Of course, a human
sacrifice is considered the supreme offering that pleases him more. And he
is often appeased in this manner.

But who is this Satan? Does he really exist? Or is he only the figment of a
fevered imagination?

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Sacrificing to Appease the Devil

  Last April the world was shocked by the discovery of the remains of more
than a dozen men who had been sacrificially murdered outside the Mexican
city of Matamoros, near the Texas border. Time magazine reported:

  "To ingratiate themselves with the devil, the killers boiled the brains
and hearts of their victims, mixing the concoction with leg and arm bones
and animal heads. So vicious were the devil worshipers that it took two
pathologists . . . almost four days to complete the autopsies."

  The Devil worshipers believed they would receive protection from their god
by appeasing him with human sacrifices. A police lieutenant said that the
killers prayed to the devil "so the police would not arrest them, so bullets
would not kill them and so they could make more money."

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