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From: Bill Heidrick 
Subject: RE:Caliphornia
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 17:56:41 -0800


"-H."  wrote:

>Oh god no,no,no, that is absolutely not my intention.  I'm pretty sick of
>this so I can only guess at how tired of it the rest of you must be.  I
>meant did anyone have any specific quotes showing the use of the word
>"Caliph" in Uncle Al's letters to indicate how seriously it was taken.  

There are several letters from Crowley to McMurtry that expand on the term
in one way or another.  Here's one (minus page 4, which detailed the IXth
degree secret) that was published in fasimilie in the _OTONewsletter_,
whole number 6:

Bell Inn                                                       Nov 21 '44
e.v. Aston Clinton

Care Frater Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

   Yours of Nov 6: this reply being mostly official, I use the formal style.
   As nearly always in correspondence, there is misunderstanding.
   "The Caliphate".  You must realize that no matter how closely we may see
eye-to-eye on any objective subject, I have to think on totally different
premisses where the Order is concerned.  One of the (startling few)
commands given to me was this: "Trust not a stranger: fail not of an heir."
 This has been the very devil for me.  Fr.'.Saturn.'. is of course the
natural Caliph; but there are many details concerning the actual policy or
working which hit his blind spots.  In any case, he can only be a stopgap,
because of his age; I have to look for his successor. It has been Hell; so
many have come up with amazing promise, only to go on the rocks.  Now it
never occurred to me to regard you & Jack as rivals.  (Bays, by the way,
the wreath of Apollo, not Lays.)  The subject was poetry.  I think,
   But - now here is where you have missed my point altogether - I do not
think of you as lying on a grassy hillside with a lot of dear sweet lovely
wolly lambs, capering to your flute!  On the contrary.  Your actual life,
or "blooding," is the sort of initiation which I regard as the first
essential for a Caliph. {subscript x} {VERTICAL NOTE IN MARGIN KEYED TO
THIS SPOT: "x Saturn had lots of it: Iron + and twice wounded: rose from
ranks to 1st Lieut = our major.} For - say 20 years hence the Outer Head of
the Order must, among other things, have had the experience of war as it is
in actual fact to-day.  {N.B. start of page 3 of original letter}  1965
e.v. should be a critical period in the development of the Child Horus! (I
don't quite know what you mean by "Jack's program" or by mine, which "did
not succeed."  I myself am unable to say what mine was, or is, and whether
it succeeded or not. I know that I failed badly in my duty; but that may
have been part of the Plan!  So may anything.  The only course is to do
what seems right at the time, so far as one can; and "unassuaged of
purpose, delivered from the lust of result" ... Yes, I know how too
bewildering it all is!)
   Now about the IXth Degree.  The theory is simple, and I think I told you
enough at 93 for you to work on.  Just in case: -
   You prepare the Medicine by mixing the two ingredients, into your usual
concentrated ...{page (4) deleted for the security of the secret.} ...{N.B.
start of page 5 of original letter}  I trust that the above will have
confirmed rather than instructed.  If any point is in doubt, let me know.
   I will send you a copy of De Arte Magica under separate cover.  (Note
that I treat you as a full member of the IXth Degree: only sorry that the
grades could not be given in the form originally prescribed)  This book (30
pp.) gives you a lot of extra hints, & is besides a good springboard for
your own research you may discover all sorts of new things for yourself;
the one thing that never alters is the basic formula {HB:YHVH}.
    Love is the law, love under will.
                Yours fraternally {SIGNED with 11-fold cross masonic mark
and "Baphomet O.H.O."}

93 93/93
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