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Mass Cakes

Subject: Mass Cakes

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The Priest arose and did his morning ablutions, he went to his bath and ra
n the water. When it was full he stirred in the Natron uttering a spell as
 he did so. Bathed and shaved and in all ways prepared he approached his T
emple and When he was about to throw the bolt to open it he said "Thus is
the finger of Set within the socket at the center of the Wheel of Stars, N
Upon the other side he turned and threw that bolt and said "The Unity of t
he Gods is the unity of Ra, I have closed my abode and I swear to complete
 this operation in time and space, let none but the priestess  enter herei
Before all else he lit the temple light, it cast a rose light upon all wit
hin. "May I be illuminated that I might do my Will."
His robe was single and made of one piece of white silk. As he put it on h
e thought of the light of his Angel emanating from it and from the star de
ep inside. As one of the illuminati  he approached the altar.
Slowly he unrolled the leopard skin and took out the tools. As he unwrappe
d the Dagger from the yellow silk, he thought of the words with which it w
as consecrated. "I send the power to banish, banish evil from all those wh
o came before me. Those who are in the future send their power to aid me i
n this task. This dagger is charged with the power I have called, all our
daggers are so charged."
Now he paces around the whole room with the dagger pointed downward to div
ide that which would attack him, harm him, or come against his Will. Then
he approaches the center in front of the double cube altar and prepares to
 do the Star Ruby. He uses the dagger to throw each Pentagram, drawing it
back to his lips with each return stroke assuming the sign of Hoor-paar-kr
aat. It's power bursts forth on the astral for it was charged in the mediu
m of time and gave forth its symbol in four dimensions. There back at the
root of this tree was his teachers dagger, and toward the future were the
daggers of all that would follow him on this path. Then he paces again wid
dershins and feels the power of those who will come. The many of them are
in the future feeding power to the few in the past. Each linked through ti
me in the charge of the tools.
Next he unwraps the wand and prepares to do the Star Sapphire, As he does
he remembers the words with which it is consecrated. "I send the energy fr
om the future to the past, as those who are in my future send energy to me
. This Wand is charged with the power to do my Will. All  our wands are so
 charged." He feels energy enter him from the future, energy with which to
 do his will. There is a knock upon the door, he draws back the bolt with
the words he used before, and closes it declaring the Unity of Ra.
She enters fresh from her bath and takes up her robe as well. It is as bla
ck as the night space. She comes into the circle prepared for her and they
 chant together while holding each other in their arms. They each say some
 of the phrases of the opening of the Star Sapphire, and when they come to
 the signs he gives Pater and Filio, and she gives Mater and Filia.
Now is come the time to draw the hexagram of the East. The Priest takes up
 his wand and traces the hexagram of fire. He feels the power of the lion
enter his being. He lies down in the opposite direction upon the prone bod
y of the priestess after uttering the words. She is in the role of Mater a
nd he of Pater. Together they bring each other close to the point of orgas
m, but not over. When they can approach no closer they cease and the pries
tess arises.
She traces the Hexagram of earth and the power of the bull enters her bein
g, ruled by Venus, and empowered by love she utters the words of the encha
ntment. He is facing to the South as she lies down opposite and on top of
him. In the role of Mater she assumes the authority and brings him closer,
 as he does for her. He is thinking of his young self so close to him in t
he dimension of time and is feeling the joy of youth return with each stro
ke. Again when they can go no further he arises in this form and takes up
the wand to draw the Holy Hexagram to the West.
He traces the hexagram of Air, there in the air before him, feeling the yo
uth surge in his loins as the forces of the Aeon of Aquarius surge into hi
m through the sign. Again lying upon the prone body of his priestess he ma
kes another Holy Hexagram. Closer they come as both of their youth comes s
urging into their sexual art from the Crowned and Conquering Child. She fe
els the energy intensify until neither of them can bear to go any farther.
 Finally she rises to trace the last Hexagram.
As she draws the Hexagram in the North she feels the love whelm within her
 heart. She feels the youth she has gained as he feels the power of his ma
nhood surge within him. The eagle softening she soars as he comes closer t
o the point of no return. Atop him and facing to the south as he to the no
rth she stops when he can approach no closer. He stands and takes the wand
 and closes the circle about them, its energy has now become tangible and
Both of them remove their robes and she stands bare and rejoicing. He lies
 upon his back with his head to the north and she straddles him, when eith
er of them comes close they begin to chant ARARITA, and when they both cha
nt together they come.
She places Cup of the fresh dough she has brought upon the altar it is sti
ll wrapped in the blue silk and it receives that which they have both made
. She remembers the words by which the cup was consecrated as she blends t
he Red Eagle and the Lion into the dough. "I receive the energy of Love fr
om the future as those in the past receive my Love. Love rewards those who
 do their Will! My Cup is charged with the power to Love, to draw into its
elf according to my Will. All our cups are so charged."
 When the dough is blended well she unwraps the disk to receive the cakes
that she will form. As she unwraps it she thinks of that purpose she and t
he priest had in the operation that they have just done. He holds her in i
s arms a moment for they know that they kept their minds true to their pur
pose at the supreme moment and feel the power in the cakes. He remembers,
as does she, the words of consecration as the disk appears. "It is real, I
 feel the presence of those before and after me. They send the power of ma
nifestation. See me, those who came before me! See me as I see those in th
e future! This Disk is charged with the power to materialize my dreams, al
l our disks are so charged."
She pinches off little pieces of the dough and places them upon the disk,
after the circle is opened and the other tools put away she will carry the
m into the kitchen to bake them into the cakes with which they will celebr
ate the Mass.

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