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Cause me under my asterisks!

To:  alt.magick
From: (HareChia)
Subject: the book of the law - babalized, part one
Date:  27 Apr 2001 22:31:53 GMT

This is the Book of the Law, translated into German, then
back into English, by AltVista's Babelfish. : )

ALVEL Legis Liber 
VorFigura CCXX 
the book of the law
as supplied by XCIII =
418 at DCLXVI 

Section I 
1. Had! The expression of Nuit. 
2. Presenting the company of the sky.
3. Each man and each woman is an asterisk. 
4. Each number is endless; there is no difference. 
5. Help me, o-Warriorlord of Thebes, in my presenting before the
children of the men! 
6. You are thou Hadit, my secret center, my inside and my tongue! 
7. Behold! it uncovered of Aiwass of the Ministers of Hoor few kraat.
8. The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs. 
9. Anbetung then the Khabs and behold my bright hall over you! 
10. Let my officials little be and secret: they arrange the many and,
which admits is. 
11. These are fools, who admire men; their Gods and its men are fools. 
12. Further, ok Indian come, under the asterisks and take your abundance
of the love! 
13. I am over you and in you. Mine ecstasy is in their. My joy is to see
your joy. 
14. Over, gemmed azure is the bright splendour from Nuit; It bends in
ecstasy, in order to kiss the secret ardours from Hadit. Winged the
ball, which is starry blue, my, o-Ankh-af-well-khonsu! 
15. Now ye knows that the selected priest and the apostle of the endless
workstation of the prince priests are the animal; and in its wife, who
is the Scarletfrau all is called, given energy. They enter my children
into their fold: they get the fame of the asterisks the inside ones the
16. For it at all a sun and it are a moon. But to it winged the secret
flame is starlight and to it stooping. 
17. But ye are not selected in such a way. 
18. Burn after their brewing, splendrous Serpent O! 
19. o-azure-liddedfrau, loop after them! 
20. The key of the rituals is in the secret word, which I gave unto it. 
21. With the God and the Adorer I am not anything: they do not see me.
They are as after the mass; I am not sky and it give other God than I
and mean lord Hadit.
22. Now therefore admits I to ye by my NamensNuit and to him by a secret
name, which I if finally give him he knoweth I. Since I am endless
workstation and the endless asterisks of it, do ye also therefore. Do
not bind for anything! Leave there none its distinctive possible among
you between everyone to a thing and any other thing; for by it
comethhurt there. 
23. But whosoavaileth in this connection, the conductor had him been by
24. I am Nuit and my word am six and fifty.
25. If you divide, add, multiply you and understand they 
26. Then saith the Prophet and the slave of beauteous: Who are I and
which the character should be? Thus answered bent it it and down, one
lambent to flame of blue one, all all touching, all
durchdringungsmittel, its attractive hands after the black mass and
their more lithekoerper, which for love one curved, and their
soft feet the small flowers not hurting: Thou knowest! And the character
is, consciousness the passage of the existence, the omnipresence of my
body mine ecstasy.
27. Then the priest answers and unto the queen of the workstation said,
their attractive brewing and the rope of their light kissing, which
bathes its complete body in a probably-smelling odoriferous substance of
the sweat: O Nuit, continuous of sky, let it be at all therefore; men do
not speak this of Thee as one however as none; and you have it spoken
not of thee at all, since the continuous thoukunst! 
28. None, breathed the light, fall and faery, the asterisks and two in
29. For me for Sake of the love, for the probability of the link one
30. This is the creation of the world, is that the pain of the
department as nothing and the joy in the dissolution everything. 
31. In these fools of the men and their miserable ones you are
interested not thou in all! They believe few; which is, becomes balanced
by weak joys; but ye are my selected. 
32. Obey my Prophet! follow from the Ordeals of my knowledge! look up me
only! Then redeem the joys in my love ye of all pain. This is like that:
I swear it by the curvature of my body; by mine sacred inside and
tongue; by all I, by all, can give which I require of ye everything. 
33. Then the priest fell in a deep trance or in swoon a u. unto the
queen of the sky said; Write unto us the Ordeals; write unto us the
rituals; write unto us the law! 
34. But it said: the Ordeals, which I do not write: the rituals are
known half and the hidden half: the law is for all. 
