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Evul Books and Acts

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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Evul Books and Acts (Liberative)
Date: 23 Jul 1999 22:32:10 -0700

49990129 IIIom

a correspondent writes:
# Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!

The word of Sin is Restriction, kin!

#> if you want to be a hard-core Crowleyite cultist, I would really
#> suggest that you study the Evul Book more closely so that you can
#> pull out the rug from the other Crowleyites with whom you will be
#> struggling to ascertain your social authority and achieve your
#> intertribal domination.

# ...
# ...What does "Evul" mean?  I note that Liber AL is Evul 
# and I have heard anecdotal evidence that you classify
# Fahrenheit 451 as Evul as well.  From the common ground 
# between those two books, I can make an intuitive guess 
# as to the nature of Evul, but I'd be very much intrigued 
# if you could tell me or point me to some online resource 
# that explains it.

the anecdotal evidence was correct, I have remarked in T93-L
that I consider F-451 to be evul (almost spells luv backwards).
as a VSL (Sacred Book of Law), in the Crowleyite context, used
quasi-masonicly to settle inter-order disputes along the lines
of Religions of the Book in a manner I gather fraternities 
and other kinship orgs replicate, Crowley's little pamphlet is 
hoary, exploding the potential source-drivel from which one 
might exploit its content to support one's biases.

as a printed paperback, F-451 explodes the notions of what a
book is, what its value might be, simultaneously exalting it
as the perfect object of freedom and the horrid crutch of a
world without oral transmissions. like the Evul Book (the 
standard penned by the Beast as compared to those he was
attempting to put to rest by capping them with his revelation), 
F-451 promotes liberation from dogmatism, expansion of personal 
power, and the diversification of knowledge, perspective.

in both cases the books deserve this description in my life
as texts which, while nightmarish, yield value through exposure
to those who have temerity. simultaneous to this, they expose
the folly of enshrining certain knowledge systems around (or 
attempting to find a final system within) a single book, 
especially one so self-convoluted and dated as to be 
considered "scripture".

the protagonist of F-451 starts off supporting the restrictive
establishment and gradually becomes a Revolutionary through
the discovery of his position with respect to that which he
represents. in a similar way, those who "accept" the Evul Book 
begin by supporting the Crowleyan establishment and gradually
develop (if they have any connection with their true will),
a DISlike for this text as it is used to promote dogmatism
and religion therein.

both texts contain within their pages a rather simplistic
idealism whose value is sometimes overstated and of which we
sometimes lose sight in our fervency to obtain the Truth.
where one (451) instructs the value of books in that they may
contain liberating ideals, the other (AL) becomes for the 
unwary a trap to constrain, thus each represents the end of a
spectrum with respect to the importance of books of any type.

I label myself evul occasionally as I represent both a
challenge and liberative force within the context of my
involvement. that niggling gadfly whose presence we barely
tolerate and yet whose instigation rises us to transform
is what we may call "evil!" yet I right the wrong to "evul".

Invoke me under my stars.

# Love is the law, love under will.
333 (nigris) 
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