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The Agape Manifesto

From: "E. Rigakis" 
Subject: The Agape Manifesto
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 10:11:42 +0200

This short Treatise is considered
a Companion to The Threshold of the Glorians
as a Declaration of the First Threskian Order
known simply as


	Within the magickal community, there has been an ever more apparent and
growing number of sincere individuals that have come to be exhausted by
all the numerous magickal Orders. All of who profess to hold a formula to
spiritual illumination and bicker among themselves about authenticity and
the "right" way of conducting matters. There are, though, those types of
individual's who choose and prefer to join an Order, only that they may
be put through and take active part in somesort of magical hierarchy. And
though there is great merit in magickal workings of this kind, still it
is not sought for as much by us. We feel that illumination should not be
measured by the grade or office one holds but by the understanding and
wisdom one receives & projects.  The age of the  Magickal Order has come
to a grinding halt. With it, magical hierarchy is dead. In its place
comes the thelemic movement/current with the idea of Individualism :
where every individual on his/her own, is the  Order. Everyone is the
boss and no difference is made between any one star system. Each of these
systems are unique in its own Right. Each system or tradition is equally
as worthy and legitimate as the other. Thus, the necessity for a
grade-system takes on a whole different meaning in its use. By
incorporating a grade-system in personal work, it=92s very valuable use is
only to physically map out one=92s own Universe, both as Microcosmos and
Macrocosmos. The conscious mind needs a range of implements to give it
the ability and understanding that it requires to tread it=92s own Path.

	By abolishing hierarchy in a given magickal Order, one is also hoping to
abolish feuds and the struggle for supremacy. These struggles and feuds
are the real obstacles in the proper function of a magickal Order. It has
been proven through the centuries that an Order is only as True as it=92s
members. The initial intention in establishing an Order should be to
bring together individual=92s who share the same beliefs and have the same
aspirations. In other words, to give individuals of the like-nature an
environment where they may feel that they truly belong, as a family would
be. With the enforcing of hierarchy, the sense of brother/sisterhood or
kinship tends to be really an illusion.

	Thus it was to be that in the city of Ottawa, Canada, in 1982e.v., there
was founded an Order. This Order was conceived on a single and ancient
idea, Individualism and became known as the O.=B7.M.=B7.I.=B7. This meant th=
an individual joining such an Order is taken into a circle of initiates
who would help the individual along his/her path to personal discovery.
Not as somesort of superiors in the mysteries who allow the individual to
learn, but as family, each one looking out for the other. This family
idea was used by the ancient Greeks in their Orders of the Mysteries and
is why they called their Order a Fratra, a tribe or clan. In a family
environment, each member is just as important as the other, from the
oldest to the youngest, with great respect shown, always to the elders.
By seeing the Order as a family, the true purpose of an Order comes to
light. Each member of the family has his/her own personality, and though
a member of the family, is an individual who has his/her own life to lead
and prosper. It is the same with the members of the O.=B7.M.=B7.I.=B7. Where
each member has his/her own path, his/her own system to follow, each
unique in it=92s own right. This gives an image of the O.=B7.M.=B7.I.=B7. al=
the axle of the wheel. The Order is seen as the Sun with an infinite
number of rays, each slightly different from the other.  This changes the
whole meaning of the term - an Order - no longer implying a specific
school of thought or an organization but implying that the Order depicts
the very structure of the Initiate=92s Daemona. There is only one True
Order, the Inner Order, found within the Initiate.

	As, then, the O.=B7.M.=B7.I.=B7. is alike the United Nations of spiritual
paths, there are branches of the Order dedicated to certain traditions.
Upon commencing one=92s journey to Daemona, one cannot hope to have a
miracle occur and be presented with his/her own system. Of course, there
are those individuals that have been actively on the path long before
they have come into the Order, and they may choose, for they may have the
means to develop further their own form / system, with the help of the
Order. Though, normally, members choose the branch inwhich they believe
is more tailored to their specific persona, and through which they may
develop their own. The Order teaches, in its way, that though the
individual begins by following a certain, standard tradition, he/she
utilizes the tradition as the foundation upon which to build his/her own.
In this way the Order enforces one of the greatest truths in spiritual
training : it is up to the initiate to take the given tradition and make
it his/her own, tailoring it to fit his/her specific personality and make
up. It is only through this manner of practice that one  can expect to
obtain success towards the goal of the Great Work. The Order understands
that this cannot be possible if the individual is forced to follow one
tradition or system but can be, if the individual is given the freedom to
choose, experiment and through such, truly learn.=20