35. This that thou the three-way book of the law is writest. 
36. Mine ScribeAnkh af well khonsu, the priest of the princes, is not in
a character modification this book; but, from fear that there are,
commentate Folly it on it by the intelligence of r.-Hoor-Khu it 
37. Also mantras and spells; obeah and wanga; the work wall and the work
of the blade; this, which he learns and informs. 
38. It must inform; but it can form strictly the Ordeals. 
39. The word of the law is Thelema. 
40. Who calls us, Thelemites does not do injustice, if he looks however
near into the word. For there is to it three degrees, the a settler and
the loving and the man of mass. Do, what thou is the whole of the law
41. The word of Sin is limitation. O-man! do not reject thy woman, if
them become! O-more loved, if thou wither, leave! There is no linkage,
which can combine divided, to love but: is quite otherwise a curse.
Accursid! Accursid is it to aeons! Hell. 
42. Leave to it are you that status the manyhoodgrenze and - loathing.
So with thy all; thouhast no right however thy will does 
43. Do that and no different one say nay.
44. For pure will unassuaged of the purpose, supplied of desire of the
result, is each perfect way. 
45. The perfect and the perfect are perfect and not two; are none nay! 
46. Nothing is a secret key of this law. the Sixty one Jews designate
it; I call eight, eighty, four one hundred and eighteen it. 
47. But they have half: combine through thinekunst, so that all
48. My Prophet is a fool with its, one, one; aren't they the cattle and
none by the book?
49. Let us abolish are all rituals, all Ordeals, all words and
characters. R.-Hoor-Khuithath its seat taken in the east at the
Aequinoktikum of the Gods; and you leave to Asar are with Isa, which are
also one. But they are not from me. Let Asar be adorant, Isa of the
Sufferer; Hoor in its secret name and in splendour is the lord
50. There is a word for saying about the function Hierophantic. Behold!
there are three Ordeals in one, and it can be given in three
possibilities. The rough having run by fires; let the fine in the
intellect be tried and raised selected in the highest. So have ye
asterisk and asterisk, system and system; calm not one to know well the
other one! 
51. There are four gates to a palace; the floor of this palace is from
the silver and from the gold; lapislazuli and - there jaspis are; and
all rare smells; Jasmine and rose and the emblems of death. Let it come
in in sequence or immediately the four gates; leave it untouched on the
floor of the palace. Doesn't it sink? Amn. Ho! Warrior, if thy control
constant tub? But there are means and means. Are you therefore goodly:
dress ye everything in the fine dress; eat rich food and drink you sweet
wines and wines, which foam! Also you take your abundance and will of
the love like yewille, if, where and also, whom ye becomes! But always
unto me. 
52. If this is not aright; if the ye workstation markings confuse, say:
They are in; or saying, are they many; if ritual at all unto me is not:
expect then direful the judgements of r. Hoor Khuit! 
53. This regenerates the world, which small world my sister, my inside
and my tongue, unto who I transmit this kiss. Also o-Scribe and Prophet,
thou are assuagethee still thee not of the princes, are it to complete.
But ecstasy you are thine and joy in the mass: at all to me! To me! 
54. Modify not as much as the type of a character; for behold! thou,
o-Prophet, behold shalt not all these secrets therein hides. 
55. The child thy of the intestines, is he behold they 
56. Still do not expect it from the east from the west; for of no
expected Hauscometh the child. Aum! All words are sacred and all
applicable Prophets; except only that they understand few; if you solve
the first half of the equation, leave the second unattacked. But
everything does not thouhast in the free light and some, all, in the
57. Cause me under my asterisks! Love is the law, will of the love under
it. Still you let the fools mistake love; for there is to love and love.
There is the pigeon and it gives the Serpent. Select ye well! It, my
Prophet, hath selected, the law of the Fortress and the large secret of
the house of the God knowing. All these old characters of my book are
aright; but Tzaddi is not the asterisk. This is also secret: my Prophet
covers it to the intelligent on 
58. I give unimaginable joys on mass: Security, not faith, during in the
life, after death; Peace unutterable, remainder, ecstasy; still I
require aught in the victim. 
59. My smell is from the harzhaltigen wood and from the rubbers; and
there is no blood to it: because of my hair the trees of the eternity. 
