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Thelemic Authority

From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Thelemic Authority (was beginner book)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 11:42:41 -0700 (PDT)

49991028 IVom


# > Which raises an interesting question.  Who other than Crowley is an
# > authority on Thelema?

Aleister Crowley neither originated nor demonstrated the principles
of Thelema. he was no authority on the matter in terms of practical
success, nor were his expressions reliable reflections of the
conduct, perspective or attitude of the Master. he played at a role
he could never achieve and hoped to inspire a devotional cult to
follow him and perpetuate his self-aggrandizement.

better to examine the works of those who achieved what they set out
to accomplish while expressing their intention. the philosophical
arena of Thelema is rife with cultists who know little about 
carriage of will into manifestation and who would prefer to belong
to the "in" group than discover the principles (sociopolitical,
economic, mystical, spiritual) which infuse the Thelemic life.
LAUER_LEROY  rephrases the question:
# ...Who could possibly be an "authority" on Thelema?

any accomplished artist or scientist who succeeded with intention
and who applied self-analysis such that they come to understand 
the principles of their achievement. Yehudi Menuhin was one of my
early role models, as was M.K. Gandhi. typically the Master is
insufficiently diverse to simultaneously perfect their craft,
temper their spirit to humble enough standards so as to accurately
reflect their experience, and skilled enough at expression to
artfully communicate this reflection. writers like Voltaire and
Crowley may entertain and inspire, but they may not be the best
sources when it comes to matters of the heart. 

look for books about the philosophies and activities of great
women and men. examine how well they cover the weaknesses and
strengths of the people who are their focus. examine the ideas
and practical hints that these role models left behind for
others to study and admire.

an example of this with respect to what I would consider to be
'Thelemic conflict resolution' is contained in an analysis and
summary of the ethical principles of M.K. Gandhi, in:

	Fighting Fair : A Nonviolent Strategy for Resolving Everyday
          Conflicts (Published Previously As Fighting With Gandhi)
          by Mark Juergensmeyer

Brother Paul, this is the book about which I was speaking before.
I found it listed at Amazon Books (

# AC did a lot of early work on it, as well as a lot of work 
# on Magick, which I do not consider to be the same thing as 
# Thelema, although there are areas of overlap.  


# If we are intent on forming (re-forming society) along Thelemic 
# lines, we need to be clear on what we mean by Thelema.  

'Thelema' is a new cult, relatively speaking. it has not adequately
researched its own historical underpinnings, which include very
many Western and some Eastern philosophies and their elements. 
the ideas of 'Love' and 'Will', for example, which are typically
related to 'Agape' and 'Thelema' are pervasive in writers as
diverse as Nietzsche, P.B. Randolph, and Augustine, saint of
the Roman Catholics. the essentially individualistic and anarchic
attitude which I identify with Thelema is seldom provided a clear
support in any author's text.

# From my perspective, Thelema has yet to become.  We are in 
# the position to make it what it will be.

this is why everyone is probably their own best 'authority'
on the subject of Thelema. argue for your favourite.

E666 (nigris (333)) 

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