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Science, Magick and Thelema

From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Science, Magick and Thelema
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 01:52:09 -0700 (PDT)

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#> What is the method of science? 

here is a condensation and restatement from "Liber Scire",
which can be found en toto at:

  the scientific method is the means of establishing 
  correspondence between ideas and phenomena. it is 
  founded upon the following reiterative functions:

	i. Attention
	ii. Discrimination
	iii. Focus

	i. Comparison (A)
	ii. Association (A)
	iii. Identification (A)

	i. Inquiry (B)
	ii. Reflection (B)
	iii. Analysis (Induction/Deduction) (B)
	iv. Understanding (B)
	v. Synthesis (Imagination/Modelling) (B)
	vi. Expression (B)

  all disciplines (systems of thought and/or behavior 
  which include learning) are sciences, and magick 
  (a group of disciplines which study and cause willed 
  change) is both art and science. the following are 
  techniques used to achieve knowledge of any type
  and thus constitute the basis of the method of science: 

   1. Create worldview (C) [The first one is generated during childhood.]
   2. Create hypothesis (C)
   3. Interpret hypothesis within worldview (C)
   4. Project performance method for hypothesis (C)
   5. Perform and gather results (data) (C)
   6. Consolidate data (within or outside worldview) (C)

      6a. Given absorbable data:
	One worldview is modified and this is followed by 
	the creation of another hypothesis (2.2).

	[Modern Science modifies its 'objective' worldview, 
	 disregarding contrary data.]

      6b. Given contrary data:
	Another worldview is created, initiating parallel 
	processes 1', 2' and 2.

	[This is Kuhn's 'revolutionary science' which modern 
	 Science does not (yet) do.]

      6c. Given data which bridges worldviews:
	The bridged worldviews are callapsed into each other.

	[This would be the equivalent of a meta-Occam's Razor.]

      6d. Given enough experience which will not satifactorily 
	  fit within a worldview:
	Knowledge systems are left behind for mysticism, which 
	brings about direct experience (truth).

	[This is the ultimate goal to which Science leads: 
	 gnosis, or knowledge that is experiential rather than 
	 simply intellectual.]

  (c) 1999 

#> Performing experiments and recording the results? 

exploration and experiment are imperative to the scientific
process. recording is helpful, but only a precautionary and,
especially, a social aid. if one's memory is sufficiently
reliable, records are not imperative. beware of what should
be called 'magical thinking' or the mind's tendencies to
embellish or blow results out of proportion.

#> Learning from the results?

the essential prerequisite for the scientific enterprise.
without learning science does not exist.

#> How should the magician gauge his results if they are inner
#> experiences?

very carefully, with reference to standards unbiased and
indiscriminate, avoiding prejudice wherever possible.
examine the data within the context of personal experience
and a clear understanding of rational probability, keeping
in mind the propensity for fantasy and power-trips.

#> How do you accurately record things or experiences beyond words?

poetically and with a developed fluency in the language of

#> What tests can be done to confirm your results?

repetition of formulae. eVALUATIVE, rather than eNUMERATIVE
reproducability is the focus of the careful mage.

#> Just some questions I have about the thelemic method of science.

all magic is the result of thelemic endeavor. all successful
magic is scientifically-based.

blessed beast!
I don't read everything here; cc me if you absolutely want a response.

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