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OTO Beliefs and OTO Mysticism

From: Bill Heidrick 
Subject: Re: (c)OTO Beliefs and OTO Mysticism (was something irrelevant)
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 07:40:05 -0800


"Victor Cypert"  wrote:

>Now, here's an apt question-- Is the mempership inclusive of everyone 
>from O* (or I*) on up or is the membership OF THE OTO those members of 
>the VII*, VIII*, and IX* who hold the highest levels of initiation in 
>the system?  I always thought that I was in the M.'. M.'. M.'. for now 
>and that if I made it to the VII* _THEN_ I would be in the OTO (proper.)

Associate membership is external like association in any other organization
-- not initiated and involving some benefits, mainly record of affiliation
and mailing list with things like Link + Oriflamme and the occasional
discount on books.

Minerval is trial membership, initiate but not full.

Ist is the beginning of full OTO membership, local leadership of camps is

IInd has a very narrow option to serve before the Xth.

IIIrd is the first point where some authority in OTO may be granted beyond
local leadership (Including Oasis at this point), for those who are
chartered to initiate.

IVth+ is transitional.  M.'.M.'.M.'. mainly includes Minerval through IIIrd.

Vth through VIth opens up midlevel management in OTO as a possibility for
the member.

VIIth may include upper level clergical ordination and inspection of local

VIIIth enfranchizes to vote on national changes in OTO operations.

IXth includes proxy representation of Xth and sometimes OHO.

Xth is national headship.

XIth includes some relatively independent function outside OTO normal

XIIth is OHO, international headship.

Any initiated membership standing can qualify for national GSG or GTG
office or for international SG or TG office.

Spokesmanship for OTO policy is by Xth, XIIth and appointees or
delegations.  In that, VIIth through IXth are closest after specific
classes like Tribunals, Colleges and in local venue, local body heads.

Individual expression of opinion is unlimited externally, but logical
consequences flow from internal consistency.  This is not a sinister
remark, rather it is a recognition that people are respected in what they
say.  If somebody says "I resign", that means they loose their membership
once it is confirmed as a substantive and intentional statement.  If
somebody says "I am not a Frater any more, I am a Soror now" -- so
recorded.  If somebody says Fr. XYZ is a tortfeizer or an active felon,
investigation and complaint consequences flow from that.  General objection
to OTO and its officers usually doesn't have much reaction, but specifics
may: e.g. denying OTO to be OTO or saying another organization is OTO may
amount to constructive resignation and removal from membership under some
forms of such an affirmation.  Breaking an oath of secrecy rebounds against
the breaker in the context -- since keeping such oaths is part of holding a
degree of membership in OTO.

This could go on indefinitely, but so can a phone directory.

93 93/93
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From: Bill Heidrick 
Subject: Re: (c)OTO Beliefs and OTO Mysticism (was something irrelevant)
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93, wrote:

>>IVth+ is transitional.  M.'.M.'.M.'. mainly includes Minerval through IIIrd.
>I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong, but in fact I
>believe that the M.'.M.'.M.'.  is composed of the degrees
>I* - VII* inclusive.  

There are different theories.  With the creation of the US Grand Lodge, we
put Minerval through VIIth into it in some adminstrative ways.  In simple,
for most of Crowley's period, it was Minerval through IIIrd in English
Speaking countries and IVth plus got loosely lumped with the group.
Perhaps I should have said "OTO mainly includes Minerval through IIIrd by
the numbers", but that's not exactly the same notion.

Strictly speaking, M.'.M.'.M.'. includes whatever the OHO tells the Xth it
does.  That has changed over the years.

93 93/93
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