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From: (Tyagi Nagasiva)
Subject: Esoteric/Text/Thelema/reguligp.rit
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 1997 12:44:17 -0800 (PST)

----- message from Aliester Crowley ( -----

[re: group Reguli]

Below is a version ... originated from Michael Sanborn who has an e-mail 
address listed at his homepage:
Also he is listed in the Thelema Lodge online calender, but I don't have the
URL handy, though it can be reached through most O.T.O. link pages. 
     Mr. Jones tells me that his photocopy has notes that are supposedly
variations in the text of Crowley's and that there was more than one variation
of the elemental attributions to the directions.  Mine has the same so they are
apparently from the same source, a person named John Felcheck in my case, who I
no longer have contact with, but knew both Mr. Jones and Mr. Sanborn
personally.  I wish Mr. Sanborn would verify this matter but attempts to e-mail
him have failed to elicit any responce, so good luck.


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             The Ritual Of The Mark Of The Beast

Officers: Magus in magical robe with wand. Stands in the centre.

               Guardians of the Quarters

Nuit-     Wears blue sash.  Stands in the North.
Hadit-    Wears yellow sash.  Stands in the South.
Therion-  Wears red sash.  Stands in the East.
Babalon-  Wears green or black sash.  Stands in the West.

The Guardians stand on the circumference of the circle facing
inwards.  The Magus begins the ceremony facing East.

                          Part 1

                   The Eleven-fold Seal

Phrase I    Magus: faces Boleskine and Knocks 1-3-3-3-17
            Draws circle above head. "Nuit!"
            Draws wand down to Phallus, touching it. "Hadit!"
            Touches shoulders.  "Hoor-Parr-Kraat!" "Ra-Hoor-
            Touches mouth, "La-Sht-Al!"

            All: Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

Phrase II   Magus: Touches Ajna and Visuddhi. "Aiwaz!"
            Touches Heart and Abdomen. "Therion!"
            Draws a Horizontal line across hips. "Babalon!"
            Touches Manipura. "Thelema!"

            All:  "The word of the Law is Thelema."

Phrase III  Magus: Clasps hands, five crossing five upon the
            wand, making Eleven.  "Agape!"

            All: Love is the Law, Love under Will

Phrase IV   Magus: Knocks 3-5-3. "Abrahadabra!"

            All: "Abrahadabra!"

                            Part II

                     The Mark of the Beast

I      Magus: Points Wand toward East.  Traces 1/4 circle to
       the North.  On reaching North he assumes the sign of
       Enterer.  Continues tracing circle one full time to and
       facing North.  Make the Averse Invoking Pentagram of
       Water.  Thrust Wand into the center of pentagram saying

       Nuit: Assumes sign of Puella.  Remaining in the sign.

       (All assist in making the Pentagrams at all Quarters.)

II     Magus: Turns widdershins 1 1/2 times to the South.
       Assuming the sign of the Enterer on passing the South
       the first time.  Makes the Adverse Invoking Pentagram
       of Air, thrust Wand.  "Hadit!'

       Hadit: Assumes and holds the sign of Puer.

III    Magus: Continues widdershins 1 1/4 times to the East.
       Assumes the Enterer on passing East the first time.
       Makes the Adverse Invoking Pentagram of Fire.  Pierces
       with Wand. "Therion!"

       Therion: Assumes and holds the sign of Vir.

IV     Magus: Continues widdershins 1 1/2 times to the West.
       Assumes the Enterer on passing West the first time.
       Makes the Adverse Invoking Pentagram of Earth.  Pierces
       with Wand. "Babalon!"

       Babalon: Assumes and holds the sign of Vir.

V      Magus: Spins widdershins.

       Guardians: Begin the spiral dance inwards moving
       widdershins and whirling Deosil-one full circle to form
       a closer circle to the Magus, Where they join hands,
       facing inwards.

       Magus: Facing East.  Raises the Wand making the Mark of
       the Beast. "Aiwaz!"
       Gives sign of the Rosy Cross.
       Lowers Wand and makes the Mark of the Beast. "Thelema!"
       Gives the sign of the Master Triumphans.

VI     Guardians: Begin the spiral dance outwards-moving
       deosil and whirling widdershins.

       Magus: Spins deosil and stops to face the quarter in
       Extends the Wands as he speaks and bows.
       To the West: "Before me the Powers of La!"
       (Babalon stops her dance to stand on the perimeter of
       the circle .)
       To the East: "Behind me the powers of Al!"
       (Therion stops)
       To the North: "On my right hand the powers of Al!"
       (Nuit stops)
       To the South: "On my left hand the powers of Al!"
       (Hadit stops)
       Leaps up. "Above me the powers of Sht!"
       Strikes the ground. "Beneath me the powers of Sht!"
       Clasps hands around Wand at chest "Within me the
       Powers!"  "About me flames my fathers face, the Star of
       Force and Fire, And within the column stands His
       Six-Rayed Splendour!"


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