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Eyes on Egypt and the Book of the Law

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.tarot
From: (Prophet 718)
Subject: Re: Eyes on Egypt and the Book of the Law
Date: 9 Jun 2003 05:39:32 -0700 (jk) wrote in message news:...
> Prophet 718 added more verses concerning the destruction
> of the Thelemic Tower:

  Universal laws cannot be destroyed. 

> >>> The tiresome rant about Hadit being a mistranslation of the name
>  of
> >>> the winged disk on the stele is also unfounded.
> > Jess Karlin:
> >> What is your source for this myth?
> You didn't provide your source for this myth.
> And you skipped something, didn't you, the part where your version
> of history regarding the association of 666 with the stele was 
> questioned?
> Why didn't you reply to those questions?
> Be specific.

  I skipped the part about you discovering the misplaced information
in the museum catalogue which confirms the stele of Ankh-f-n-khonsu
was numbered 666 as reported by Crowley. On behalf of Thelemites
throughout the galaxy, allow me to express our deepest gratitude for
the two-ton magic brick you have added to the Tower.

> >>> The translation of the stele was performed by a French assistant
> >>> that worked in the museum.
> >> How do you know that part of the myth is true?
> > The assistant---
> You're using circular reasoning---claiming your proof for there 
> having been a French assistant is that there was a French 
> assistant.
> So, again, how do you know that part of the myth is true?
> > The common spelling at the time (and still) is
> > *Nut*.
> What do you mean by "common spelling"? "Nuit" was and is
> certainly a variation of the spelling of "Nut" That word itself
> doesn't prove a French assistant (or French anything) did 
> the translation.

  In 1904, the spelling for the name of the Egyptian sky-goddess was
determined by exposure to the available writings of the day, namely
those produced by British and French researchers (Egyptologists).
Budge was the primary producer of English translations of Egyptian
texts. He used the spelling *Nut*, as evidenced by his writings. The
French used the spelling *Nouit*, as evidenced by the French writings
about the sarcophagus of Ankh-f-n-khonsu, written in 1913. Translating
the Egyptian name *nw.t* into English as *Nuit* requires thinking like
a French speaker. I can find no evidence of anyone using the spelling
*Nuit* before 1904.

> > Aiwass did not generate very many translated Egyptian words or
> > names. 
> Which ones did he "generate"?
> > The majority were created by Crowley---
> "created"? He claims to have simply been taking dictation.

  According the account provided in the Equinox of the Gods, Crowley
had the stele inscriptions translated by the museum staff and used the
translation as his source for the paraphrases that appear in the text
of the Book of the Law. Based on his statements and the appearance of
snippets of the paraphrases in the original manuscript, Crowley wrote
the paraphrases before the book was dictated. The names included in
the paraphrases are Hadit, Nuit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and Ahathoor, among
others. The spelling *Hoor* also appears for the first time in
Crowley's paraphrasing and the Book of the Law. My original point is
that Crowley was familiar with (or even inspired to produce) these
spellings before the book was dictated.

> > as names taken from the translation of the stele---
> Why wouldn't Aiwass have corrected Crowley's misunderstanding
> concerning "Hadit"?
> Be specific.

  In order to determine whether Hadit could be an Egyptian word, it
must be reduced to consonants first due to Egyptian words being
written without vowels. Using the Beinlich wordlist, a reputable
source recognized by experts in the field of Egyptian language, I've
shown the vowels H-d-t are a word in the Egyptian language. A check of
Budge's second volume on the Egyptian gods shows that he links the god
Hdd.t with the solar disk. I've provided enough evidence to create a
reasonable doubt about Hadit being a mistranslation of the name of the
winged sun. If you wish to maintain credibility, you should delete the
reference to Hadit on your website.

  Proximus Lux

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