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what is this forum for

To: alt.philosophy.taoism
Subject: Re: what is this forum for
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 22:46:55 -0400

On 17 Jun 2000 00:53:54 GMT, (Charmellean) wrote:

><"As discussed in alt.config, this newsgroup is being created for

Also interesting, although I am just beginning my research on this and
I am not yet sure how it fits in:

From Tue Apr 20 14:45:25 1993
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~From: (Peter Alexander Merel)
~Subject: RFD: misc.taoism
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~Date: 20 Apr 1993 09:51:58 -0400
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This is an official Request For Discussion (RFD) for the formation of
new newsgroup, misc.taoism

        Charter for misc.taoism


Misc.taoism will be unmoderated.


Taoism is a philosophy whose origin pre-dates almost all established
schools of thought, but which continues to influence a great many
including but not limited to quantum physics, cosmology, political
sex yoga and the martial arts. Misc.taoism is intended to provide a
for the discussion of issues related to this philosophy.


Taoism is based on the assumption that the actual process of reality
is unknowable, and that therefore the world as it is perceived,
and described by people is no more then a metaphor for this process,
is called the Tao.

Taoism proceeds from this basis to suggest ways of following and
harmonizing with the Tao. These methods constitute an ethic that
emphasises acceptance of cycles of decay and renewal, and the nurture
and promotion of living systems. 

There exists a venerable chinese religion that has beatified certain
early taoist philosophers, and this newsgroup will certainly be
appropriate for discussions of this religion. However most traffic in 
the group will likely concern the philosophical, secular taoism
averred by Alan Watts and Niels Bohr, and yogic taoism as it pertains
to medical, sexual and martial techniques.


Taoism is quite interdisciplinary in its appeal, yet does not carry
with it much cultural baggage, so soc.culture.taoism would seem to be
innappropriate. And although taoism can be taken as a religion it is
most commonly seen as a philosophical or ethical system, so
soc.religion.eastern.taoism seems to be innappropriate too.

Given the difficulties of tieing Taoism to a particular context,
the misc hierarchy, intended for "Groups addressing themes not 
easily classified under any of the other headings, or which 
incorporate themes from multiple categories" seems to be the
right place for it.


It is hoped that misc.taoism will contain a high signal to noise
and that flamage will be directed to email whenever it occurs.

Discussion Period:      

This Request For Discussion will last for 30 days, and will be posted
again should there be any changes made.  If there is a desire to
misc.taoism after the discussion period, a Call For Votes will be
issued.  You will be notified where, when and how to send your vote
the Call For Votes is issued.

Thanks for reading this far, and for participating in this RFD!
Internet:          |         Accept Everything.
UUCP: {uunet,mcvax}!munnari!extro!pete |         Reject Nothing.

Also, from the usenet information center


  All aspects of Taoism.


alt.philosophy.taoism   All aspects of Taoism.

which makes things downright convenient for Rick, he can just walk
down the hall or something and ask them what the ng is supposed to be

Lao Wombat

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