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Thelema Bibliography Construction

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.thelema,alt.magick
From: (333)
Subject: Thelema Bibliography Construction (was question for OTO ...)
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 20:56:37 GMT

50000116 IVom 

do what you please, for that is my Law.
> You do not need to be a member of any Order to be a Thelemite, 


> the law is for all. Even trolls.... 

Law, yes. a Law of Nature

> If you really want to be a Thelemite, and live Do what thou 
> wilt, then I would suggest that you read, re-read, and read 
> again, as many of Crowleys works as you can find, and you 
> can find almost all of them on the internet for free.

with this of course I DISagree. it is debatable whether
Crowley was more than a herald for the Law, his text is
abstruse, difficult to parse by virtue of self-reference
and deception, and his ritualistic penchance obscured an
otherwise facile subject from approach by the newbie.

instead I would recommend working with me and others to
construct less cultistic and ridiculous sources on the
subject of Thelema. below are some beginning suggestions:

Orig-Dated 49991220 IVom

# unfortunately there is not a very helpful list of Thelemic
# writing yet available. too many have been infected by the memes
# of that rascal author Crowley to have understood the more
# subtle aspects of Thelema and escaped the Coffin of the
# Cult he inspired in his wake. too quick to identify the cult
# for the reality, all connection to the Law is usually lost.

here's what I could come up with in referencing Assagioli's notes
and my own library in ten minutes:

GENERAL (all the below)
	"The Act of Will", by Roberto Assagioli
	  (in which many of the references below were mentioned)
	"What Is It to Will?", ed. by Henry Ey (French)
	"The Ways of the Will", by L.H. Farber
	"The Farther Reaches of Human Nature", by Abraham Maslow

THELEMA (will and its integral role in human living)
	"Personality and Will", by Francis Aveling
	"Strength of Will and How to Develop It", by Boyd Barrett
	"Motivation and Personality", by Abraham Maslow
	"The Fourth Way", by Ouspensky
	"Yoga Sutras" by Patanjali
	"The Concept of Willing", ed. by J.N. Lapsley
	"Raja Yoga", by Ramacharaka
	"Essays in Zen Buddhism", by D.T. Suzuki

	authors in whose works concepts of the will are discussed
	fully include Augustine, Duns Scotus, Leibnitz, Fichte, 
	Schelling, Von Hartmann, Nietzsche, Maine de Biran, Ach,
	Kierkegaard and Heidegger. among those recognizing the 
	primacy of the will were Secretant, Ravaisson, 
	particularly Blondel, Cieskovski, and Lutoslawski.
	additional sources may be found in "The Concept of
	Willing" within the essay by Pruyser entitled
	"Selective Historical Survey". Assagioli mentions that
	in recent years rapid growth in the development of
	theories of the will have appeared in text by
	existentialists, humanists, and transpersonal
	psychologists (of which latter tradition the author
	considers himself to be a part).

AGAPE (general love studies and relation to will)
	"The Art of Loving", by Erich Fromm
	"The Strength of Love", by Martin Luther King
	"Love and Will", by Rollo May
	"The Ways and Power of Love", by Petrim Sorokin
TRANSCENDENTAL WILL (transcending subabysmal thelema/agape conflict)
	"Psychosynthesis", by Roberto Assagioli
	"Voluntary Simplicity", by Duane Elgan
	"The Will to Meaning", by Viktor E. Frankl
	"Observed Illuminates", by Winslow Hall
	"The Integration of the Personality", by C.G. Jung
TRUE (UNIVERSAL) WILL (comprehending and abiding the true will)
	"The Way of White Clouds", by Lama Anagarika Govinda
	"The Self", ed. by Clark Moustakas


appended commentary from correspondents:

~From: anonymous source

Honourable additions to your list:
 Chogyam Trungpa and Michel Foucault.

Trungpa elucidates a benevolent attitiude to be taken toward 
the world and how this integrates with Will, especially in 
Training the Mind - though he is a little wet for some tastes.

In his lectures, many of which are available in printed form, 
Foucault outlines what can be described as a extension of 
Neitzschean ideas into political spheres.  Also his dissection 
of how society treats the mentally ill and the criminal, as 
well as societal labelling of sexual perversion, all feed into a
perfect illumination of the role of the Willed in modern society.


~From: "J.M. Kleemann" 

Another general interesting approach is dicussed in 
"Free Will - An Historical and Philosophical Introduction" 
by Illham Dilman, a comprehensive introduction to debate 
with an examination of Authors like Hume, Wittgenstein,
Aquinas, Augustine, Kant, Sartre, Sophocles, Moore, Plato 
etc etc... Out on Routledge/UCL Press.


note: I would appreciate additional reviews of the books 
      mentioned above as I have not as yet examined all 
      of them myself.

free love right now, blessed beast!
nigris (333)
-- (nagasiva);
notification: I may post any email replies; cc me if some response desired.

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