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Thelemic Thelemic Greetings

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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Thelemic Thelemic Greetings
Date: 24 Jul 1999 02:02:49 -0700

49990521 IIIom Hail Satan!

a correspondent wrote:
# Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!

The word of Sin is Restriction!
Paul Hume:
# >One aspect of the proper response to a "trog" is to lose the word
# >"trog."

yeah, I can see it now:

	oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you were a
	TROGLODYTE (one who is sheltered and ignorant
	of the Law of Thelema and its beauty). please
	allow me to inform you that there is no Law 
	beyond 'do what thou wilt' and if you happen
	to say 'nay' I may have to kill you according
	to the standards of Oz.

LOL -- hard and low enough?
# ...when confronted with a person whose immediate reaction 
# towards me and my religion is to accuse me of plagiarism, 
# tell the entire list I'm on that my religion is the most evil 
# manifestation in the world, insult my spiritual beliefs by 
# saying that they're all wrong and proceed to break them down 
# with illogic and "explain" to the list the error of my ways 
# and beliefs....  my dictionary's definition of Troglodyte 
# (a person exhibiting outmoded or reactionary ideas) seems 
# pretty fucking apt.

ah but now we get to the meat of the discussion. what those
who have been indoctrinated to the Crowleyan cult fail to
understand is that these Thelemic Greetings are INTENTIONAL
DISRUPTORS. they jar and confuse the mind of the troglodyte.
as soon as they begin to be used as slogans, passwords, the
effective equivalent of 'Hi!' and 'How are you?', then they
lose this cutting edge and rather assist the creation of NEW
troglodytes (you know who you are).

you can see this process of Thelemic Greeting-cum-slogan in
the Satanist community (of which the Crowleyan is in a real
sense the precursor) where shouts of 'Hail Satan!' have now
become the equivalent of 'Hi!' and 'How are you!' and people
get *upset* when the listener takes their Thelemic Greeting as
something offensive, rude, and damned objectionable based on
the hir troglodytic paradigms.

in fact we need *Thelemic* Thelemic Greetings, which is why
I created 'E6!' (the inversion of '93!') and responses like
'The word of Sin is Restriction.' rather than 'Love is the
law, love under will.' (because the troglodytic Thelemites
had begun to presume that the Law was only 'do what God wilt'
since 'thou' was obviously God or some supreme authority
other than the individual). inversions to the cult-speak,
despoilations of the Evul Book, blossoming centres of
pestilence which deflower themselves -- here is genius. 

so I think it is very wrong-headed and troglodytic to go
about proclaiming the Law to everyone one meets and NOT
expecting outrage, fury, and general battle. when I set
about such a proclamation in 1993 (starting all my email
and usenet sendings and many of my personal interactions
offline with 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the
Law.') not only did I sometimes receive shouts of dismay
(not half as strong a reaction as 'Hail Satan!' mind you, 
so this says something about the culture in which I live), 
but there were also times when I engaged a very spirited and
challenging discussion/debate on the basis for this very
statement and what it might mean. this was what I take to
mean 'giving the Law to everyone I meet'. 

to expect passive and tolerant acceptance of our proclamation
is to forget the very real and important value which Thelemic 
Greetings have for our species, especially when they are not 
merely selected for their outrage quality but have some 
deeper significance which can follow in the exchange.

# If I'm not "allowed" to refer to cretins who attack me, 
# publically and unprovoked, in insulting terms, I don't 
# want to be part of your tea party, Paul....

my brother Paul wouldn't try to disallow you, as you probably 
know by now, but he may object loudly and try to get you to
convert the troglodyte to Thelema using less insulting methods. :>

# I'm just not politically correct enough to be nicey-nice to people
# who shit on me.  If that's your trip, oh well.

isn't that a part of the Law of Thelema? there are all these Duty
things that specify how to treat the troglodytes, the animals,
the Stars what don't know their head from a hole in the ground.
it is almost chivalric or something. compassion? oh but there's
that "hit 'em low and hard" crap too. these carnie prophets, you
just can't get them to be consistent ("don't kill animals or
babies" but "select the proper human sacrifice" from LaVey etc.).

# (and the most recent fucking troglodyte cunt to pull this 
# crap was on a Sacred Sexuality list, no less.  I'm feeling 
# pretty intolerant in the face of intolerance and I'll call 
# a spade a spade and a Trog a Trog.)

oh but I do admire your spirit. I know the feeling. fucking
let them take my grief and see if they still want to mess
with me, dammit!  but is this in conformity with the (true!)
will?  with the Law of Thelema? can we break that Law by
calling people troglodytes? will we be fined? dismembered?

seriously, I really do think that all of these things are a
part of the Great Martyrdom Cult's antics. there is a long
history of doing outrageous and liberating things in the name 
of religion and causing social upheaval and then the next 
generation comes along and expects it to be taken seriously. 
suddenly the thing done has *eternal* (rather than contextual) 
value and the cult expects it to be done for membership, as a 
part of identity, or as a divine commandment. religious addiction
is what I'd call it, especially where the individual begins
to think that this unwanted-attention-getting behavior is an
important part of hir spiritual path and complains about
their repercussions in the world without some connection to
the very valuable and laudable tradition of martyrdom for
the cause of liberation from which it was spawned and to
which it owes a debt of gratitude.

Invoke me under your stars, blessed beast! 
emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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