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SChevalier: Resh & Will

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Subject: SChevalier: Resh & Will
Date: 27 Mar 1999 02:19:11 -0800

[from Shedona Chevalier ]

93, A.N. and Rose!

I also have had interesting experiences doing Resh and Will --
subtle ones, like A.N. first said.  I remember when I first got
back into regular practice of daily Resh about 3 1/2 years ago --
I'd start with Ra in the morning and add an LBRP or Ruby as mood
suited Me.  It totally set My entire day off right without fail,
sending Me off to work with an awesome state of consciousness and
self-perception as a "priestess of the new aeon".  My co-workers
were unusually respectful and almost deferential toward Me, even
though I only worked part time doing piddly secretarial tasks.
Bottom line, I felt and acted strong and self-possessed, and it
exuded out onto others.  Later, when I digressed from this daily
practice, I noticed a correlate change in My immediate
"atmosphere".  I've recently been working on resurrecting these
simple but delightful practices.

"Will" *has* had a subtle effect on making Me more cognizant of
My body and what I put into it, yes.  Also it takes on a subtle
overtone of sacralizing everyday life experiences -- no longer is
it just eating cuz I'm hungry or cuz I feel like having a bite,
but as a small part of a vaster purpose.  "Will" is, in this
sense, adaptable as a mini-rite to sacralize all kinds of routine
things in life and lend them more meaning, if need or desire be
to do so.

Resh also has an orientation effect that assists in time
management (My weak point!) and yes, each "station" of the Sun
has a different "feel" to it.  Tum has a quiet "sacred" feeling
almost like "welcoming in the sabbath" might to a devout Jew or
Adventist at sunset Friday -- only each evening!  Ahathoor is
glorious and celebratory.  Kephra is mystical, mysterious, and
yes, very dreamy and "hallucinogenic" as you mentioned, A.N., but
also brings a solid certainty of the persistence of the light of
life through the deepest darkness, like your will is going to
keep working for you even while you take your slumber.  And Ra in
the morning just feels right -- "rise and shine!"  Although I
remember some very twilight-zone-ish sensations doing sunrise
Resh precisely as the sun peeked over the horizon, listening
certain tunes by Dead Can Dance which can only be described as
"DAWN" music -- moments I just wanted to wrap around Myself and
dwell within forever, ya know?

I've gotten music in My head at Resh as well.  Mostly when I
chant "A ka dua ... etc."  It keeps building.  It started as a
tune for the chant itself and now there's a full symphonic
orchestra I can hear -- trumpets, tympani, bass drums, bassoons
... one of these days I'll have to get some music writing
software and "scribble 'n' bibble" it onto paper so other
Thelemites can "oooh" and "aaah" (or "blecccch!") over it.  *-)

Never underestimate the power of even the simplest of rites.  Do
not the most profound realizations often come from penetrating
the core of some of the simplest statements?

Thanks for an enjoyable thread!

Love is the law, love under will.
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