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Babalonian Vampirism and Black Brothers

To: thelema93-l now
From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Babalonian Vampirism and Black Brothers

49991226 IVom Hail Babalon!

>> yet another indicator of the growth of the Crowleyan cult.
>> it is used as a means of slamming those who will not submit
>> to the Herd and disempower themselves for the Grand Project
>> of the Babalonian Vampirism. the Cup of Blood is the Blood
>> of the Saints, these being self-erasing lemmings with noble
>> ideals content to think themselves grand while entertaining
>> delusions of grandeur. beware this subtle quagmire, O Chosen!

a correspondent wrote: 
> Would you mind telling a little about the Babalonian Vampirism?

Babalonian Vampirism is a project of immense proportions
designed to turn individualists into febrile puppets of
the New Aeon Machinery. its predominant imagery is that
of martyrdom to some grandiose Cause and the complete
identification of the part with the whole (subsummation,
rather than the adoration of the graven image).

the mythic story is that of a Chalice borne aloft by a
Wild Woman (licentious, indisciplined, rapacious, the
wielder of societal and devotional power) whose thirst
will not be slaked by anything but complete dissolution
in Her compassionless maw. masquerading as Venus, She
tears apart the world for entertainment and cares nothing
for the will of any individual whatever.

drinking of the blood of Her victims (whom she designates
as 'saints' to assure future martyrs of delusionary 
value in self-destruction toward Her support), She grows
drunk, designing new ways to pursue continued refresh-
ment (a veritable addiction to power obtained in the
throes of ignorant submission to Her beauty).

attempting to treat this Vampirism in some Stokerian or
folkloric fashion merely causes the Dragon to assume
new and more fascinating forms. resistance is truly
futile in any adversarial sense. restraint, in self-
sacrifice, to the Pact, and attention to volition and
self-preservation yields greater success long term.

50000106 IVom Hail Babalon!

>> dating: Kali Yuga (year 4999, mo 12, day 26), followed by the
>> Year of the Aeon of the Adversary (year IV as of 9966).

a different correspondent wrote: 
> 9966? Tell me more about the Aeon of the Adversary.

it has become popular in the Thelemic community to arrange one's
time in a manner not unlike an arrangement of space (a church,
for example, or the conceptual/energetic 'Circle' of Wiccans,
a room, table or section of a home or apartment considered to be
one's temple or 'kibla'). other than to orient with respect to
the age of our planet, the age of the star around which we are 
revolving, or some other star (I'm not aware of the particulars 
in these latter cases), the typical system utilized by Magi
who set such an orientation up or the religious cultists who
follow in their wake is sociocultural or cosmic in character.
either some cosmic event (e.g. an "aeon" or a "yuga") is 
stipulated as having begun at a point in time or a fictional
(e.g. virgin birth of some saviour figure) or historical
(e.g. blood pact with Satan) event is keyed to the temporal
system selected. 

the Aeon of the Adversary was initiated as indicated above on
9666 at a crossroads in the woods in the dark of night. it
implies a coordination between the perceived Antagonist (in
this case wild nature interior and external) and civilization.
such a holistic attitude contrasts markedly the dualistic and
fraught extremities of modern societal folly with its
superstitious fanaticism and hyperdeveloped reproduction.

>> promoted by devious and deluded humans, the project is the
>> inversion of the Great Work and carried out by thousands of
>> unsuspecting dupes of the Black Brothers, leading countless
>> hundreds to their doom.
> How so?

by co-opting the valuable ideas about self-liberation into
schemes which lead to self-enslavement. metaphors, applied
to mystical processes, constitute tools of individuation and
liberty. applied to religious processes (the method of
religion), it becomes a yoke supporting the ecclesiastical
authorities and the Agents of the Slave Gods.
>> our effort contributes toward our liberation. insufficiency
>> in the former results in failure of the latter.
> But this is all internal. Can you blame a conspiracy for said
> insufficiency?

it is a metaphorical "project", not some 'conspiracy' piloted
by some individual or group. the memes useful for the promul-
gation of the Law of Thelema are hijacked and misunderstood so
as to inspire conformity, the desecration of genius, and the
support of those who do the hijacking. it has ever been thus:
a struggle between mysticism and religion, mages and the
cultists who play at being mages.

