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PODS Alumni lists

From: "Charla J. Williams" 
Subject: PODS Alumni lists
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 14:21:20 -0800


I'm forwarding this from another list because I first met
several of the people subscribed to thelema93 on PodsNet
and NuitNet.  To the list moderator from the other list
who is subscribed here - I received permission from HRM
to cross post it.

Regards, Charla


For those who were involved in the old PODS Network


The following is a list of available mailing lists affiliated with the now
defunct PODS network.  They appear in no particular order except as I have
received them.  To have your list added, please send me the list name,
moderator name, which list server it can be found on, and the list
description as it appears on that server.

Owner/Moderator PODSreunion

PODS_Moderators:  Moderated by Jay Loveless.  Found on ONElist.
A list for Moderators of PODS based mailing lists, whether hosted here or
For discussion and coordination of lists and furtherance of PODS philosophy.

Lapidar-Pods:  Moderated by Arwen Nightstar.  Found on ONElist.
This list will be a recreation of the Lapidar echo in the now-defunct
PODS network. If you remember PODS and you remember Lapidar, please join
us! If you are clueless about both, but want to talk about rocks,
stones, crystals, gems, lapidary and more, then join us! This list is
only for those with open minds. It will cover subjects that include
metaphysical properties, magical uses, mundane uses, etc of stones.
We plan on laughing alot, but keeping on topic as much as possible. We
encourage you to share and to ask questions! This list is open to those
13 and up so I will ask that everyone remember that. Flaming will not be
tolerated and chain mailers will be stoned! Rock on, y'all!

PODS_God:  Moderated by Buckmeister.  Found on ONElist
The reason for this list is to explore the male mysteries.
There is so much to explore and learn from that only the
experience of many can enhance your own in finding the right
path for yourself. I have moderated this back in the days of
PODS and the BBS systems, the exchange of information and the
modifying of self happens to become a great asset to your own self
and to the Pagan community as a whole. The list is gender biased,
to which only the males can join. Please tell me about yourself a
little bit and join in on exploring the male mysteries. No gender bashing
is allowed within the list!

PODSGoddess:  Moderated by Belinda Schulz.  Found on ONElist.
This is a list created for all former PODS members that posted to the
Goddess echo. You MUST be female and have an open ear/heart/mind for your
fellow females. Discussion is open however flaming and other such nonsense
can be cause for removal from the list.

MerryMeatII:  Moderated by Wolfmoon.  Found on ONElist
Definitely not for children -- MerryMeatII is the continuation of the
PODSNet echo "Merry_Meat;" as such, the moderator(s) takes no resposibility
for freaking your world views or pulling your crispy behinds from the fires
of your psychoses. You've been *OFFICIALLY* warned.

Fidomagick:  Moderated by Marjenna L. Gittings.  Owned by Michael Gothreau.
Found on eGroups.
This group is for members of the Fidonet/PODS echo called MAGICK

MAGICKalumni:  Moderated by Marjenna L. Gittings.  Owned by Michael
Gothreau.  Found on ONElist.
a meeting place for members/alumni of the Fidonet/PODS echo called MAGICK
For more information:

ANewSpirit:  Moderated by Jim Taylor.  Found on ONElist
For people of all ages, faiths and paths who wish to share their spiritual
insights and experiences with others, and learn from those of others, too.
Respect, tolerance and above all, courtesy and kindness are essential. Talk
about what you are FOR, not what you are AGAINST--discussion rather than
debate is best, and please, no personal attacks against anyone, for any
reason. This list is a sequel to the PODS SPIRIT echo. All PODSNET alumni
For more information:

PODSAMTHEO:  Moderated by Pat Haynes.  Found on ONElist
For people of all faiths and paths to come together to discuss their
experiences, insights and beliefs, with the single rule, "Be kind to one
another." This is a continuation of the PODS AMTHEO (Amateur Theologian)
echo. All PODSNET alumni are especially welcome!  For more information:

PODSanthropology:  Moderated by Jim Taylor.  Found on ONElist
For discussions on anthropology, with special emphasis on paleoanthropology
and cultural anthropology, including the interfaces between mysticism,
religions, shamanism, and human cultures of the past and present.
This is a new PODS list; everyone is welcome, but all PODS alumni are
especially welcome and invited.

Pagantable:  Moderated by Arwen Nightstar. Found on ONElist
The PaganTable is a recipe exchange list for Pagans and all open-minded
folk. Everyone is welcome to sit at our table! Recipes for food, spells,
incense, as well as rituals welcome! NO CHAIN MAIL WILL BE TOLERATED.  This
is a high traffic list at times so be prepared! Recipe requests are
encouraged! Come join the table and see what's cooking in the Cauldron!
For more information:

PODSCoffeehouse:  Moderated by Puck.  Found on ONElist
With the kind permission of the Proprietor,Jay Loveless, This recreation of
the Pods Coffee House is once again open. Poetry, Prose, Dissertations and
Converse are the meat and potatoes of this list. This list espouses the PODS
Philosophy of "Be kind to each other."

PodsTeaHouse5East:  Moderated by The Jose (aka Jose Thomas).  Found on
This is an offshoot that combines the topics of the IPNA PodsNet echos;
5RINGS, I_CHING, and TAO_STUDY.  The Name 5East was chosen to amplify this
joining of Buddhist, Taoist, Zen, Confucian, and I Ching studies.

This is an amateur philosophical study by "them what's doin" or making the

Like all of the PodsNet deriviations, the positive aspect of 'what your are
for" is the main overiding rule, and it is the courtesies that are of great

Here, have a cup of tea.

pods_mundane:  Found on ONElist.
Re-Creation of the PODSnet Mundane echo. It is a place to discuss mundane
stuff that arises out of PODS lists, in general, and PODS_Magicknet in

The main rule here is "Be Nice". We operate on a 3-strikes, and your are out

Mundane has two other aspects, one is the PODS_Magicknet list. This is where
the Magickal discussions should be taking place, where as this is for all
chat, and mundane dissusions that are either of interest to the same folk as
PODS_Magicknet but are non-magickal related, or just chatting.

Eventually, there will be a Metaphysical Web Site that will have articles,
pictures and links that will be of interest to the PODS communities in
specific, and Pagan/Magickal folk in general.

pods_magicknet:  Found on ONElist
Re-Creation of the PODSnet Magicknet echo.  It is a place to discuss Magick,
Paganism and the occult in a non-partisan, eccumentical format. The main
rule here is "Be Nice". We operate on a 3-strikes, and your are out format.
Please try and keep your      discussions on-topic.  Magicknet has two other
aspects, one is the PODS_Mundane list. This is for all chat, and mundane
dissusions that are either of interest to the same folk as PODS_Magicknet
but are non-magickal related, or just chatting.  Eventually, there will be a
Metaphysical Web Site that will have articles, pictures and links that will
be of
interest to the PODS communities in specific, and Pagan/Magickal folk in
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