60. My number is 11, as all their numbers, which are from us. The five
showed asterisk, with a set in the center, u. is the set talk My, which
is black colour to the curtain, but the blue and the gold are seen by
seeing. Also I have a secret fame for it that love I 
61. But to love me is better than all things: if under the night
asterisks in smell pit of the Oedlandthou burnest at the moment before
me, therein causing me with a pure inside and thoushalt the
Serpentflamme, few to being situated in my Bosom comes. For a kiss
wither thou is then ready to give all; but whoso loses everything gives
a particle of the dust in this hour. Ye enters goods and memory of the
women and the spices; ye carries is enough to jewel; ye exceeds the
nations of the mass in splendour and in pride; but always in the love of
me and you are to come so ye to my joy. I load you seriously to come
before me in an individual robe and with rich headdress covers. I love
you! I yearn to you! Slat or magenta-red, veiled or voluptuous, I, to
which in the morning all pleasure requires and magenta-red and
Drunkenness of the internal direction, you. Set to the wings, and you
wake the rolled up splendour within you: come unto me! 
62. With all sessions mean with you are you priestess to say -- and
their eyes burn with desire, how them are only located rejoicing and in
my secret handle -- to me! To me! the flame of the inside of all in
their further designating, love singing they 
63. Sing rapturous love Love song unto me! Burn to me odoriferous
substances! Carry to me for jewel! Drink to me, for i-love you! I love
64. I am blue lidded the daughter of the sunset; I am the bright
brightness voluptuous of the night sky. 
65. To me! To me! 
66. The expression from Nuit is at an end. 

Chapter II 
1. Nu! hiding Hadit. 
2. Come! all ye and learn the secret, hath not already uncovered. I,
Hadit, are the supplement of Nu, my bride. I am not expanded and Khabs
am the name of my house. 
3. In the area I am everywhere the center, like her, to which periphery
is not anywhere found. 
4. It and I does not admit ever 
5 nevertheless. Behold! the rituals of the old time are black. Let the
bad be away thrown; let the good by the Prophet be deleted! Then this
knowledge goes aright. 
6. I am the flame, which burns inside of the man in everyone, and in the
core of each asterisk. I am life and the giver of the life,  therefore
yet are the knowledge of me the knowledge of death. 
7. I am the Magier and the Exorcist. I am the wave of the Rades and the
cube in the set "unto me " a stupid word came: for it am I, which go.
8. Who anbetete Heru PA kraath, me angebetet; Ill ones, because I are
more worshipper. 
9. Remember ye that existence is pure joy; that all ensure however
as shadows are; they exceed and are done; but there is that, which
10. O-Prophet! Thouhast  Krankewille for learning this writing. 
11. I see theehass the hand and the feather/spring; but I am stronger. 
12. Because of I in Thee thou does not knewest. 
13. for why? Because thouwast more knower and I. 
14. Leave are veiling this shrine there now; now you let the bright eat
more devourmaenner and you them above with blindness! 
15. For are perfect me and are not; and my number is nine by the fools;
but with the even I am eight and one in eight: Which is vital, because,
I am not indeed. The Empress and the king are not from me; for there is
a further secret. 
16. I am the Empress and the Hierophant. Eleven so, as if my bride is
17. If you hear me, yeleute from Sighing! Ensure the pain and the regret
become the dead ones and dying, which peoples leave, who know me not up
to now. 
18. These are dead, these companions; they do not believe. We are not
sad for the bad and that: the lords of the mass are ours kinsfolk. 
19. Is a God to the life in a dog? No.! but the highest are from us.
They are selected rejoice, ours: who sorroweth of us is not 
20. Beauty and strength,  laughter and koestliche weakness, strength and
fire branching, are from us 
21. We do not have anything with the Outcast and the unsuitable: let it
in their misery die. For they do not believe. Compassion is the clamping
sheet metal of the kings: Stamp down wretched and the weak: this is the
law of the strong: this is our law and the joy in the world. Do not
think, o-king, after this lie: This Thou must dying: verily cubes do not
live thoushalt, but. Leave it are understood now: If the body of the
king resolve themselves, it remains in pure ecstasy for at
all. Nuit! Hadit! R.-Hoor-Khuit! The sun, the strength And the sight,
light; these are for the officials of the asterisk and the queue. 
22. I am the queue, which givethwissen and joy and bright fame and the
inside of the men with Drunkenness agitate. over me anzubeten taking
wine and strange drugs about which I explain to my Prophet and of it am
drunk! They do not damage ye at all. It is approximately a lie, this 
Folly. The contact of innocence is a lie. You, o-man are strong! all
things of the  direction and the enthusiasm enjoy desire: be afraid, not
that each possible God refuses thee for this.
