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Personal Maturity and Thelemites

From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Personal Maturity and Thelemites (was More questions...)
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 10:44:04 -0800 (PST)

49991105 IVom

# If, as Thelemites, our goal is to come into communion with our 
# True Will: to what extent do we leave our issues behind?  

coming into communion with true will is one of a number of goals
important to the Thelemite. there may be many different steps along
the way to this communion, such as a knowledge and conversation
with one's holy guardian angel. there may be applications of the
true will such as participation in the Great Work of the cosmos,
joining or creating some Inner or Outer Order, promulgating the
message or principle of the Aeon in a Word or Act, etc.

personal issues factor into the development of the Thelemite
dependent upon hir ability to integrate all manner of qualities
into a sustainable whole. for the magus liabilities become assets
and what once seemed a curse becomes a virtuous strength. some
issues will be left behind as a dead skin shed, others will be
carried into the Great Work with pride.
# Will we still experience the emotional and psycho-social 
# ramifications of our baggage, but be able to see past all of it?  
# Or, will we simply be detatched enough to not live in our egos 
# at all?

the spiritually adept become aware of their limitations and
'baggage'. some iron out difficulties these cause through a
variety of clever deceptions and bootstraps, others reveal
their humanity to the world and can become despised as 'not
truly adept'. those who progress on all levels (rare, it
seems) mature or self-actualize beyond the largest problems 
(with or without assistance) and may make due with the rest,
focussed in areas which do not bring them up (in which case
they cease to be 'problems'). 

Thelema is centered upon healthy egotism. Instructions lauding the
destruction of the ego, transcending the ego, removing the ego,
or shifting out of ego-operation are disempowering social schemes,
often with a side-benefit to some industrious leader and prophet.

all Thelemites operate from the ego. the egoless are beyond
the realm of 'will' and therefore become as the sociopath and
idiot or the ipsissimus and wandering sage: amoral, 
unpredictable, and obscure.

blessed beast!
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