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Thelemic Cult-ure and Choronzon

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.thelema,talk.religion.misc,alt.magick.order
From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Thelemic Cult-ure and Choronzon
Date: 23 Jul 1999 22:16:27 -0700

49990424 IIIom Hail Choronzon!

# Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

The word of Sin is Restriction.
# >  there ARE Thelemic Christians.
Steve Kime :
# I understand.  But my only exposure to Christianity has been of the
# fundamentalist (Calvary Chapel to be exact, even graduated from 
# their Bible College) and the Catholic kind.  As seen from their 
# viewpoint, becoming a "Thelemic Christian" is a sure ticket to 
# hell (as in a literal place!)

and right they would be given most people's (faulty) premise about
what it takes to become a Thelemic Christian. visions of Resh and
Lesser Banishing Rites and Gnostic Masses dance in their heads.

yet being of Thelemic quality necessitates neither theological views
nor ceremonialism. there are Thelemic Christian fundamentalists too!  
they have conservative views and allow others to remain in their own
orbits, content to inform the nearby of the dangers of the world
and the glory of their god, then respectfully continuing in their
narrow path (through the eye of a veritable needle!), understanding 
their Scripture literally and disputing the ruminations of the vulgar.

I have elsewhere (in response to Randy) explained that there is
a difference between Thelemic individuals and organizations.
the latter are much more difficult (impossible?) to find.

# > is the Thelemic way to go independent. that's
# > how most of the best things came into being, when people
# > were on their own without indoctrination or handling.
# But what of the OTO?  
# It'd be nice to be part of a group of people that think
# along the same lines as myself and have been down the 
# path farther than I have.  I would expect to receive 
# valuable guidance.

the Wizard (VHMaroney) already answered this in the most
eloquent manner I could imagine. I underscore his reply
by repeating it here:

   No one has been down your path farther than you have. 
   But there are plenty of people who would be happy to 
   capitalize on your belief that they have.
#, there is a fear at the back of my mind that tells 
# me the hell of fundamental Christianity may be a reality.  
# But I certainly don't believe that I'm there or that all 
# around me is a generic copy of earth.

there are important metaphorical truths in most myths.
the notion of a realm of spiritual punishment (the Christian
is not original, it derives from other, older notions of
a dreadful underworld afterlife for sinners) can be a very
powerful indicator of the experience of the guilt-ridden
hypocrite trapped in a strict standard ill-fitted to hir
behavioral repertoire.

# > # My desire now is to re-enter Thelema
# > as a religion?  I'd advise against it. you may well fuck
# > yourself up even worse than you did with Christianity (on
# > account of entering into a minority cult that doesn't yet
# > have self-restraint by virtue of a history of abuse).
# I have to think about this.  AC makes alot of sense to me, 
# and I sincerely believe that Liber Al and other Thelemic 
# books are indeed inspired.

many authors make sense if you give them a try. what about
Crowley's text makes the most sense to you and what is so
profound (choose a few lines) that it inspires you to join
a cult after his name? what do you think that these "Thelemic"
books were inspired BY, exactly? what makes the books 
"Thelemic"?  what does the term mean to you?
# > # with the aid of some wise counsel and guidance.

# > how will you discern the wisdom from the folly?  do you
# > think you've been able to do this so far? if so, how did
# > you wind up in the straights you described?
# I believe that possibly joining a trusted organization may 
# be the way to go, that I may gain a working knowledge of 
# how to appraoach the path this time around.

far be it from me to gainsay you, for you are probably the
best single authority on your life. that said, many orgs
are "trusted" and simultaneously guilty of the most
egregious error, disempowerment of individuals (in the
most anti-Thelemic spirit), and distortion of the truth
(while purporting to know all the answers).

but you haven't answered me really, you have only said
that instead of relying on some (idiot?) friends with LSD
to manipulate your deep mind you are turning over control
to a larger body of individuals. you have not said that
you think you'll be able to discern wisdom from folly
nor that you know how this could be done. I urge you to
look more carefully at this skill and develop it. you
speak to it when you say that cultic books were 'inspired',
and yet you could merely mean that they inspire you.

# >   
# >         and last, become your own prophet, write your
# >         own damn holy books, burn the Book of the Law
# >         every year in celebration of its putrescence,
# >         and find the meaning of your previous 'dilemma'.
# This all seems to be good counsel.

I have not been instructed to give this counsel by the (c)OTO.
no member has given me this recommendation. instead the most
common suggestion was luxocentric, fear-based assaults on the
spiritual world (LBRP) and pseudo-egyptian solar-phallicism 
(Resh). I did not follow their advice but found it intriguing. 
there was some focus on tarot which I admired, and the 
occasional focus on Crowley's better text ("Book Four" among 
them) was helpful. cults are notorious for obsessing with 
the weak-points of their prophets, serving to bring in slaves 
for the leaders. beware the advice you get from religious 

re reading pro and con about Crowley and his cohorts:
# This would be much appreciated.

you might try "The Eye in the Triangle" by Regardie. Crowley 
includes many of his own foibles as well as lies in his 
"autohagiography", btw.
# > are you more interested in independent ritual 
# > experimentation and the exploration of consciousness
# > than extending yourself socially?
# Both, but with an emphasis on the independant ritual 
# experimentation.

keep in mind any cosmological presuppositions which
inform the rituals with which you may experiment.
some of those popular to the "Thelemic" community
may be skewed in their emphases as I have already
# > consider a variety of "Thelemic" organizations and compare....

# > for example, I exchanged email with Bill Heidrick ((c)OTO)
# > before coming into contact with any of the (c)OTO members
# > and found this to be a very helpful avenue of entry.
# Is there a way that I could get in touch with him? as others have already suggested.

# > #                 Mull...Muse...
# > #             Ruminate...Cogitate...
# >
# > judgement is absent in these.
# Oh, come on!

it was an honest evaluation. all of these consist in reflection
but none imply conclusions, resolution, or judgement. that you
use it in your sig is indicative of your current condition.
# > 333
# Why the number of Choronzon??


I suppose my varied pseudonyms mimic Choronzon, though
the way most talk about this evil beastie, it appears to
be some Guardian of the Abyss and/or a mega-egoic 
composite of personal shells waiting to test the soul.

there is a popular mythos surrounding the Tree of Life
which is heroic in quality. ascending this Tree as a
metaphor for spiritual development, one is supposedly
faced with a great Enemy to best and a great Crevasse
to overcome. this Enemy is sometimes said to be that
nasty demon Choronzon, given various interpretation,
and the Crevasse is the Abyss or Watery Demesne of Dual
reflection from the Realm of Matter and Immaturity.

I found that this mythos did not really apply to me,
that there were other metaphors which did, and that
these included becoming the Beast or Guardian rather
than fighting with him, making love with the Abyss
rather than overcoming her, resolving the Trial
up the Tree of Life through Love rather than Will
(cf. Simon Iff in Crowley's stories for more on the
path of Love in magick).

my association with Choronzon was *accidental*,
rather than intentional, since as my brother has
pointed out elsewhere on this email list, I took
the name "nigris" (which happened to imply the 
number 333 via one system of gematria) in order
to indicate my role with respect to the Thelemic
culture and pioneer an alternative to the Will-
based obsession gripping the hearts and souls of
so many mages and self-proclaimed 'Thelemites'.
# [333], thank you so much for your response....  

my pleasure.

Invoke me under my stars.
# Love is the law, love under will.

Frater I Nigris (333) 666 
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