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Thelema and Cult

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Subject: Thelema and Cult (1)
Date: 23 Jul 1999 22:19:10 -0700

49990115 IIIom

Patrick Crumhorn :
# Then what is [Liber XV] doing as the central ritual of a 
# non-religious Thelemic *initatory magickal* order?  

my best guess:

	Crowley meant there to be a deep and profound division
	between the cultists (who held tightly to him as a
	prophet, his Evul Book as a scripture, and his Mass as
	a central rite) and the Thelemites (who reject anyone
	as a prophet other than those of whom they have had
	personal experience so as to skeptically analyze their
	relationship with the divine, who comprehend the
	intellectual idiocy of regarding a pamphlet of blatant 
	self-contradictions authored by same as scripture, and 
	who regard firm assertions of belief and loyalty to 
	hierarchic and/or ambiguous cosmologic systems to be 
	incompatible with their principles -- note the potential
	of Thelemites to seize upon one personal interpretation
	of standard creeds and infiltrate the herd).

	this battle he intended to refine for the purposes of
	providing a foil for a true Thelemic community 
	developing in contrast to dogma and ecclesiastical
	domination. essentially he wanted to strike out hard
	against religion by creating a farcical and
	unsubstantiatable example which would be skewered 
	on the Sword of Thelema once and for all as an 
	example to all others that might try to wrest the
	sovereignty of the individual with respect to
	spirituality from the herd, develop truly Thelemic
	bases in order to survive, or so thoroughly
	corrupt the Order of which it was a part that it
	could be seen quite plainly as a cancerous
	development on the Face of the Order (malignant).
	perhaps he refers to this briefly in some of the 
	Holy Books when calling for rebellion and a fight
	against the status quo (by my faint memory).

# "I fail to see how any other reasonable interpretation is possible
# frankly." And so is born inquisitorial religious dogma....

admission of ignorance regarding Thelemic gnosis is not simultaneously
admission of implementation of dogmatic requirement. unlike the
religious restrictions imposed by Muslims, the religion calling itself 
'Thelema' does not have a 'cap' on prophetic offices, and those
who are Thelemites may not be aware of liberative interpretations or
even means of *approaching* texts with a liberating eye. 

for this we should not fault them, but instead merely inform them at 
the proper time and via the proper method of the liberating options 
available to them.  remember, their ignorance hampers them more 
severely than any self-absorbed oaths and restrictions which they 
have seen fit in their ignorance to accept unto themselves.

# anyone wanna make book on how many years it will be before
# EGC *does* attempt to copyright the term THELEMA as its own???  

it is entirely unimportant, being a ridiculous act.

emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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