23. I am alone: there is no God, in which I am. 
24. Behold! these are serious secrets; for it gives also from my
friends, who are a settlers. Think now, in order not to find it in the
forest or on the mountain; but in the beds of pure-polarize, stroked by
excellent animals of the women with large members and fires and light in
its eyes and in the masses flaming of the hair over it; there ye she
finds. Ye sees it at the guideline, at victorious the armies, at that to
whole joy; and there is a joy in them million-mark more largely than
this. Watch out from fear that each possible strength other one, king
against king! Love differently with burning inside; on the low men
trample in fierce desire of your pride, on the day of your Wrath. 
25. Ye are selected o-my against the people,! 
26. I am the secret Serpent, which tapes approximately becomes, in order
to rise: in my taping there is joy. If I mean heading raise, I and my
Nuit are one. If I sink down pit heading and far poisons shoot, is then
enthusiasm of the mass, and I and the mass are one. 
27. There is large danger in me; for, whom  doth, not to understand this
run a large loss forms. It falls down into the designated pit, because
and he dies there with the dogs of the reason. 
28. Now  a curse on because and its trunks! 
29. May, because for at all accursed you are!
30. If impacts and cries it becomes why, causing, because, then will
Nought stops and does
31. If energy why asks, then energy weakness is 
32. Also reason  is a lie; for there is an endless and unknown factor;
u. all are skew intelligent their words.
33. Enough of because! Is it condemned for a dog! 
34. But ye, O my people, rise highly and awake! 
35. Let the rituals with joy and beauty also right be executed! 
36. There are rituals of the items and the celebrations of the times.
37. A celebration for the first night of the Prophet and its bride! 
38. A celebration for the three days of the writing of the book of the
39. A celebration for Tahuti  and the child of the Prophet -- secret,
40. A celebration for the highest ritual and a celebration for the
Aequinoktikum of the Gods. 
41. A celebration for fires and a celebration for water; a celebration
for the life and a larger celebration for death! 
42. A celebration each day in your inside in the joy in my enthusiasm! 
43. A celebration each night unto Nu and the pleasure uttermost joy!
44. Aye! Fixed! rejoice! there is no fear afterwards. There is the
dissolution and in the kisses of Nu eternal ecstasy. 

45. There is death for the dogs.
46. Thouausfallen Dost? Kunstthou sadly? Is fear in the thineinneren? 
47. Where I am, are not these. 
48. The Pity do not please! I never could do it. I am not for it. I did
not troeste: I hate GET-ROASTED and more consoler.
49. I am unique and conqueror. I am not from the slaves, who die. Are
they condemned and dead ones! Amen. [ this is from the 4: there is a
Fifth, which is invisible, and is in it I as a baby in an egg. ], 
50. Is blue I and gold in view of my bride: but the red glow is  in my
eyes; and my Spangles is magenta red and green. 
51. Pure-polarize over pure-polarize outside: it is the bright higher
than vision. 
52. There is a veil: this veil is black. It is the veil of the modest
woman; it is the veil ensures and pall death: this is not of me. Tear
being situated appearance of the centuries down: veil not your vice in
the honest words: this vice are my service; ye well and recompence you
here and afterwards. 
53. If you are not afraid, o-Prophet, if these words are mentioned,
thoushalt, not to be sadly. Thou of the art mine seriously selected; and
the eyes are gesegnet, thoushaltblick on with gladn 
55. Shalt Thou receive the order and the value of the English alphabet;
new symbols of the thoushalt discovery for charging it unto. 
56. Begone! yemockers; although do not yelachen in my Ehrenye laughs
long; then, if ye are sad, know that I you forsaken.
57. It, that righteous is, is righteous silence; it, that is dirty, is
dirty silence. 
58. Yea! do not mean from the modification: ye is, as ye are, and not
different one. Therefore the kings of the mass are kings for at all; the
slaves serve. It gives to be thrown none, those down or raised: 
everything is at all, as it was. There is the covered my officials
nevertheless; it can be that yonder beggar is a king. A king can be
dress select, since he becomes: there is no certain test: but a beggar
cannot hide its poverty.
59. Watch out therefore! Love all, from fear  that by chance a hidden
king are! Do they say it in such a way? Fool! If he is a   king,
thoucanst does not hurt it 
60. Therefore impact hard and low and to hell with them, masters! 
61. There is a light forwards thineaugen, the o-Prophet, a bright
unwanted, most desirably. 
