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Thelema without Al?

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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Thelema without Al?
Date: 24 Jul 1999 00:14:04 -0700

49990128 IIIom

a correspondent wrote:
# Will,

under love.

# This reply references the comment about calling oneself a 
# thelemite, and Liber Al:

I love this (esp. the former) subject.

# Is there such an animal as a non-Crowley thelemite? 

tons of 'em, as any reading of even Crowley will legitimate.
the Thelemite is one who seeks the true will and abides it
closely. this could include absolutely NO familiarity with
Crowley, discussion about (true or nontrue) wills, or the
"New Aeon". it necessitates a familiarity with this Law
(i.e. PRINCIPLE) of action and being. those who mistake a
book for a Law deserve the repercussions.

# Other than Rabelais?  

Rabelais was merely one who popularized it in fictional
text (thereby influencing Crowley, who influenced others).
there are plenty of people whose text exhibit what I would
call Thelemic character who knew little if anything about
Rabelais or those like him. we're talking about a
philosophic foundation of ethics and accomplishment here,
that which takes the verve of life-force and runs it like
a science to its mastery. what terms one may use in coming
to describe it is SECONDARY. that it may be twisted into
an insipid religion is unfortunate, but one of the important
ways that social knowledge becomes hard-wired (through the
ill-tasting broth of fundamentalism).

# What does it believe?

it believes whatever the fuck it wants to and which supports
its apprehension of the Law in the lives of those which make
it up. belief is relatively inconsequential to the dynamics
in the life of the individual and what they are able to
accomplish. they may believe the most inane and implausible
things, but if they are attuned to their true will and
abiding this to achieve their utmost, then these beliefs
become mere footnotes in the history of their greatness.

note that we have a confusion of the Law for want of cult,
here, with people self-identifying as Thelemites for their
own purposes, whereas if we took to applying the term only
to those whom we found were solidly attuned to their wills
and achieving the Great Work, there'd be far less confusion
and we could follow the predominant ascriptions to true 

instead we have descriptions of 'Thelemites' based on club
membership, self-definition, arrogance, and the desire to
be SEEN rather than to BE, resulting in every imaginable
type of individual from the weak-willed to the master
called 'Thelemite'. the calling is doing no wrong, as the
Evul Book proclaims, but it is often misguided.

# I suppose one would not become the center of pestilence 
# that many of uncle AL's followers have become, if one 
# never read AL.

reading scripture isn't the real problem, it is obsessing
over it or becoming fanatical about it. this is why I have
suggested that the Evul Book has become for the Crowleyite
community a tar baby, along with the other works of the
Great Beast.

# Love,

free!  E666 (nigris (333))
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