>>> Are we not solely responsible for our actions?
>> overly-estimated, I'd say. a combination contributes. the
>> timing is important. there are supporting characters also.
>> our choices are important elements in the pudding.
> So you are saying it is reasonable to blame another for 
> one's actions?

identifying agents of conformity, archons, and cultists is
valuable and reasonable, sure. it is also important to
separate out one's authority as personal and identify it
clearly so as not to become an archon and Slave-maker. for
example, I may state things catagorically, but I join with
Crowley and others in encouraging doubt as a liberator.
next week I may defend the religious on some grounds, for
>>> This is an interesting take on Babalon. Seems pretty 
>>> equivalent to the laws of physics, especially the second 
>>> law of thermodynamics. And Venus corresponds well to 
>>> nature. So what's the problem?
>> no problem except it is a MASQUERADE. jump into the vat if
>> you want. I think there are more fun things to do.
> Please provide evidence that it is a masquerade. 

identifying themselves as "Thelemic", organizations promote
the idea that to serve them is to serve Babalon in a kind of
disguised Herd-mongering. this identification and promotion
of joining the Herd as a 'good Thelemic activity' is very
clear evidence of this masquerade.

> And what is it specifically that you are referring to? 
> Can you name names, or is this merely a meme that you 
> are promulgating?

any organization which claims to be "Thelemic" is corrupt
and should be watched carefully for symptoms of this
corruption. the Law of Thelema is an individual principle
of action, not something which can be applied to groups of
people. such groups as wish to associate do so because they
cannot find the Law within themselves or have misidenti-
fied it for Herd-think. the COTO is one of the organizations
which claims to be 'Thelemic', so it is an example.
>> I never met them and I doubt that they ever talked about Babalon
>> as She For Whom They Were Sacrificing The Last Drop of Their
>> Blood Into Her Cup. de Molay was a Christian, as far as I know.
>> I don't know about Bruno, but I don't think he was a Babalonian.
> So Babalonian Vampirism can only occur where there is belief 
> in Babalon? Clearly sainthood does not share that criterion. 
> How do you reconcile the fact that there are saints who did 
> not believe in Babalon?

de facto "saints". who made them "saints"? by whose criterion
did they get named as such? who named them? why? the whole
ideology of saintism is tainted by its use as a tool of the
religion of the Slave Gods. history becomes malleable. the
characters of heros and weaklings alike are smeared so as to
promote the ideals valuable to the ecclesiastical hierarchs.

>> again I don't know much about them but I think the stories about
>> Babalon (aside from those found in "Revelation" of course) are
>> rather modern, so this is somewhat tangental.
> I don't think it is tangential. Saints of the EGC predate 
> Crowley's references to Babalon.

the "saints" to which I referred are the ones which Crowley
depicted as having 'given every last drop of their blood'
into Babalon's Cup (there are quite a few references to this
in his text). whether EGC officials described their tools as
'saints' and when is beyond my knowledge, though I would be
glad to hear more about this ascription. how did this EGC
determine who was a saint and who decided it? did this list
of people differ from the lists of their ecclesiastical
competitors? how and why if so?
>> knowing self-sacrifice to honorable ideals can yield liberation
>> in life or death. such a sacrifice under the Wheels of the
>> Social Machine only results in LUBRICation (of said wheels).
>> following orders is what the henchmen of dictators do best.
> I don't disagree with you here. How does this fit in with 
> your idea of Babalonian Vampirism? How does Babalon call 
> for submission to her will?  Specifically?

Babalon merely revels in the excitement which is indulgence.
I don't see or hear Babalon calling for submission. those who
would identify Her AS a vampire, drinking the blood of presumed
saints who must sacrifice their all to Her, misunderstand Her,
I think, and try to use Her to inspire martyrs to their cause.
>> that doesn't sound very logical to me. self-preservation
>> necessarily predicates individualism. self-SACRIFICE can yield
>> a giving up of individuality, but this is different and can
>> have a number of potential effects, inclusive of catalytic.
>> giving one's all is an individual choice, but as an ideal
>> regardless of circumstance and attached to some object of
>> veneration, it is a dangerous myth.
> Sure. The self-preservation I was referring to would be 
> better said as self-life-preservation, which can also 
> result in loss of individuality. 

then it would seem to have failed if individuality and self-
life are identical.

> Isn't any myth dangerous? 

where the myth includes the worshipper destroying any part
of hirself that can be interpreted as one's whole for the
benefit of some god, then this is more dangerous than a
myth which features a god who values self-preservation
above service to any being (e.g. Satan).

> Just because it's dangerous, does that make it
> a conspiracy?

of course not. but promoted by organized groups or cultists,
it becomes a tool of the wicked.

re Beast/Babalon 
>> praiseworthy are they! and yet I caution you against power
>> and its crushing inconsistency. corporate enterprise always
>> seems to detract from anarchistic potential.
> Always? Most of the time, maybe. But always? Isn't that a bit
> absolutist?

you can think of exceptions that have avoided this?
> Success is thy proof: 

good motto. which corporate enterprises have been successful
at maintaining anarchistic ideals?

> argue not; convert not; talk not over much!

wisely quoted.

blessed beast!

nigris (333)

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