62. I am in the thineinneren uplifted; and the kisses of the asterisks
rain strongly after thy body. 
63. Art exhaust fan Thou in voluptuous the abundance of the inspiration;
the expiry is more sweetly than death, faster and laughterful than a
Liebkosung of own continuous screw of hell.
64. OH -! thoukunst overcome: we are thee after; our joy is whole over
thee: Hail! Hail: Prophet of Nu! Prophet of had! Prophet of r.-Hoor-Khu!
Now rejoice! now come into ours splendour and into enthusiasm! Come into
our passionate peace, and you write sweet words for the kings! 
65. I am the master: thoukunst the holy  selected. 
66. Write, and you find ecstasy in writing! Operate u. you are our bed
when operating! Thrill with the joy alive and at death! Ampere-hour! thy
death is attractive: whososeeth it is glad. Death Thy is the seal of the
promise of ours agelong love. Come! raise thineinneres and - rejoice! We
are in; we are not.
67.  Influence! Influence! Bear above in thy the enthusiasm; Case not in
swoon the excellent kisses! 
68. Strongly! Hold thyself! Raise thinekopf! do not breathe thus deeply
-- cubes!
69. Ampere-hour! Ampere-hour! What do I believe? Is the word  exhausted? 
70. There is assistance and spells hope in other one. Intelligence says:
you are strong! Then more canstthoubaer more joy. You are not animal; 
refine thy enthusiasm! If thougetraenk, by which eight and ninety
guidelines of the art drink: if thouliebe exceed, by zartheit; and if
thou aught do, which joyous is, let   you subtlety be there in it! 
71. But you exceed! exceed! 
72. Strive at all to more! and if doubt pit thoukunst really -- and it
not, if joyous thoukunst at all! -- death is the crown of all. 
73. Ampere-hour! Ampere-hour! Death! Death! thoushalt long for death
death is forbidden, o-man, unto thee.
74. The length of thy Longing is the strength of its fame. He these
lives long and desire death is much at all the king among the kings. 
75. Aye! hear to the numbers and to the words. 76. 4 6 3 8 A B  K 2 4 A
L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V meaneth a L What this, o-Prophet? Thou
does not knowest; still know shaltthou at all. There cometh one for the
sequence of thee: he explains to him. But you remember, selected O one
to be I; the love of Nu in to follow sky asterisk-lit up; after men
continue to look, to them  this glad word explain. 
77. O is thou, which is among men proud and powerful! 
78. Raise thyself! for there are none likes unto thee among men or under
Gods! Lift thyself, O my  Prophet, thy Statur exceed the asterisks on.
They pray thy the names on, foursquare, mystisch, wonderfully, the
number of the man; and the name thy house 418. 
79. The end of hiding Hadit; and segnend and Anbetung to the Prophet of
the attractive asterisk! 

Chapter III 
1. Abrahadabra; the reward of r. Hoor Khut. 
2. There is homeward the department; there is a not well-known word.
Spelling deceased; everything is not aught. Watch out! Continue! Raise
the spell of r.-Hoor-Khuit! 
3. Let it be now first understood that I am a God of the war and the
Vengeance. I hardly employ it. 
4. Select a ye island! 
5. Strengthen it! 
6. Dung it approximately with enginery the war! 
7. I give you a war machine. 
8. With it smite the ye peoples; and none are  before you. 
9. Lurk! Withdraw! After them! this is the law of the battle of
conquest: like that my Anbetung is over my secret house. 
10. Receive stele of uncovering; adjust it in thy the secret handle --
and this handle is already the abgeschaffene aright -- and are it your
Kiblah for at all. It is not verb-calmly, but miraculous colour returns
to their day for day. Close it in locked glass for a proof to the world. 
11. This is your only proof. I forbid argument. Conquer! That is 
enough. I form simply to you abstruction from the ill-ordered house in
the Victorious city. You do not transmit shaltthyself the Thou with
Anbetung, o-Prophet, likest thou it. Shalt Thou have danger and trouble.
R.-Hoor-Khu is thee  with. Pray me with fire and blood on; pray me with
blade and with bars on. Let the woman with a blade before me be
geumguertet: let blood to my name flow. Trample down to Heathen; you are
after them, o-Warrior, I give you their meat, in order to eat! 
12. Sacrifice cattle, small and largely: after a child. 
13. But not now.
14. Ye sees that hour, of O gesegnetes animal and thou the Scarlet
Concubine of its desire! 
