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Most Mysterious Masons

Subject: Most Mysterious Masons
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 18:28:35 +0100

Anno IV viii, 2000e.v.-1996e.n.,	May:  Taurus Event,		       Dies Mercurii

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

Under the Old Aeon Formulae the Law was only for the Elite Few, and Societal
structures represented this.  The fabric of Masonic Ritual mirrors those
Forms.  With the New Law the right to demand the Keys to Power is in the
hands of ALL.  The open Degrees of the Man of Earth Triad of OTO are a
parody of the Piscean Era, an analogue in the form of a Banishing Talisman
directed at the Old Formula.  If there is doubt then look to the series of
Penalties attendant upon breaking the Oaths of the Degrees, and figure them
as a linked series by Element.  These are the structure of the Banner of the
Name (YHVH) as a Banishing Pisces Formula (YVHH-final) when viewed from the
perspective of the Current flowing down through the Degrees from the output
of the Sovereign Sanctuary.  Yes, it is so.  The same Formula may be read
from the Atu of Vau, the Hierophant, by those who care to behold it.

The OTO in the Man of Earth is a Banishing Engine and the members are the
living Talismans performing the task of bringing this to earth.  It is high
time that someone let the members know that this is why all hell breaks
loose around them when they take these Initiations.  The pay off for THEM is
that the Piscean Current is also banished from their personal energy field,
readying them to live the NEW Current.  (Or so the theory went, at least in
AC's Intention…)

To deny entrance into the INVOKING Banner of Leo-Aquarius established in the
Lovers Triad to ANYONE who has withstood the Ordeals of the Banishment is
simply a travesty of Law, and a corruption of the Light.  There is no Love
in it.  Those who perpetrate this rip-off on the Children of Nuit will know
no Liberty.  Every chain has two ends, and the same is true of Oaths.

The conditions to which the OTO in its Masonic Parodying was the fit
response are no longer present.  The only excuse for maintaining a system of
Degrees with programmed intervals to allow the new energetic to earth out,
is IN SERVICE TO THE INITIATE, that their Star may come to follow its way
with Power and Beauty.  It is not the place of ANY Order, or representative
of such, to mollycoddle the Initiate by enforcing many years in a series of
preparatory Degrees, even if it be in their own good!  They alone have the
right to decide what it is that they Dare and Will to do.  Any individual
who demands ALL of the empowerments, in quick succession, ought to be
educated in the nature AND PURPOSE of these Degrees, and have explained to
them the various Oaths and Obligations that will be demanded of them in
turn.  Nor is it adequate simply to hand to them the Oath for their
scrutiny, and then ask them if it is their Will to sign it, for they must be
properly informed if they are to make an informed choice, and anything less
does not represent true consent, but rather trickery.

Every Man and Every Woman has the right to Demand and in principle to
Receive the Degrees through to and including Ninth, with full Instruction,
and inclusion in the continuous work of the research of the Powers of this
New Aeon Formula in action.

"In principle" is a necessary statement in the sense that the Obligations
are quite severe and the individual must demonstrate that these really ARE
something that they are prepared to adhere to.  "Yes, I hereby dedicate my
life to the service of Babalon and the promulgation of the Law of Thelema",
or some such, is all very noble, and many who have no life to speak of may
be keen to announce grand gestures of dedication, but there needs to be
evidence of more substance than a few fine sounding words.  In many cases
the gradual working of intermediate Degrees, and the evidence that these
have been successfully worked would be the wisest path to follow…  but the
final decision must rest with the well-informed candidate.

It is very doubtful that AC ever intended to prevent the well-intentioned
and dedicated aspirant from entering the higher Degrees, if such were their
choice, and on many an occasion he bootstrapped candidates right through the
Degrees and left them to sink or swim.  OTO as it currently stands, ALL OTO,
of whatever stripe, has the appearance of a power clique for the authority
starved, and a mystery-mill for the mystically blind, who cannot see the
Beauty that perpetually surrounds them.

There is something VERY warped indeed about fraternities espousing Thelema,
whose leaders (qualified as such by a willingness to serve) proceed to lord
it over their members, and deny them inclusion in the Inner Mysteries.

Just as in the Great White Brotherhood, presented through Therion's LINK
with the Secret Chiefs, as AA, ANY Aspirant may take the Oath of a Master
and demand to be included among Their ranks, so it should be with OTO,
regarding Ninth Degree.  In any case, having the Degree and successfully
working it are two very different things, and the current state of OTO is
Proof Positive that the Ninth Degree is NOT being worked with any great
success at this time.  AC never claimed that it was easy to work, only that
it was easy to explain.

"Love is the Law, love under will"
                      		      Mystery is the Enemy of Truth!			Ta-Nech
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