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Thelemites and Masters

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Re: Thelemites and Masters
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 23:55:49 GMT

50030125 VII [5^3 = 125] (Zeawolf):
>Greetings E6


>...The Thelemite can pic was great!!! LOL i about shit my self 
>here in the library.(I don't have a personal computer.)

I'm glad you liked it. I made it myself with photoshop on a Mac
out of a 'Vegemite' scan.

>I follow the OTO belief structure as the high officers say we should,

I gather they're agreed on membership restrictions and oaths, but I'm
not sure what other curriculum they support, as a body. if you happen
to know, I'd be very interested in your report. I doubt the old MCLI
is still supported, though it was a very good outline for its time-
space and social context (by Fraters Heidrick and Graeb apparently).

there's always the website, I suppose, which ought to reflect this.

>but mostly it is by what the "Book of the Law" says. 

wow, that says something coherent and consistent? I always got the
impression that it was rather a spinning wheel of values and ethics.
do you think it matters what the Beast said about his own writ?

>And of course Crowley himself, through his voluminous writtings. 

I suppose by this assertion you would. some present Crowley as
offering the comment that

	1) one should refer to Crowley in analysis of his scripture
           [See "The Comment"]

with this I tend to agree, as one ought with anyone's scripture.
to this extent, I may indeed generate my own scripture, as may
have been described recently by Ixtal ('Ilan', whatever ;>) on
'replacing the Hebrew Bible' with regard to reconstructing tarot.
maybe I should write it in Trimethian Code or prepend hieroglyphs. :>

	2) 'do what thou wilt' might mean anything at all, 
           if but the interpreter be illuminated
           [See a decent presention of the Beast's commentary on 220]

in which case by saying "Do What Thou Wilt does *not* mean 'do
anything you want'" we may presume that the speaker is either

	A) offering an insult to the listener (because they presume
	   that the reader is not illuminated and they, somehow, are)

or      B) ignorant of what the Beast says of his scripture and in 
           need of further study regarding their Prophet.

> I call myself a Thelemite and not a Crowleyan or other term 
> because of what it says in the book of the law...Those who call 
> us Thelemites can do no wrong.

if it is a term of admiration, like 'Sage', isn't it egotistical
to identify with it? some make the same claim about religious
identification terms like 'Christian', and 'Sufi' and 'Muslim'.
one has to qualify to obtain them, and then it is applied by 
the society at large but not by the individual. does Crowley
say anything more about how the term 'Thelemite' ought to be
applied? does he refer to himself as a Thelemite, for example?

> And I rather use the common term because my ego is in check 
> and can handle being one of the loyal. 

this makes a great deal of sense. you seem to be talking about 
conformity to common social norms in your language and your
self-identification. wonderful. I have certainly noticed that
a good number of individuals find value in being Thelemites.

I'm curious what conforms other than the self-identification.

> I don't have to be different in name because I AM different 
> in practise. I am not a Armchair Occultist.

neat-o. should you care to say anything about your magical
practice (rather than theory), please also cross-post that
to alt.occult.methods. thanks. :> I don't have an armchair,
personally, but I don't see the need for a great deal of
travel or movement. do the Armchair Occultists just conform
in practice and pretend to be different somehow?

> I was a member of a Camp, but after a while I became a solitary
> member, I like to think of my self as a Nomad of sorts.

keen. did you do masses and initiations and other rituals?
have you looked much at Crowley's magical system(s?)? 
do you like particular text of his which explains it/them?

> 93 93/93

  E6 E6/E6
Fr3  3  3

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