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Violating Oathodoxies

From: (333 (nigris))
Subject: Violating Oathodoxies (was "Agape"...)
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:08:38 -0700 (PDT)

50000416 IVom Hail Mars!

a correspondent wrote:
> Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law.

The Word of Sin is Restriction.
> On the front page of the latest publication of Agape (available on the OTO
> website as downloadable in Adobe Reader), Sabazius has written an article
> regarding oaths.  He stated in the article that with the Internet, it is
> extremely easy for people to communicate and therefore to betray their Oaths.  

depends on the oaths. magical oaths cannot be "betrayed".

> I have witnessed this first hand in a list I am currently on (as far
> as describing OTO rituals verbatim) and the problem is obvious.  

that is correct, the communication with regard to shared experience is
much facilitated by technological mediums of interaction. those who
base their shared connection on secrecy will wither and fade in the
full blossoming of the New Aeon. let them do so and learn, or die trying.

> when one is considering "Oaths" in general, and betrayal of such 
> oaths (which are to the detriment of others in the Order) one should 
> take this into account (and going off of something Cavalorn said).  

betrayal of secrecy is only to the detriment of the individual who
is in conflict with hir true will. such an individual circumvents
hir own power and disables hir potentiality, perhaps due to the
machinations of the organization which she has joined (a kind of
trip-wire strangulation the member was tricked into donning). 

> The OTO is *so large* and there are so many disgruntled members, 
> that there is no way that the secrets won't leak out.  

this order also appears to have fractionated, based upon inept
administrative handling, from Crowley onwards.

> To then place on the heads of the people who have supposedly betrayed 
> their oaths that the oathbreaker has cheapened the value of his or her 
> solemn word is basically ludicrous. 

bullshit! if someone is so foolish as to consign themselves to be
hamstringed by an organization they regard as authoritative, then
they can damn well face the consequences. shit of get off the pot.

> Especially if something like this is going on to the the extent 
> that it is with the OTO.  

of course it is, and it displays for all to see the blatant weakness
of this OTO (because it relies upon the ridiculous mechanism of
secrecy to preserve its outdated and disrespected membership rites 
when instead it ought to revise them and inspire such a devotion in
its membership that nobody would ever wish to reveal them to others).
> That is like saying that if there were 50 ex CIA members who told the world
> that the government really did kill President Kennedy that their "betrayal"
> of the CIA should lay a heavy weight in their heart.  One has to decide
> whether it is more important for the American public to know the truth, or
> to be devoted to CIA secrets, even if one was previously a member of the CIA
> and saw it as a corrupt government agency.

the disgruntlement is the sign of a waking giant (or within the confines
of (C)OTO, a novel germ). the Beast, I presume in order to honour him, 
KNEW that this kind of revolution would occur, and set up his cheap 
profile as prophet and his paltry little book as a scripture to INSPIRE 
REVOLT AMONGST THE WAKING. if the organization does not survive this
transformation, then it shall perish in the throes of a transition to
a culture in which it cannot participate (one which truly holds to its
bosom the Law of Thelema).

> This is not to say that I agree that people should go online and state
> rituals made by the OTO.  It is to say that if the Body wants to continue
> being a secret, Iniatic organization, then it must do something else. 
> First, it needs to streamline its members to know *who* the real devoted
> Initiates are:  "Thou shalt know and destroy the traitors."

right, become more authoritarian and not set up to initiate all comers.
in essence, it will have to SACRIFICE ITS KINSHIP IDEALS.
> Then, it should create new rituals and Initiate the Members (true initiates)
> who *won't* be traitors, and this will be obvious by the inherent knowledge
> of the OHO/SGM who will be of such a state as to know who the true Initiates
> are.  

correct, stratification of the cult is the next step for reversing back
into an Old Aeonic corporate body. the Master already took the steps of
aligning himself and his Scripture into prominence as Bait for those
who would come after him. we'll see if the Hook has set.

> The current OTO will not "phase out", but will continue to exist in
> just the way it does, as the Christian church existed beyond the Knights
> Templar, and other secret Gnostic sects.  The OTO is fastly becoming the
> religious expression of Thelema and not a Secret Initiatic order.

I don't know why it could not continue to be both, but it will not be
able to promulgate the Law of Thelema, just steal its name for the
benefit of the method of religion it uses to achieve its worldly ends.
> I'm sure soon we can call the office of the OTO the New Vatican.
> Which is fine and great, but for those of us who are true Initiates, and
> rise above and beyond this buraucratic monstrosity, we must do just that: 
> rise above it.  Let it exist as it is, set ourselves above that which it is
> and its will shall go in accord with Ours.  If you know what I mean.  This
> will be done from a spiritual and magickal level, and whether the current
> "heads" want to snub us or not, they will have no choice in the Matter.

no, I am unclear what you mean. sure, in the subculture called 'the
Thelemic community' (c)OTO can be seen as a kind of oathodoxy, but
what is it that you mean about 'rising above this bureaucratic
monstrosity'? how do you continue to participate in it while it
violates you, 'rise above it' while remaining within it, and, being
outside its decision-process, feel a 'part of it' while you oppose
its administration? what makes you a "true Initiate"? can you explain
in greater detail what you mean about what will be "done from a
spiritual and magickal [sic] level"? from where I sit this is very
ambiguous and portentious without maintaining practical significance.

> ...we dated and in a state of anger and rage Fra. FEITCTAJ
> threatened to kill me with a spear and also strangled me almost to the point
> of death....

> After this, while we were living together, I came home from working one
> night and he proceeded to rape me.  This rape was no sexual game or joke, it
> was an actual rape.  He forcefully pushed me down and fucked me, and in the
> process I almost defended myself by bashing his head in with some Egyptian
> statue laying about, but instead I just lay limp until he was finished.

> He also did many other psychotic and pathological things such as following
> me around, stalking me, calling me on countless occasions,etc....

I hope his violations have been reported to the proper authorities.
such an individual deserves censure and swift punishment or remedial
and thorough rehabilitation (as well as dismembership).
> Bufo/Amy Andrews) had been murdered:  someone shot her in the back of the
> head in the middle of the night.  The police have (to my knowledge) never
> found the murderer.

I hope you also reported this to the authorities. perhaps it might lead
them to the murderer(s).
> Fra FEITCTAJ (Ian Lorey) disappeared for about 4 months.  He didn't even
> attend her wake, which was strange considering that he told me that he and
> Sor. Bufo were still friends and had been friends continuously since I'd
> been gone.  Then, I saw him again most recently when he informed me that he
> was "going to kill me" (with a cold blooded stare) when I decided to
> permanently leave Tucson and insure that he never knew my whereabouts.
> After this (in late summer 1998) I informed the Electoral College that this
> Frater (Ian Lorey) was planning to start a camp.  I informed them that he
> was both violent and a flake who had really done nothing in the OTO but be a
> flake.  

did you inform them of the events you described above? if so, what was
their reaction? did they ask you whether you had made a police report?

> It was that autumn equinox that they gave him Camp Mastership if Sun
> and Moon Camp.  Mind you, he came to me to sign the document to get the
> camp, but I'd refused.

I hope you intend to protest vehemently, letting all within the order know
that it harbours and abets victimizing assholes who may be murders. I do
not remember if you said when these events occurred, but the time for
hesitation would seem to be long past, sister.
> Then there is an article regarding ordination and activities of EGC
> officers.  Frankly, this just further proves my point that the OTO is 
> fastly becoming a church and not an Initiatic Organization at all. 

there is no necessary division between these.
> 93 93/93, 


blessed beast!

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