15. Ye is sad of it. 
16. Mean not too inspired, in order to intercept the promises; be afraid
of going through itself around the curses not. Ye, even ye,  do not know
this meaning everything. 
17. Fear not at all; be afraid neither men nor fates still Gods still
all. Cash fear not still laughter of the Volksfolly still any other
energy in the sky or after the mass or under the mass. Nu is your
protection as Hadit your light; and I am the strength, strength,
strength, your levers. 
18. Grace left is out: condemn it, the Pity! Abort and torture; Reserves
not; you are after them! 
19. This they designate stele the Abomination of Desolation; count well
its name and are it to you as 718. 
20. Why? Because of the case of, because, which is not he there again 
21. Set up my picture in the east: Thoushalt Kaufthee a picture, which I
show thee, particularly, differently than thou does not knowest. And it
is suddenly easy for thee to do this to 
22. The other screen group around me for supporting I: let all be
angebetet, because they bundle me to exalt. I am the visible message of
the Anbetung; the others are secret; for the animal and its bride are
they: and for the winners of the Ordeal x., which this is? Shalt Thou
23. For odoriferous substance mixture meal and honey and strong leavings
the red wine: then soften oil of Abramelin and olive oil and afterwards
and make down with rich fresh blood smooth. 
24. The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a
child or falling of the central processor of the sky: then of the
enemies; then of the priest or worshippers: lasily of any animal, all
the same which
25. This fire: from this label bonds together and eats unto me. This
hath also another use; leave to it are put before me you and thickly
held with odoriferous substances of their orison: it becomes full by the
beetles, as there and the creeping things, which unto me sacred are
26. These slay and designate  your enemies, and fall them before you. 
27. Also these breed desire u. Energy of desire in you on of it eat. 
28. Also ye is strong in the war. 
29. Additionally you are it kept long, it are better; for they swell
with my strength. Everything before me. 
30. My altar is from the opened brass work: Fire on it in the silver or
in the gold!
31. There cometh a rich man of the west, which pours its after gold
32. Of  the steelsteel steel! 
33. Seien$ you ready for use to fly or smite! 
34. But your holy workstation is unaffected during the centuries: with
fire and blade he is burned down and broken, nevertheless an invisible
standeth the house there and will be to the case of the large
Aequinoktikums; if Hrumachis develops and doubl  wanded one takes means
thrones on and places. Another Prophet develops and gets fresh fever of
the skies; another woman wakes up the desire and the Anbetung of the
queue; another soul of the God and the animal mixes itself in more
globidpriester; another victim stains the grave; another king governs;
and Blessing no more is not poured to the Hawk preceding mystical lord! 
35. Half of the word mentioned by Heru r. hectar, Hoor PA kraat and
36. Said then unto the God to the Prophet: 
37. I admire thee in the Song -- I am the lord the far loudspeaker of
Mentu, spurred by Thebes and I; For me provides veiled the sky, which is
even self slain Ankh af well khonsu before its words truth. I call,
greet presence Thy, O r.-Hoor-Khuit out! Einheituttermost shown! I
admire the power breath -, highest one and terrible God Thy, the Gods
and death makest   the tremble before Thee: -- I, I admire thee! Appear
on that thrones of r.! Open the ways of the Khu! Facilitate the ways of
the Ka! The ways of the run Khabs through to agitate me or still me!
Aum! let it fill you me! 
38. So that thy light is in me; and its red flame is as blade in my hand
for pressing thy order. There is a secret door, I let which manufacture
thy way in all quarters, (these is thouhast the admirations, as
written), as it is mentioned: The light is meins; its jets use me: I 
formed a secret door into the house of r. and of Tum, from Khephra and
fro Ahathoor. I am thy Theban, O Mentu, ProphetAnkh af well khonsu! By
Bes well duty I struck my chest; By intelligent Ta-Nech spider I mean
spell. Show thy asterisk splendour, O Nuit! Offer me within the
thinehauses to remain, to O winged queue of the light, Hadit! Remain
with me, r.-Hoor-Khuit! 
39. Everything this and a book become saying, how to come and a playback
of this ink and paper thoudidst for at all -- for into it the word
secret is and not only on English - and thy comment to this the book of
the law beautifully in the red ink and in the black one to the beautiful
paper printed, which is personally formed; and to each  man and to Mrs.,
who thou, it were meetest, but, to feed or drink at them, it is the law
for giving. Then are they probability to remain in this Bliss or in No.;
it is not advantages. Do this fast! 
