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Crowley's Last Will and Testament

From: David Greiner 
Subject: Crowley's Last Will and Testament
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 02:31:34 -0600 (MDT)

            Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Below is Crowley's Last Will and Testament, There's been a few references
to it, so I thought those how haven't read it might enjoy doing so.  I got
it from the Academia Masonica Borealis page:     
A cool page worth checking out.

                  Love is the law, love under Will.



Here's the Will:
           Copyright (C) 1997 e.v. Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)

   This is the Last Will of me Edward Alexander Crowley commonly known as
   Aleister Crowley of "Netherwood" The Ridge Hastings Sussex England. I
   HEREBY REVOKE al Wills and testamentory dispositiors at amy time
   heretofore made by me I direct. That my Executors shall ascertain as
   they may think fit beyond all possibility of error the fact of my
   death I DESIRE that on my decease my body shall be cremated and that
   my Ashes should be preserved in a casket together with my seal ring
   and entrusted to the Grand Treasurer General of the Ordo Templi
   Orientis. I APPOINT Karl Johannes Germer of 260 West 72nd Street New
   York City Lady Frieda Harris, the wife of Sir Percy Harris of 3
   Devonshire Terrace Marylebone High Street London W.I. and Louis
   Umfraville Wilkinson Doctor of Letters whose address is care of
   Wesdtminister Bunk Limited Shaftsbury Avenue London W.C.L. to be the
   Executors of this my Will (hereinafter refered to as "my Executors")
   except for the purposes property and effects (including copyrights) of
   and in connection with my profession of an author for which purposes
   property and effects I APPOINT the said Louis Umfraville Wilkinson and
   John Symonds of 121 Adeluide Road London N.W.3. the Executors hereof
   (hereinafter referred to as "my Literary Executors") I DIRECT my
   Literary Executors to collect as soon as practicable after my death
   all my books writings and effects of a literary nature whatsoever and
   wheresiever including such effects over which I may at the date of my
   death have any power of disposition or appointment and I GIVE AND
   BEQUEATH my books and writings and literary effects so collected to my
   Literary Executors free of all death duties ON TRUST that they shall
   hand over same to the Grand Treasurer General of the Ordo Templi
   Orientis (Order of the Temple of the East) at 260 West 72nd Street New
   York City with a request that the collection shall be for the absolute
   use and benefit for the said Order and I DECLARE that the receipt of
   the Grand Treasurer General of the said Order shall be a sufficent
   discharge to my Executors I BEQUEATH free of all death duties all the
   copyrights in my books and writings whatsoever and wheresoever
   including any copyrights over which at the date of my death I may have
   any power of disposition to the Ordo Templi Orientis aforesaid (other
   than those copyrights which shall allready be the property of the
   Order) for the absolute use and benefit of the said Order AND I
   DECLARE that the receipt of the Grand Treasurer General of the said
   Order shall be a sufficent dishcarge to my Literary Executors Subject
   to the payment of my debts and funeral and testamentary expenses I
   GIVE DEVISE BEQUEATH AND APPOINT all the rest residue and remainder of
   my property, estate, and effects whatsoever and wheresoever unto such
   of the said Karl Johannes Germer Lady Frieda Harris and Louis
   Umfraville Wilkinson as shall be living at the date of my death and if
   more than one equally between them for their his or her absolute
   benefit but with a request that he or she will dispose of the same
   amongst my faithful friends in accordance with any wishes expressed by
   me during my lifetime or settled in any memorandum written or signed
   by me or left amongst my papers at y death but I declare that no such
   memorandum shall be deemed to form part of my Will nor shall the
   foregoing expression of my wishes create any trust or legal
   IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of
   June One thousabnd nine Hundred and forty-seven. e.v.
   Signed by the Testator in the joint presence of us who in his presence
   and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names
   as witnesses:-
   [Signed Edward Alexander Crowley]
   [Signed Herbert P. Watson [?] Hastings]
   [Signed Winifred [?], 69m Victoria Avenue. Hastings. Sx. Shoreland

           Copyright (C) 1997 e.v. Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)

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