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LWing: Greek Love

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: LWing: Greek Love 
Date: 22 Aug 1996 16:00:17 -0700

[from private email:]

#>weren't there more than two kinds of love in Greece? 

#       Yes, most definitely, although I have no idea how many kinds... the
#numbers you gave seem reasonable. There was Agape of course, and Eros, which
#Plato is known for -- his "ladder of love"  was comprised of different
#"levels" of Eros. If I remember correctly (I don't know the Greek terms) the
#lowest rung was the type of love you have for someone *just* because they
#have say, long red hair (why my man loves me ). Aristotle described this
#type in _Nich Ethics_ (1156 a 20 - 1156 b 5, and 1157 a 4 - 10)... it's love
#that won't last because it's only there as long as that trait is there. Red
#hair turns white, falls out, gets cut off, etc. Also, more Platonically
#speaking, one realizes after awhile just how many people around have long red
#hair, and suddenly it's not so great anymore.    Next rung up is love based
#upon inner beauty : intellect and virtue (whatever that is  ). But since
#these traits are bound to fade in one way or another (death, old age,
#attitude change, etc), the love one feels because of someone's inner Beauty
#still isn't "all that", to use today's term. Up an up, when one reaches the
#top rung of the ladder, one reaches the gods through Eros, like in the
#passage from Symposium that I quoted before. We can see the parallels between
#this and Sex Magick... and then further on to cross the  ...ABYSS, and partake of the highest love, Agape. 
#      Aristotle was/is associated with the concept of Philia, which is
#theoretically (but arguably) "above" Eros, but "below" Agape. He broke down
#philia into 2 subgroups : "utility-love" and "pleasure-love". Philia is the
#kind of love you feel for someone, when you want only "the good" for them for
#*their* sake, even if you don't get anything in return [that you are aware of
#]... it's his concept of Perfect Love, and is awfully close to Agape, but
#for the fact that since it is human love, ego is inevitably involved
#somewhere...whether we care to admit it or not . Any instance of human
#love involves ego, until we reach Agape... which as far as *I* can tell,
#(you're gonna love this...heh heh) is really compatible with, and comparable
#to Satanism, in the modern sense of the word. After all, Agape by popular
#definition is the love between God and man... NOT man's love for's
#totally different. And if we can be so bold as to say that we are capable of
#loving Agapically then we'd better be ready to defend *why* and *how* this is
#so. Because historically only God is truly capable of initiating this form of
#love, and by attaining Knowledge and Conversation with one's True Will, one's
#"HGA", we are the initiators, and therefore "god". As I have not attained
#this level, nor do I ever realistically expect to, I can only say that this
#is my humble opinion as of right now.  it could change in a year's
#time, I don't know... I don't care. I would love to posit this to those who
#have much greater life experience than I, but unfortunately in the few times
#I have tried, as you can imagine, I don't get much feedback other than, "well
#I don't know about *that*...!! ". So I'm patient, and I'll learn. Like
#everyone else. 

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