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From: Shedona Chevalier 
Subject: Hilarious!!
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:03:20 -0400

 This was sooooo freakin' funny I don't feel a bit guilty about posting
it again, in case anyone missed a major belly-laff!!!

Thanks Panphage!!

93 93/93
From: Pan Pangenitor Panphage 
Subject: Re: Re: Excellence

(Disclaimer: I know very little about the works or beliefs of the people

involved in this piece. I include it simply for laughs with no intented
commentary on the persons involved)

     Welcome to Thelema TV.  All New-Aeon, All the Time!

     And now, LIVE from the Boleskine Arena, it's the Battle of the
Magisters Templi!   As you know, there are more than a dozen would-be
avatars claiming the title of Ipsissimus of the A.'A.'., and tonite's
battle will help decide just WHO is qualified to be the Secret Chief of
the Illuminati, and the guide for humanity's evolution for the next

     This matchup features "Killer" Kelly vs. David "Carob"
Bean.   Bean's fans are out in force tonite, though, strangly enough,
many of them appear cloned, almost as if they were one person!
Kelly fares less well, as he seems to have no fans whatsoever, but
as we all know, this hasn't stopped him before!

     The Probationer rings the sacred Bell to start Round Zero.
The opponents are circling, feinting with NOX and LUX signs as they
search for weaknesses in the other's defense.   Kelly throws a
sign of the Enterer that sends Bean against the ropes.  Only that
instinctive assumption of the HPK godform saves him from
being thrown out of the ring!  Bean counters with an email flood
that has Kelly pinned momentarily.

     Kelly follows with a complex gematriaic justification.  There's
controversy among the officials.  The Invisible College rules it out of
order, due to dodgy letter attributions.  Kelly gets a warning.  He
be Granted a second chance.

     Bean counters with a cheering section of scantily-clad houris!
They're bowing before him, lending him money, and mothering him!  Kelly
gestures to the officials, but they don't seem to notice.

     Great Horus!  Kelly has issued a Manifesto!!!  Bean staggers and
falls under the sheer weight and mass of the denunciations!
  Not since Marshmellow Motta hurled a 93-ton epithet at the Great E.
McMurtry has there been such a wielding of weighty verbiage like this!
Bean is down!  The crowd is screaming!  The officials are counting..
9....  10....  11!!!!!  Kelly wins the match!!!

     Of course, now he must face Frater Ad Derrierum and the Militia
Maniacs in an upcoming tag-team match, but for now, this is Eddie
Alexander at the Boleskine Arena, Reshing you all God-Night, here on
Thelema TV!


     93  93/93
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