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The Forgotten Holy Book

From: jake 
Subject: The Forgotten Holy Book
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:22:02 +0100


1. Let the student recite this book, particularly the 169 adorations,
unto his Star as it ariseth.

2. Let him seek out diligently in the sky his Star; let him travel
thereunto in his Shell; let him adore it unceasingly from its rising
even unto its setting by the right adorations, with chants that shall be
harmonious therewith.

3. Let him rock himself to and fro in adoration; let him spin around his
own axis in adoration; let him leap up and down in adoration.

4. Let him inflame himself in the adoration, speeding from slow to fast,
until he can no more.

5. This also shall be sung in open places, as heaths, mountains, woods,
and by streams and upon islands.

6. Moreover, ye shall build you fortified places in great cities;
caverns and tombs shall be made glad with your praise.

7. Amen.

The above text is in Class A, it precedes the book of astrological
invocations composed by J.F.C. Fuller, called The Treasure House of
Images or Liber 963. The invocations themselves are arranged in an
astro-qaballistic pattern, and both the invocations and the pattern upon
which they are composed are worthy of close attention. Besides this the
A}A}  aspirant is instructed to memorise and use the invocation
corresponding to their Ascendant, or if this is not known the chapter of
the Sun. This provides the beginnings of an astro-qaballistic modus
operandi in Thelemic magick. The historical A.'.A.'. i.e. the group of
that name at the time of the publishing of the first volume of
The Equinox, used this book extensively in group rituals. Accounts of
ritual dances, on Sabbatic lines (i.e. partners back to back, darkened
room and involving some psycho-active substance such as Anholonium
Lewinii etc.) using these chants and dating from this period have been
published here and there. Besides this usage these chants also appear in
the planetary rituals called The Rites of Eleusis, which contain
passages and dramatic formats of great use in astrological rituals. The
Rite of Jupiter is perhaps the best of the series for adaptation - to
celebrate a Sun conjunct Jupiter for example.

The origins of the Class A note are to be found in the John St. John
record, in which Crowley is working with the Pyramidos ritual. He
mentions ‘editing’ Liber 963 in the course of this retirement. The
climax of the retirement - intended to enhance his communion with his
Angel - seems the likely source for the inspiration that resulted in
this Class A note. While 963 itself is not a Holy Book the note has
Class A authority, and is therefore a ‘forgotten Holy Book’, no matter
that it is composed of only seven verses. It provides an entirely astro-
qaballistic context for Thelemic ceremonial magick and, as may
be seen by comparing the ‘Note’ with the material in Energised
Enthusiasm, an astrologically linked sex magick system is at very least
implied.. The relation with Pyramidos and the traditional Thelemic
ritual methodology is to be sought in the diagrams that accompany Liber
963, i.e.:

# The magick square of 13, linking through traditional Kabbalah with the
god name AL. 

# The Sephirothic Tau Cross of ten squares surrounded by a triangle of
yonis (thus thirteen) as also found in the circle design in Magick,
practical use of this layout is extensively demonstrated (in a
particular context which does not exhaust its possibilities) in Liber

# The Snake entwined Greek Cross of the Zodiac (with its central
thirteenth square attributed to Spirit, not the Sun as in conventional
GD usage).

A link between the 26 (2X13) letters of the English Alphabet and this
thirteenfold motif in Thelemic ritual is highly likely to be intentional
as well as fortuitous.


The Gnostic Alchemical Church  of Typhon-Christ

All events and institutions other than those 
portrayed in this Journal are fictitious
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