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R: Social contracts and Thelema

From: "J.M. Kleemann" 
Subject: R: Social contracts and Thelema
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 15:58:01 +0100


I found your reflections very interesting;
I would like just to add few ideas, although the whole topic is still
through my brain.

>Ironically, it appears that the constitutional documents of the O.T.O. in
>particular are made up of a combination of both types of social contracts,
>where benefits are provided to members that match the Hobbes-requirement of
>selfish benefit as well as Rousseau's protection of freedom.

Hobbes, Rousseau (and Smith) provided concepts of power and authority that
were influencial for western theories of society; Hobbes develloped an idea
of power that were the authority of the state legitimated by collective
consent, i.e. where a population agrees to be subjected to the power of the
sovereign authority held by an elite minority. Functionalists have a similar
position; another interesting theory is the "will"/"intention"- based
concept of power of Weber, based upon "legal precept", "tradition" and
"charismatic appeal".
Indeed OTO rappresent a quite unique example of interaction of very
different  social approaches.

>In looking at Crowley's vision for the O.T.O. as described in these
>documents, it is apparent that there is an intentional mixing of the
>Rousseau and Hobbes social contract concept; it is designed to appeal to a
>wide range of individuals, and I must wonder whether this universal nature
>will be retained now that the contract has been at least in part broken.

I do think so, even if the debate is of course still open. There are some
key- points that make the whole still perfectly working: 1- the Book of the
Law, 2- a certain peculiar method of training precisely constructed by AC on
point 1, develloped in three parts (again upon point 1), 3- a certain
peculiar structure precisely constructed (again upon point 1) that is not
affectable by the mentioned changes of the Policy regarding Liber 101
 that's the reason why almost of the organizations that tries to copy OTO
doesn't experience the same growth, but this is just one tiny  tiny
example). This 3 points comprises almost of the actually discovered and
teached secrets (admittedly 99% still unknown to me, ha!) of OTO, as there's
still stuff to be discovered ( exactly as some things were discovered after
AC's death), partly or completely . I do realize that I provide but very few
"proofs" and explanation, but unfortunately I will not debate this on a
public forum. I once suggested you to get in touch personally with
Officers/Initiatiors, in order to experience something which is hardly
perceived in the early stages of MMM, not to mention the oral teachings &
traditions that comes directly from Cefalu times. OTO is worthy not only for
the IX°.

For people interesred in the Social Contract Topic, here are some
Hobbes, (1928) " Elements of Law",Cambridge; C.U. Press
Hobbes, (1968) "Leviathan", London ; Penguin

Rousseau (1973), "The Social Contract and Other Discourses", New York;
Weber (1968) "Economy & Society", New York; Bedminster Press

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