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Thelemites Without Rosters

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.pagan.magick,talk.religion.newage
From: 333 
Subject: Thelemites Without Rosters
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 04:15:09 GMT

50030717 viii

#> countless Thelemites exist who never heard of the Beast.

# Introduce me to one.

I'm not your social coordinator. get on the right lists.

#> look to any with evidence strength of will outside the
#> Herd that calls itself Thelemites. the term, ostensibly,
#> is even referred to as a bequeathal of honour within the
#> text considered by a great many Crowleyans as scripture.

# It is not bequeathed by others.  

of course it is.

# It is a self-definition.  

that's one usage. usually "we worship something about Crowley"
or "we're part of a gang of folks what got the 93 Current d00d"

# "He who calls himself a thelemite..."  It refers to an 
# acknowledgment by oneself of putting a particular 
# philosophy (thelema, as detailed and defined by Crowley) 
# into practice in one's own life.

hmm. did Crowley write the above bit you're quoting, M?
there's a bit in the Evul Book that goes:

	"Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong,
	 if he look but close into the word."            [2:40]

etc.  that's from the "HADIT" SECTION OF LIBER AL. ;>

#> that wasn't my objective. I didn't say Crowley himself was
#> not a Thelemite (since I never spent a period of time with
#> him I can't tell). my point was about those who adhere to
#> Crowleyan religion (which they prefer to call 'Thelema').

# Some of us who call ourselves "thelemites" do not adhere 
# to any religion, 

I've noticed that. interesting.

# or do not adhere to some kind of "Crowleyan religion".  
# Most people, especially those who demonstrate actual 
# understanding of the word, consider thelema to be 
# a philosophy and/or practice, not a religion.

even Crowley? weird. so you take what he made as functional
religion (etc.) and remove the religion portion? don't 
you think that's like removing the religion portion of 
Christianity? what about all that Crowned and Conquering
Child worshipping that's supposed to be going on?

#> you don't know most Thelemites. most don't 
#> self-identify as such. those who do probably
#> aren't qualified.

# Please introduce me to a "thelemite" who knows nothing 
# about Crowley and/or who doesn't self-identify as such.  

again, make your own social arrangements. if you don't know
any, I'm very sorry. they're out there, and some of them
are making names for themselves in arenas about which we
know very little at this point. only future generations
are likely to have heard of 'em.

# My impression is that "thelemite" is a label *you* 
# are using to define people, 

it is true that I use it as the Master indicated.

# which is completely meaningless as it contradicts 
# the actual meaning of the word.

sorry, I was just trying to mimic Hadit's words, 
you know: the Egyptian god that turned into 
a Thelemite god but apparently never existed? ;>

# I don't believe you know what "thelemite" means.

then instruct me as to its meaning, O Great M.

#> I doubt most Thelemites even know what you mean, 
#> having never heard of Crowley or his religion.

# Again, who exactly are you talking about?

a series of names will count as nothing to you.
the criteria of assessment is clear enough, 
if one has but Hawk eyes to read of the Master's 
descriptions and the Thelema god's utterances.

when Old Long Ear tells us that the Sage says

	I take no action and people are reformed.
	I enjoy peace and people become honest.
	I do nothing and people become rich.
	I have no desires and people return 
		to the good and simple life.

he isn't going to answer you when you 
demand lists of people who are the Sage.


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