40. But the work of the comment? That is simple; and Hadit, which burns
in thy the inside, forms snaps and protects thy feather/spring.
41. Manufacture with thy Kaaba an employing house: business way must be
done quite well and with.
42. The Ordealsthoushalt supervise thyself, except only the blind. Do
not reject, but thoushalt know and destroy the Traitors. I am
r.-Hoor-Khuit; and I am efficient, mean officials to protect. Success is
thy proof: do not argue; Bekehrter not; Discussion not overmuch! It this
search procedure for tempting thee, overthrow thee, it attack without
Pity or quarters; and you destroy it extremely. Fast as stepped
Serpentumdrehung and - impact! 
43. Let the Scarletfrau watch out! If Pity and compassion and softness
their inside visit; if it leaves to my work toy with old sweet one; then
my vengeance admits. I slay me their child: I alienate its inside: I
throw it out from the men: when shrinking and despised harlot you are to
creep them by wet roads of the dawn, and die cold and in gehungert. 
44. But you leave their increase in pride! Let it me in my way follow!
Leave its work the work of the meanness! Leave its abort their inside!
Let it loud and adulterous be! Let it with jewels be covered and rich
dresses, and you leave them are shameless before all men! 
45. Then will raise I it to the Pinnacles of the energy: then will breed
I from it a child, who is more powerful the mass than all kings. I fill
it with joy: with my strength she sees and  fastens to the Anbetung of
Nu: it obtains Hadit.
46. I am the Warriorlord of the  Forties: the Jahrcower before me and
are degraded. I get you to the victory and joy: I am ye at your levers
in the battle and enjoy slay. Success is your proof; Courage is your
armament; if you continue, continue, into my strength; and ye does not
turn back for any! 
47. This book is translated into all tongues: but always with the
collecting main in the writing of the animal; for into the probability
form of the characters and their position to one others; in these
secrets, an animal the divine are not. Let it to look up not try: but
cometh after it, from where I not legend, which the key of it discovers
all. Then this drawn line is a key: then this set, which is squared in
its failure, is a key also. And Abrahadabra. It is strange its child and
that. Do not let it for this look; for by it alone can do it falls of 
48. Now this secret of the characters took place, and I would like to
continue to the holier workstation. 
49. I am in a secret quadruple word, the Blasphemy against all Gods of
the men.
50. Verfluchen it! Verfluchen it! Verfluchen it! 
51. With heading of my Hawks peck I at the eyes of Jesus, while it hangs
after the  cross. 
52. I flutter my wings in view of Mohammed and make him blind. 
53. With  my grip arms I tear from the meat of the Indian and the
Buddhist, the Mongol and to the DIN up violently. 
54. Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on their crapulous Kredos.
55. Leave inviolate Mary after wheels violently gezerrissen to become:
for their Sake you leave all virtueful women despised extreme among you! 
56. Also for Sake and love of the beauty! 
57. Despise also all Feiglinge; professional soldiers, who do not dare
fight, but play; all fools despise! 
58. But the sharp and the proud, the royal and the raised; ye are
59. How brothers ye fight!
60. There is no law does beyond, thou wither to what. 
61. There is an end of the word of the God enthroned in the seat of the
r. and facilitates the carriers of the  soul. 
62. To me yereverence do! to me ye come through tribulation from Ordeal,
the Bliss are 
63. The Dummkopf readeth this book of the law and its comment; and it
understandeth it not. 
64. Let it by the first Ordeal come, u. it is to it as silver. 
65. By the second of gold. 
66. By the Third of stones of the precious water.
67. By 4th crucial sparks of the familiar fire. 
68. All seems nevertheless it beautifully. Its enemies, who do not say
in such a way, are bare liars. 
69. There is success. 
70. I am the Hawk Headedlord of Silence and the strength; my nemyss
wraps the night-blue sky
71. Hail! yedoppelwarriors over the posts of the world! during your time
is to the hand nigh. 
72. I am the lord double wall of the energy; the wall of the strength of
Coph Nia -- however my left hand is empty, because I crushed a universe;
and Nought remains. 
73. Stick the pages from on the right to the left and from top to
bottom: then behold! 
74. There is splendour in my hidden and splendourful name, there the sun
midnight at all the son is 
75. The end of the words is the word Abrahadabra. The book of the law is
written and hidden. Aum. Hectar.

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