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[ Liber 609/Gay Black Lodge]

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Subject: Liber 609/Gay Black Lodge
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Here is one rite. Douglas has some stuff on his page at

Liber 609
{a brief magical instruction for sigilization and/or divination, as well
as the unio mystica}

Two partners of any sexual orientation sit directly across one another
in the half or full lotus asana.
Depending on the intent of the operation the couple will:

A. Decide upon a sigil to charge.
B. Decide upon a question they seek answered through divination.
C. Draw attention in upon itself at the height of psycho-sexual arousal.

Both partners lay side by side in the 69 position, and begin mutual
copulation. It is important that the couple copulates at a rhythm that
is steady, but feels natural for both parties.

The couple should now begin to focus on the yin/yang symbol. As the
sexual excitation begins to accelerate, the image should change to a 0
with a dot in the center.

With the raising of the energy, each person should draw attention away
from their partner and begin focusing on their self, imagining they are
becoming the ouroborous {the serpent swallowing its own tail.}

Continuing this visualization coupled with the ongoing rhythm, each
person should begin to experience a sensation of spinning; again this
sense will become more pronounced with the excitement and raising of the

In the manner of Karezza {holding off orgasm} the energy will build to
the point where each should get the sense of becoming the powerful wind
of a cyclone. A pre agreed upon cue is then given by one of the
partners. However, sometimes this is unnecessary, as each will know
intuitively when it is time.

The focus now begins to shift from the imagined and sensed "wind of the
cyclone" to the calm or void at the center of it. In this seeming "eye
of the storm" one:

A. Relaxes attention upon itself developing into an illuminated state.
B. Re-invokes the sigil to be charged magically.
C. Focuses on the question to be divined.

As both partners intently focus, the energy will reach a physiological
limit at which time each should experience an intense explosion of white
light. Depending on the pre-agreed upon intent of the rite, the couple

A. Submit and dissolve into the light {ineffable}
B. Focus and charge the sigil to result in the manifestation of an
magical probability.
C. Project and focus upon an anthropomorphic type entity that one
temopararily accepts as an oracle of things unknown, and divines the
answer to their question.

One or the other of the partners will then pull away, much as if in the
manner of recreational sex. Each peson should then spend some brief time
alone to meditate, assimilate, and integrate as much of the experience
as is possible.



P.S. A variation of this rite was previously published under one of my
pseudonyms: ALLAShZALLA
{Aster Argos: Herald of H.O.O.R.} in Widdershins Magazine: Issue Seven


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