	In this manner, the O.=B7.M.=B7.I.=B7. may be considered a Thelemic Order, =
such a term could really be used. From within its=92 prism, Frator 999 was
successful in awakening the dormant mysterious tradition of the ancient
Greeks. The main reason for this coming to be was due to the discovery
that the Greek Tradition  may very well be considered to be of a Thelemic
nature. Especially in the manner of the Thelemic philosophy of Aleister
Crowley and his Book of the Law. The tradition as it stood was, in many
ways, incomplete, baring too many gaps in its expoundment to render it
useful. By combining the tradition with a Thelemic philosophy , the
result came to be the creation of a new Greek tradition. It became the
Greek Thelemic Tradition and was given the word, by which the ancients
called their Mysteries, Threskia. The word Threskia literally means
Religion and is derived from the word for Thracian. This Thracian was
Orpheus himself, the founder of the Greek Mysteries and perhaps one of
the first Thelemic philosophers in history. The Orphics believed that the
celestial spaces were filled with Souls that supplied life to the Stars
and directed their revolutions (orbits) in everlasting order.  It is an
Orphic and Pythagoric opinion that the stars are inhabited: on which
account they are called in this hymn, earthly . Orpheus calls the stars
children of the goddess Nyx,  everyone=92s destiny and , even more notably,
Daemon=92s Pure . Thus expressing that Every man and every woman is a star
and that star is the soul or Daemona of each individual.=20

	Consequently, with the creation of Threskia, another branch of the
O.=B7.M.=B7.I.=B7. was born. Since then, it has been adopted by the first
manifestation of the Order, called Agape Prophet House. This Order then
proceeded to re-construct itself and to create a grade-system round the
whole tradition, making itself into a true prodigy of the Thelemic
Movement. Agape Prophet House issues forth their grade-system through
their most outer expression, The Hermetic Order of Thelemic Templars .
The grade-system is made up of a series of four self-initiation rites,
accompanied by magickal training and the leading of a Thelemic life,
through Biosis - a manner of living. The Rites themselves are formulated
in such a way so as to invoke, and even provoke, the individual=92s inner
nature by repeatedly celebrating the Rite on certain days of the common
year. The repetition of the formulae of each Rite creates a current of
energy. In it=92s flow, it penetrates the consciousness of the initiate and
enters it into a very subtle, spiritual metamorphosis. This essential
transformation concludes in a spiritual death, which is the real
initiation and brings one into his/her own Mysteries.  The O.T.T. does
not initiate its members but rather Sponsors them. Thus abiding by the
truth of spiritual development : no-one can really initiate another.
Initiation is an inner experience of awakening and only the same
individual can truly initiate him/herself. Thus, this Threskian Order
places the greatest importance on the promoting of the personal path, and
sponsoring the individual into his/her own Mysteries. One of the best
ways inwhich to do this is through the practice of self-initiation,
combined with its=92 biosis.=20

	But what is meant by one=92s own Mysteries ? Simply, in the Western
Magickal Tradition this would be called the knowledge & conversation of
the Holy Guardian Angel. The Order teaches that the sole purpose of all
that the members of the Order of Thelemic Templars go through, is to
teach them the language of their Daemona. In order to converse with a
thing, one must know the language common to both. This language is unique
with each individual, and though the sponsor may be able to give certain
clues in its revealing, it is essentially up to the individual to
discover for him/herself. One of the greatest truths of this knowledge &
conversation taught by Agape Prophet House, is that the experience is not
a thing that one attains to, but is something the initiate rather grows
into. This growth is a maturing of the initiate=92s spirit through the
metamorphosis and brings him/her to the realization that this knowledge &
conversation is not something new but has always been taking place. It
further leads the initiate to understand that there is nothing to attain,
but rather it is a matter of coming into the realization of it=92s constant
being, the awakening.

