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Eyes on Egypt and the Book of the Law

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.tarot
From: (jk)
Subject: Re: Eyes on Egypt and the Book of the Law
Date: 17 Jun 2003 08:44:13 -0700 ({ Secret Chief }) slapped spitwads on Tower cracks:

> Dear Jessie,

At the towers of Hod
the guarded knot
destroys chief secrets
by the Lot

> A premise of your back-and-forth circle-jerk with Prophet718---

The circle jerk is between Thelemites and their idiotic faith. 
I'm merely processing the canned lamb being offered for 

> is that the precise meaning of the Stele---

What is the precise meaning of the Stele? And how should one
go about learning this?

> should be of especial concern to
> Thelemites.

It was of considerable concern to Aleister Crowley. 

It should be of concern to Thelemites still interested in
learning the truth.

> I am not sure that this is the case.

And you wished someone to acknowledge your condition.


> The stele is not itself Thelemic scripture.  

What is written on the stele, or what has been claimed to
be written on it, is certainly Thelemic scripture.

> It is rather the physical point at which Thelemic scripture 
> began to be transmitted (or written by Crowley, whichever 
> your prefer.)

If it were merely that, no translation of its hieroglyphics would
have been necessary, or sought by Crowley.

> Crowley's paraphrase---

How does Crowley describe this paraphrase? Do you recall?
I'm thinking here of a specific claim he makes about its
quality and importance with respect to Thelemic scripture.

> , in Thelemic-theological terms, derives its
> validity not from its fidelity to the original Egyptian, but from its
> quotation in Liber AL.

The mere fact something is scribbled down in Liber AL does not
grant it authority or validity.

For example, if Crowley says something in Liber AL like 
"The Stele of Revealing has written upon it the god name 
Hadit", the incorrectness of that statement is not 
extinguished, nor is that statement validated, by the 
fact that it may appear in Liber AL. If Liber AL contains
claims or information that is incorrect, or which is based on
inaccurate information (especially as that may have been
communicated to the mere man, Aleister Crowley, prior
to his supposed supernatural revelations from Aiwass),
that should be of concern to anyone who might take
seriously Crowley's claims about the true authorship of
Liber AL. And if claims about that authorship are questionable, 
which is certainly the case, then all other claims made about 
the nature of Liber AL, and its true meaning, become 

Liber AL is merely the inane babbling of a 
self-consumed and very minor poet, and NOT the 
revelation of the New Aeon. People who wish to claim 
otherwise are obliged to provide extraordinary evidence 
that their faith has more foundation than that of any other 
religionist. For if that is not the case, then Crowley's claim 
that his religion bridges the gap between science and 
religion can only be seen as baseless hype.

> You point about Thelema being a product (at least partially) of
> Egyptomania is well-taken.  

How so?

> But in and of itself, it doesn't decide the value or lack thereof 
> of Thelema.

What decides that value?

> Your question about the French assistant is also a good one; I'd be
> curious to know what the source, if any, is for that.

Curiosity is a good thing. And a dangerous thing.

> P.S. Fuck you, Jessie.

You don't fuck. You're a lamb chop.


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