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English Qaballa and Racist Agendae

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From: (jake stratton-kent)
Subject: Re: English Qaballa and Racist Agendae (was Re: Gematria and ...)
Date: 31 Dec 1998 12:43:44 -0800

[sent to hara ( in private email on 12/30/98]

In message <>, hara
>49981229 IIIom 
>shalom alechem, my kin.

93 Tyagi,

here is a reply for you, or for the list, as you please. Some of this
has been on my mind of late anyway. 

BTW You may want to check out the eq-list if only to see what you make
of it. There is tons of hardcore occult stuff on it, and AFAIK there is
nothing like it going on anywhere else.
> (jake stratton-kent):
># Old style kabbalah generally involved interpretation of (Hebrew) Holy
># Books, in this 'Aeon;' the Holy Books are in English, and so we are
># accustomed to speaking of 'English Qaballa'.
>here I put in on the other side of the issue, since nobody else is
>helping me out with the more controversial (hehehe, I'll try to
>understand this one way or another, and I know JSK can take it :>):

tee hee, oh yas!

>but why call it 'English Qaballa'?  why use the word 'Qaballa' at
>all rather than coming up with a different name for it which will
>avoid confusing cultural mystical identifications?
;-) ok, and while we're at it, let's stop calling the Golden Dawn stuff
'qabalah'. Folks might easily think we mean 'Kabbalah', which is
something utterly different.

 It is important to note that Kabbalah shares with EQ the element of
textual exegesis so conspicuously absent from the GD system of similar
name. ;->

I grant you that the EQ title is not terribly informative, it is not,
IMO terribly misleading either. 

 When folks ask what is meant by the term the exposition often includes
the term 'Astrologically Timed Tantric Worship In English' and Tantra of
course also has a strong 'alphabetic mystery' involving mantra etc. as
well as a strong astrological element. This aside, no claim that EQ is
an authentic branch of Kaula practice is implied by the 'A.T.T.W.I.E.

># 666 is the value of the Square of the Sun, and of various Greek and
># Hebrew Names connected with the solar force. This far predates Crowley
># etc. Crowley associated the ideas Sun-Male-Phallus with each other, and
># 'Solar-Phallic' is a term he used fairly often. However Thelema is a
># 'broad church' and not all interpretations are 'Solar-Phallic'.
>isn't it true that Crowley's esoteric preferences tended to be the
>solar-phallic, however?

some of his 'esoteric' writings (degree instructions etc.) are, 
at least IMO. OTOH I personally don't believe the Class A literature
shares these characteristics. When the Class A does promote the Solar-
Phallus it is only as 'the visible object of worship' (this is readily
establishable from in text ref's), thus (again IMO) the Solar-Phallic
cult is an exoteric 'front'! 

>  and doesn't this coincide rather pointedly
>with the German (cf. Ordo Templi Orientis, whose secret documents
>contain solar-phallic emphases

along with Fraternitas Saturni - and alleged satanic groups who consider
women 'brood mares'?

 Nothing connects to EQ there, such misogynistic male supremacy
conflicts entirely with its basic tenets. The same is true as regards
the Class A, IMO. AC's reception of AL precedes his involvement with the
OTO, and most of the rest of the Class A originates before his real
involvement with that order began. I agree that some aspects of neo-
templarism in germany were proto-Nazi, I don't think the OTO were at
that end of the spectrum - though overlaps did exist.

Personally in that era I'd have had any known Prussian police spy shot
on general principles. Church father or not. ;-)

> and whose origin is German) mystical
>ideas of race purity, aryan white supremacy, and a general attempt
>to wipe out or appropriate everything Jewish?  was Crowley one of
>these people?  

not IMO, he made absurdly xenophobic statements on occasion - though
often with a touch of pastiche at least in his in later years (mocking
the values of middle England perhaps).

>does he have a biggotted and, according to Eisler's
>terminology, a 'Dominator' agenda?
AC was happy to be buggered by black men - this does not exclude him
holding racist beliefs, but might make him unpopular with the KKK

>if any of this is true, shouldn't we be careful about what to
>accept from this author, shouldnt' his work be considered strongly
>suspect and heavily biased in favor of gross evils? 

right along with Blavatsky and Lovecraft?

> is it
>possible that everything Crowley touched is subtlely neonazi

Nietzchean on occasion, but though Nietzche's ideas were appropriated by
the Nazis there is no doubt he would have despised the entire mindless
collectivist bunch of 'em. As did AC, whose attitude to the Nazis was
summed up in one patriotic jingoistic phrase 'Monty will hit 'em for

>in character and his secret societies are nefarious mind-
>numbing desecrators of human compassion and clear reason?
this has often been suggested - with such supporting evidence as AC's
'disciple' Fuller's invite to Hitlers 40th birthday - solely due to
Fuller's status in the development of armoured warfare. Liddell Hart -
another mechanised warfare pioneer - received a signed picture from
Guderian, a commander of the Panzerwaffe. No sensible historian would
suggest that Liddell Hart was sympathetic to the German regime on that
 There is no doubt in my mind that Liddell Hart and JFC Fuller were
patriotic servants of the Crown, who despised the Nazis. Again, Spare
was invited to paint for a Nazi client, and refused point blank. 

That the Nazis admired these men is besides the point, they all despised
the Nazis.

Hail Zhukov!

93 93/93


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portrayed in this Journal are fictitious
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