	Though every individual of proper age may have the birth-right to these
Initiation Rites, known as the Korenian Mysteries  of the Thelemic
Templars, they do not with the Bacchic Mysteries of Agape Prophet House.
These Mysteries must be earned, for they are the celebrations of the
Initiate with his/her Daemona and thus cannot be given by somesort of
Order. Furthermore, these Bacchic Mysteries are not composed of Rites,
but are made up of a single book of divinely inspired verses. Within
these verses there are found subtle clues, key phrases, that are meant to
lead the initiate to  Self-realization. The initiate is then given the
task, based on this book  but especially on his/her own knowledge, inner
wisdom and experience, to construct his/her personal method of
consciously carrying-on the Daemonic rapport.

	In Threskia, knowledge, wisdom and experience are the key points in the
foundation of the first task. The foundation is the O.T.T. and is
composed of but one grade - The Man of Earth - with four degrees of
depth. This four-fold nature of the Man of Earth warrants it a Hermetic
and Masonic nature about it. This is the main reason a Man of Earth is
called a Templar. Even the Korenian Mysteries have a masonic tinge to
them. The Greek word for Mason [ or Freemason ] is Tekton  and as a
builder, one learns the structure of things, the structure of the Soul
itself. Upon this structure does the Templar build the altar upon which
the Mysteries are celebrated, and this altar is composed of the Nu or
Mind. This reason for this is plainly explained : all phenomena of which
we are aware take place in our own minds, and therefore the only thing we
have to look at is the mind  .

	With this masonic idea, Agape Prophet House needed to construct the
Korenian Mysteries to serve a dual format of execution, both as private
celebrations as well as group. These group celebrations have come to be
called the Tektonic Mysteries . They are based on the Korenian and are
conducted in the manner of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Though they may be
legitimate initiation rituals, they are treated with secondary importance
in the Order. As the Hermetic Order of Thelemic Templars is a Glorian
Order, the Tektonic are considered the Lesser Mysteries and the Korenian,
the Greater. For by the celebrating of Tektonic Mysteries, during the
celebrations themselves at least, there does exist a certain level of
hierarchy. Agape Prophet House encourages Thelemic Templars, if they are
to celebrate the Tektonic, to combine the celebrations with the Korenian.
This can be done since, in the lesser form one is officiated into a
degree but afterwards can continue to celebrate his/her degree on the
festive days with the greater Korenian format.

	Admission into the O.T.T. is still another matter. The whole admission
procedure consumes a fair amount of time, beginning from about a year and
a half of the common calendar. The time of the procedure may vary with
each individual, pending personal experiences. Upon approaching the
O.T.T. and requesting membership, the individual is tested to become a
Candidate with a written examination. Usually the individual is given a
six month period to study certain subjects, either to acquaint or refresh
one=92s mind.=20

	The acceptance of Candidates to the Korenian Mysteries occurs but once a
year, in conformity with the Eleusinian mysteries. The fifth day of the
Autumn Equinox was called The Day Of Iacchus, and was the day the
Candidates began their pilgrimage from Athens to Eleusis. Thus
Candidate=92s are accepted on this day as to symbolize the beginning of
their own pilgrimage to the Mysteries.=20

	 Agape Prophet House circulates the Kornenian Mysteries by sending forth
Ambassadors globally, who, in turn, establish centers of the mysteries.
These centers are called Houses of the Order, beginning with the House of
the Ambassador. The word for House in Greek is Oikia and is sometimes
interpreted as Temple. Thus, members of this house are called Templars of
the Mysteries . The Ambassador is sponsored by Agape Prophet House,
whereas, it could be said that the Ambassador sponsors the O.T.T. members
of his/her country. A House of the Order is made of no less than 7
members, and are considered a clan. The members of the House sponsor
other individual members, and may establish another House. This applies
only to the Korenian Mysteries, the workings of Houses of the Tektonic
Mysteries is still another matter. The Tektonic Houses work strictly in a
masonic fashion. The explanation of these Tektonic Houses is  beyond this
present paper. This is reserved for those type of individuals interested
in such matters and is given upon request.


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