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Modern Saints

To: alt.magick,alt.satanism,alt.magick.tyagi
From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Modern Saints (Blake -- Paglia/Crowley)
Date: 27 Mar 1999 01:08:37 -0800

49980702 aa3 Hail Satan!

RE Blake, uncited said:
#> No he wasn't. Unless I managed to fall asleep during the bard 
#> section of the list of saints. (Been keeping them little ears 
#> open lately. I might have missed him though. No big deal...)
Paul Hume :
# A minor gripe of mine own...his official insertion is in the big 
# list at the end in chronological order, whereas I quite agree, he 
# ought to be in the many holy bards, just before Swinburne.

not too long ago I was reading about Mr. Blake:

	These irreconcilable contradictions arise from Blake's
	violent yoking togethter of two opposing systems, the
	Bible and the visual arts.  As a graphic artist, Blake
	is already Old Testament Judaism, which condemns image-
	making as idolatry.  The Ten Commandments forbid
	pictures of all kinds -- of animals, fish, or gods.
	This is a Hebrew strategy against pagan fertility cults,
	which saw divinity in nature.  Yahweh's injunction
	diverted Jewish creative energy away from the visual
	arts into theology, philosophy, literature, law, and
	science, by which the Jews have made a stunning impact
	on world culture, far outweighing their small numbers.
	Blake's eccentric psychology comes from the fact that
	he is a strange combination of artist and Hebrew prophet.
	 _Sexual Personae_, by Camille Paglia, Yale 
		University, 1990; p. 298.

strangely enough I was reading this book about the same time that
the following quote came my way from my Order:

	As a technician, Blake was overweighted by the omniscience
	of his omnipresence.  In him the Idea was too portentious;
	the wizard could not control the tempest evoked by his
	enchantments; his command of Form was shaken by the energy
	of his enthusiasm.  There is in fact no Work of his extant
	to which we can point with serene confidence, and say:
	*Ecce Homo!*  What can we put against the "Ode to Psyche,"
	the "Ancient Mariner," *Prometheus Unbound*, or even
	*The Monk*?  We stultify ourselves, and blaspheme Blake,
	when we emphasize his attainment as an artist.  What went
	ye out into the wilderness for to see?  A prophet, and
	more than a prophet.  Otherwise, he is but a reed, albeit
	the reed of Pan, shaken by the wind, the wind of the
	Spirit of Pan!
	"William Blake", in _The Revival of Magick and Other
	  Essays_, by Aleister Crowley, pub. by New Falcon/OTO,
	  1998; p. 124.

blessed beast!

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